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May 20, 2004


Over in Indonesia, they have real political leadership.


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We should do this in New York. Buty the snakes might object.

but then won't they have to have a mongoose release to take care of the snakes eating the farmers' children?

note to self: invest in mongoose futures

If we releases snakes into the wild, who would run our government?

If we released snakes into the wild, who would run our government?

Lizards, of course, with an occasional salamander (remember Newt?).

Dave, I hope you're saving up all these ideas for when you get to be our fearless leader. I mean, getting rid of those dreaded Canadian low-flow toilets (not to mention the German talking toilets) will only go so far. I mean, what do you do January 21?

Maybe they're friendly snakes, Bangi.

Ibnu Subiyanto anagrams to 'I Snub Boa Unity', which explains his desire to tear snakes away from their natural habitat and release them for rat patrol duty.

Krikey, Steve Irwin....

For some reason the verse "There was an old lady who swallowed a fly" springs to mind

Remember to keep 'em away from dee face mon.

You can tell this happened in Indonesia. If they had seen Caddyshack, then they would've tried explosives instead of releasing snakes.

How about releasing snakes into Canadian low-flow and German talking toilets?

I like that they measure their snakes with metres. It is unkind to tease snakes by measuring them in "feet". Hiss!

Snakes let loose in New York might object to being let loose in certain neighborhoods or, worse, having to be approved by particularly snotty co-op boards (NYC in-joke, sorry rest of world).

Rounding them up once their rat-catching task was complete would be easy. After a steady and plentiful diet of New York's furriest, they'll be lethargic and overweight and should be pretty easy to snag. After that, I dunno, maybe Dave could establish a Florida-worthy roadside attraction: World Fattest Snakes Farm! Where better for snakes who worked in New York to retire to than sunny FL? That's my plan, anyway.

Can't stop the humans from dancing in the DeSoto!
Go tell Aunt Candy, "we're all gonna be clowns"!

Not FL. Bad drivers are sure to literally crash the farm and flatten all the snakes on the first day.

If they already tried "smoking them out," then it sounds like Carl Spangler has been on the job and failed.

Pythons may or may not be friendly, but they get big.

I agree with the posts above. Look next for surprising "trouble" from the snakes.

Riki-Tiki-Tavi, you are on standby!

Wait...that's it! When they're done, they transport the snakes to FL roadsides so bad drivers can exterminate them.


Aw, thanks for that memory! Does your version end with a horse?

They just electrocute the snakes where I'm at.

How soon you all forget! We had Governor Pete Wilson in California who sprayed Malathion from helicopters flying in formation on communities that didn't vote for him!

World's Flattest Snakes Farm, then?

Martha, where you from, girl? Texas? How do they 'lecrocute snakes? Did they get Gary Larson to design a custom version of Old Sparky?

Bangi, maybe if they threaten the snakes enough, they'll eat the rats AND help with the harvest.

Speaking of political leadership, is it just me or does John Kerry's face always look like it's a normal person's face reflected in one of those elongating fun house mirrors?

Sounds like these snakes may need a union. They may be in danger of being overworked. Now who needs to go in and unionize the snakes? I know.... "Krikey, mate, you've ate 15 rats today, that can't be good for you!!! And aren't you a beautiful girl!!! Just a little big around the middle. Wait....no...not the neck...aargghhhh!!"

What about the badgers and the mushrooms?

Badger and the Mushrooms wbagnfarb.

Thanks Leetie & jamester! I was thinking I was the only one that was going to make the obvious connection! Anyway, sounds like a dumb plan. Snakes eat what, once a week or so? 100 snakes = 100 rats a week. They breed much faster than that. Odd's are, the rats are going to eat the snakes...

A snake! An Indonesian snake! Oooooh a snake.
Blogger Blogger Blogger...

Well, I kind of thought that there was some sort of lesson to be learned from "badger badger badger," but apparently not.

But the really really important nit-picky question of the day is :

When did the past tense of wreak become wreaked? Wasn't it wrought?

I am so confused.

And thank YOU, Lee, for starting me off on singing Blogger blogger blogger blogger... MOAT BLOAT, MOAT BLOAT... Blogger blogger blogger...

Lee, I had the same thought, but maybe in a warm climate a big snake might do significantly more damage to the rat population??

Sudden thought from California - maybe Arnold could send them all the confiscated illegal ferrets!


Yes, it ends with a horse. She's dead, of course

On a similar note, I was visiting my brother-in-law once in Apopka, Fla. and they seemed to have a large infestation of roaches ("Those are'nt roaches. They are palmetto bugs") Anyway, he said there was some kind of spider he was going to get at the pet store to turn loose in the house to eat all the roaches. My response: Honey start packing. We're going home.

With kids like this http://www.cnn.com/2004/US/South/05/20/alligator.attack.ap/index.html in Florida, a few extra rat-fattened snakes won't be a problem.

You're very welcome Leetie! Just reading this article started that darn thing going in my head. Oh well, it's better than "I've got you babe," which was stuck in there before...

All, you MUST follow Leetie's link above and play the "Feed the Badger" game. Short, but cute!

Lairbo, Alligator Malcolm?

Malligator? Ya gotta admit, that'd be a pretty cool nickname for a teenager. Heck, for anybody, really.

The Gator Kid's last name is Locke. His mother's name is Misty Warren? What on earth was the alligator named? (answer: Punchy.)

Lairbo! ROFLMAO! Malligator Locke! Har! But you sucker Punchy'ed me there at the end! I'm still laughing! %-D Maybe I'm just Punch Drunk?

MeL, was this alligator a friend of yours? ;->

I think they already tried the 'snake-in-the-building' thing in Texas not too long ago. Granted, they were pythons, but I'm sure they ate their fair share of rodents, so appartment dwellers had less vermin to deal with. Of course, they now had pythons to deal with, but hey, you can't have everything, can you?

Lmd33, would that be the cobra infestation of Dallas?

Two of my friends had their picture taken with Gray Davis! He looks like a rabbit.

Oh, you mean that was the REAL Gray Davis I saw on T.V.? Here I've been wondering this whole time why they were showing a rabbit in his place.

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