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July 18, 2004


Here's an activity we bet they don't have in Indianapolis: Extreme Hanging Around.

(Thanks to Bob Phillips)


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Onto the item:


Crazy assed kids.

Those wacky kids!! They need a cuddle party!! After washing off the blood and treating any open wounds, of course.

Key quote: "There were no laws against sticking meat hooks into yourself and hanging from a tripod on a sandbar."

Just when you thought they had laws covering everything!

There's a lawsuit here somewhere...

The trouble with this type of thing is you try it once, and then later you could get, you know,

addicted or something.

Where are the pictures?


Key quote: "There were no laws against sticking meat hooks into yourself and hanging from a tripod on a sandbar, Brazil added, according to the newspaper." Until Sunday, who'd have tought you needed one?

Another article about these knuckleheads, as well as a mention of some tin-foil hats . . .

mayhap they poked themselves through the HEAD. duuuuh.

Where's the video? They had a video of some Shiitake mushrooms, what the hell does that have to do with teenagers and meathooks?

Mom: "Where you been Bobby?"

Bobby: "Oh just hanging out"

According to a friend, this is something they do quite frequently in Hawaii. It's supposed to be some spiritual thing, and it is adults doing it.

What if the hook breaks and is embedded in them or something? Would they sue THEN?

PS. She's done it and she DID have pictures...YUCK.

Ayla, do they bleed, or what? I mean, do they hook up so many hooks "just right" to avoid puncturing the skin, or is it just "here's a hook, happy bleeding"?

It's all fun and games until the tide rises and you find yourself as shark bait!

And then you lose an eye....

I knew a guy in college who grew up in Key West, and he complained there was never anything for minors to do there. Wonder what he'd say now ....

that's been done for ages in Germany and the UK... I've seen it done once or twice. It makes you cringe, but it's just another kind of "body modification" that some people get hooked (*rimshot*) to. You start with a piercing, then branding, then rodding, then hanging...
The hooks go under the skin in the shoulders - their not into the flesh. The skin is cut beforehand (two parallel cuts for each hook) and separated from the flesh (sorry to be so graphic). It scars over, so it doesn't bleed when you insert the hook.
If you guys insist I'll post some pictures, but they're really not for the weak-hearted.
For the record, I did NOT participate - I'm even terrified of injections for crying out loud! :-)

oh and btw, if any of you remember the movie "A man called horse" from 1970 with Richard Harris, there's a scene where John Morgan has to be suspended like that as part of his initiation into the tribe. So it's nothing new :-)

This is your brain on lizard dung. Any questions?

I bet they've all seen "The Passion of the Christ" a few times. Maybe this the where the lawsuit will come from?


I saw this on tv a while ago. I think it was on either Ripley's Believe It Or Not or The Guinness Book of World Records show. There were a whole bunch of people that were hoisted up on a big scaffolding-type contraption with hooks in their shoulders. They even went into detail about how they put the hooks in and do the piercing ahead of time. It's pretty gross.

OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOUCH!!!!! (How do I make the font bigger???)

"Whaddya say we hook up Saturday night?"

Could there be a new reality show in this? I'll bet Fox is already on it.

This video could make a LOT of money on the internet....

Also put a lot of piercing booths out of operation - show your kids "See - this is what happens when you get addicted to piercings!"

OK, my question: WHY????

BMX3, apparently some people like to ask, "Why not?".

I believe I saw just this thing in "Texas Chainsaw Massacre". I don't think it was "spiritual", though.

Here in Seattle, we have a couple of guys hooked up to a buggy during a parade and they pull a buggy with a woman in it while she whips them. They are attached by the rings in their backs though.

(Warning, not for the squeamish) Maybe this is late enough in the thread that people will not see this article about "suspension" as it is called, apparently.


I haven't even seen the pics and I feel sick already. It's a Spiritual thing? This is not a faith I want to join. Amazing how much better cuddling looks now.

She could be arrested for "Loitering"

I had a friend who used to do this too. And her group had been doing this for years. It's weird how things suddenly become breaking news when there's nothing new about it.
Anyway, I think my friend said she hung by her knees because that was the easiest way. The whole idea gives me the heebie-jeebies, but, hey, to each her own.

Not once have I ever suddenly thought, "I think I want to poke hooks in my back and hang from them." The fact that people do get such thoughts is quite unsettling.

Barbi - You still hang with her? (oops, already used that corny one)

Guess I just have boring friends.

I still like the question, "why?"

Posted by: Ayla on July 19, 2004 10:42 AM

"According to a friend, this is something they do quite frequently in Hawaii. It's supposed to be some spiritual thing, and it is adults doing it."


Nope. No way. At least not here on Maui.

.....::::: laying on floor in fetal position ::::...

Can we just go back a little?? When all it took to be cool, rebellious or whatever was smoke cigarettes? Have long hair or something?

I'm 33.....what happened in the last 8 or 10 years? Nevermind actually!

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