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July 21, 2004


For the record, the stealth bloggerette has not wasted inordinate amounts of time on this game, sir. The frustration expressed is the perceived frustration on the part of players yet to play it, sir. And we are not anxious to punish the person who sent it to us, one Yuval Shabo. No, sir. That would be pointless. JUST LIKE THIS *($&)(*&)($ GAME. Sir.


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Wow, this is extremely cool, must check outlater.
If you find yourself unable to jump up to the rope, as i thot i had to, go back to the broken conduit and down the tunnel.
The number of points that the pointer becomes a finger is quite telling.
Although I'm sure that most people would rather play the "drink all the beer before it gets warm, waiting for you to return" game.

I'm an idiot who cares about being first like a moron shouting his stupidity upon a mountain top.

Solved it! And it only took a mere three hours out of my day....rashafrashamothafasha....

Good one.

Three hours? Really? It only took one for me... I don't know why people find this game so frustrating, I thought it was kinda cute. Definitely better than the Crimson Room.

Just finished in about an hour...

One of the better flash games I've seen. Real fun and a cute.

The puzzles actually make sense and are challenging, rather than just happening to accidentally click in the right spot ...

I give it a 9

It was getting up the pipes that foxed me. That and this thing called "work" that interferes....

Wow - that was a good logic game - nearly gave up before I found I could twist the gears on the OTHER side. Thanks!

See, I told you Judi has to call Dave "Sir." Does that seem right to you? Punky? Elle? Anyone?

I did this a long time ago, and I won without the solution. For those who can't beat it, it has a very happy ending.

Jeff: Good point. Dave should have to call Judi something, too.

Oh that was fun. It was like Myst, only not.

layla: oh, he does.

Dave should be called sir if,

A. he is a knight. Then it is capitalized.

Or B. if judi is a brown-noser.

I'll let you pick which you think is true.

I pick A. unless it's B., then I pick that.

What do you think Sir?

nothing like wasting away a lovely evening with a flash game, that and spending a few hours NOT doing my homework!

If you thought Chasm was fun, check out the other four games on the same site: Baxters, Kelman, Og Og and Tork!

Oh dear, this will keep me rivetted for hours! it's very fun so far.

Played it before Stealth Bloggerette did. Sucked at it. Decided to stuff my face with freezer pops instead.

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