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July 20, 2004


Let's be careful up there.

(Thanks to many alert readers)


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So much for friendly skies.....



"half of the food the crew served ended up on the floor"

It would've gotten there anyways.

Pilot: "Folks, looks like we're finally out of that patch of turbulance. And this also concludes the dinner portion of your flight."

"the incident prompted it to tighten control over Aviaenergo's staff"

Sounds like they were pretty tight already.

dj: shear genius. Book me a flight.

Wait! They serve food? Must be the last airline in the world to do it!

Aeroflot flight ? - It looks like the writer was a bit tipsy, too.

Okay so I had a one (and only) flight on Aeroflop...

It was almost laughable if not dangerous, though i think about it fondly since i survived.

First, the extreemely large Boris-shaped flight steward didnt speak any english, he just thrust his fingers around the cabin pointing as the woman went through the safety talk. (Oh wait, that was the flight OUT of Moscow, the flight INTO Moscow didnt give a safety talk. at all.)

Then, i was seated at the bulkhead, and the crew served drinks as we were taxiing ONTO the runway, so i had to pull down my tray table, which was a 3/4" slab of solid wood, which i'm sure would have killed me had i flopped into it.
Probably why they served the drinks JUST before takeoff, to lessen the pain.
I'll just pay a lot more for other airlines from now on, thank you.

Does anyone else find it ironic that AirTran has an ad on the sidebar for this story?

"Chernopup"? Sounds like a name a Dave Barry bloglit might go by...

Hello everyone!

Long time reader, first time poster!

'Aeroflop' is definitely NOT a reassuring name for an airline. The very last thing I want my flight to do is 'aeroflop'.

Ok thanks bye!

Very funny, tetsu...Glad I have an office and not just a cubicle...

djt - That's what I thought of AirTran at first too, but now I prefer it. Their new 717's have more room than most other regional planes and they seem to have their stuff together these days - on time and lots of destinations. The other option here is usually Delta, and they have deteriorated IMHO.

Are we sure Dave's in Idaho? How do we know he's not moonlighting as a Russion flight attendant? I mean, it sounds like they have great perks.

Similar story here. Travelled with co-worker from Miami to Atlanta. I "termitated" in Atlanta (never liked that term), she was to connect with AirTran to Norfolk, VA. They new our flight was delayed. She arrived at the gate and was told she could not board. The plane sat at the gate for 30 minutes before it left as she tried to get on (there were open seats), but they didn't let her. Finally she got another flight to Richmond and they put here on a shuttle bus to Norfolk. She would have been home about 7:00PM on the proper flight, instead she got home about 1:30 AM.
I would never fly that airline unless it was the last flight out.

There once was a man named "Chernopup",
Who calmly requested a drink cup.
Instead of a sip,
They called him a drip,
And gave him a really good rough up!

They terminated the entire crew?! I'd be guessing, then, that more then just the flight attendants were drunk.


"Chernopup" in Ukrainian is "Black Navel".

MAN! I'm in Moscow now and I'm REALLY glad I'm not taking any domestic flights. I've heard horror stories about them though. And AEROFLOT is the name.

They were the 1st airlines in history that got an FAA warning against using for domestic flights. Now THAT'S saying something.

I bet if his name were Chernodog, the flight crew members all woulda been bitten in the asses.

i'd never fly air tran; it used to be valu-jet.

chernopup means black navel? i would have guessed black eye.

New slogan: "Come fly the drunken skies! At least you won't feel the pain when we crash."

Valu-jet in action: Wrap entire seat in front of you with duct tape if you can't get your tray table to stay clipped-up. Oh, and don't worry about those exposed wires above you.

Alex!nice ta c ya again

A friend of mine used to work for AirTran at the airport. She had to deal with the friendly and considerate public.

It was a memorable job, at least...

A friend of mine used to work for AirTran at the airport. She had to deal with the friendly and considerate public.

It was a memorable job, at least...

A friend of mine used to work for AirTran at the airport. She had to deal with the friendly and considerate public.

It was a memorable job, at least...

Sorry for multi posts, dang server...

Information About Airline Safety.

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