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June 25, 2004


Guys take action.

(Thanks to many people)


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Does this mean I don't get that promotion?

That guy must rally dislike spiders.

That guy must rally dislike spiders.

I think this blog has it out for spiders,

and snakes,

and bears that chase Elk.

oh, my

Those bastard spiders have moved from grapes and fruit to sporting goods! Next thing you know they'll be hiding out in hairspray encrusted beehive hairdos. Bastards!

The idiot worked in a sporting goods store! Get a shoe and kill the thing. It doesn't take engineers to figure this stuff out.

Sounds perfectly rational to me. Why would you want to get near enough to smash it when you could just light the store on fire? You don't even have to clean goop off of the shoe...

Yes, but the important thing is he got the spider. Sounds like a happy ending to me.

Dave, you're falling behind again. Queensbee posted that on the judge site yesterday (and it just took me 15 minutes to find it.)

I posted it last nite on another thread as an example of rampant stupidity, and i'll restate - we need jails for the stupid, before they hurt us. it certainly could have been a darwin if this asshat had done himself in. DUUUUUUH!!!

Captain Ted Wido? Any relation to the Crapos?

Looks like the guy who set his pants of fire at the furniture store was able to find another job.


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