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June 23, 2004


This might explain it.

(Thanks to Connie Chung)


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got perchlorate?

now the bastards are using MILK!


Jeff's right. I have no sense of accomplishment at all.

Well, that explains it.


I THOUGHT my son was particularly combustible lately...

Anyone else just hear "Rocket Man" in their heads (ahh, the voices in my head are singing today).

No way, dude!

THE Connie Chung?

"But some scientists say the findings are less worrisome because the amounts of perchlorate are minute."

Yeah, fine for them, but not for a fetus. Dorks.

Good to see Connie is taking time out from her fast-paced media life to post to Dave's blog. (And yes, that was a joke.)

Everybody have fun tonight.

I have this image (would that be an eyewig?) of Wile E. Coyote drinking rocket fuel, zooming off across the desert, then falling off a cliff while Road Runner beeps past. Now we know for sure the cartoon was made in California.

leigh7911 da winnah!

Oh, and FIRST to say thanks for not saying FIRST first

Meh, still no cure for cancer.

"And don't fart or you'll end up at Leech Lake!"

It's recess time in T-minus 10...9...8...7...

Kids, remember to wait your turn when you re-enter the atmosphere, and line up single file at the classroom door...

This is what our lives have come to.

So now the kids who grow up on Coca-Cola and Tang are safe, and those who drink milk regularly are being poisoned instead. Hurray for modern society!

Dave, I hate to point this out, but that is a zero in the word 'CALIF0RNIA', not a capital O. Coincidence? I point out; you decide.

What they didn't mention is that 30 of the 31 contaminated samples were breast milk.

Nestle's Perch (pronounced perk)
It's perch-olicious!

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