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June 19, 2004


Dog support.

(Thanks to Dave Dilegge)


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"I consider myself a pretty fair person. But there's no way that dog is eating $200 a month."

This guy obviously hasn't met my friends St. Bernard, Murphy. He eats at least that ... and that doesn't even take into consideration the food he eats off our plates when we're not looking.

Punky, I was just going to say the same thing. St. Bernards can eat $200 a WEEK, maybe a DAY.

Good question.

Give it up for PETA and Dog Support!

Josh: Each dog year is like 7 of ours, so... or is that the other way around?

Never mind.

Boschee is looking after Duncan's dog, Crunchy, because the man can't find an apartment that takes pets.

So, the dog lives with the woman, while the man is in the dog house. I get it.

My ex-wife fought me for the custody of my dog.....she won......then sold it because her boyfriend didn't like the dog. (The dog didn't much like him either....she bit him )

But, I think that I would have gone to jail before paying dog support.

Bitter Ex trains dog to have "lots of accidents" on the rug before he leaves for good. Buys $200 of laxatives a month. Brown rug once was a white rug.

I set my sights too low!
When my ex and I split up we had to have a custody negotiation over the dog. But I never thought to ask for support for her. You always learn too late.
At least I got to keep the dog.


Well, there's food, cleaning, supplies (leash, collar), grooming, and vet bills.

And let's not forget that vets, when doing procedures on large dogs, charge by the pound. So, yeah, I'd say $200 a month sounds about right.

If the dog has that many accidents, GET TILE!

If the prospective apartment managers ever read this, he'll NEVER find an apartment that allows dogs...

Wait I'm confused, which one's the bitch?

affurica is right. i have st. bernard and i spent $250 each month on it.

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