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June 22, 2004


Terror stalks the streets.

(Thanks to Karin Dixon)

Update: Apparently this link isn't working, either, or requires registration. The story was about a thief stealing flowers in Burlington, Vermont. (Get it? Terror "stalks" the streets! Har! Oh, shut up.) But anyway, while trying to find a working link to that story, this blog stumbled across this story, which is just as good. Or just as bad, depending on your priorities.

Update Update: Some people are saying the first link DOES work. But it doesn't for us. We're still pretty much in the dark about the whole concept of links, which is why we so often fall back on the old standards.


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They didn't notice the deer hanging around (duh!).

"One couple has had three raids on their annuals this year."

First Speckles the Chicken and now this. What next? Will someone steal Algona's Giant Cheeto?

Hey, which one are we commenting on? Is this a quandry or what?

The link worked for me, Dave. Are you sure you're not playing with our heads again? Oh, and Crapo's Limestone wbagnfarb, or maybe not.

What's so funny about this? Crapo's a fine town with a YMCA, a pool, and War Memorial.

I've stolen flowers before, and I'm a very normal regular adult human person.

I hate it when I get limestone in my crapo. Hurts like the dickens coming out.

(What? Was that TMI?)

If you set the Quality on the chopper game to Low, the game is easier.

sounds like they have a budding crime wave there.

Non-registration-required-link For Story

"Dick Gygi and the Limestone Crapos"

I tried to post a comment, and it was blocked for questionable content. Funny, shouldn't that have killed this whole blog?

So now Crapo lives up to its name.

I recently read an article that said people are stealing electrical cable in Africa. You know, power lines. Then they melt them into aluminum pots and smuggle them into South Africa to sell.

It's nutty.

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