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May 17, 2004


We say, clearly these people are unaware of this event.

(Thanks to Michelle Tourigny)


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We only have the Mullet Festival out here.
I'm glad that we have another good to make fun of those Pensacola people down the road.

This certainly sets an excellent example for all the "abused, neglected and misdirected youths."

I got up early just so I could say, FIRST!!!!!

By the way, wouldn't this event be more fun if they threw rednecks with mullets instead of fish with mullets?!?

Although I'm not sure Florida would want that many rednecks coming into the state from Alabama.

Drat! A pox on you Bob and Boo.


And Fourth.

I thought this was a heavy-metal music festival.


I'm sure they've been practicing on these .

Yeah, I was hoping it was gonna be a hairpiece throwing contest. Imagine my disappointment to see it's just fish.


Having spent a painful amount of time in that area (the inlaws retired from the north woods to that ungodly spot), I would like to add that the FLORA-BAMA bar at which this event is held is, without doubt, one of the most depressing two-state dumps in the world. I would advise those considering this to reconsider their consideration.

"Although I'm not sure Florida would want that many rednecks coming into the state from Alabama."

- Jeff P.

There's a reason the Florida panhandle is called LA (Lower Alambama). There are as many redecks in LA as in A, maybe more.

BMX3: Being from Kansas, I assumed that the Florida panhandle might just have a deficit in that area - Florida being all disneyland and beaches and so forth.

And before anyone flames me, think about the assumptions you make about Kansas.

Sorry about assuming Florida was more glamorous than it really is, apparently.

Although Florida does have Dave Barry. *insert sycophantic mumblings of approval here*

Y'all are all on crack, especially you, Dave. The Mullet Toss is a time honored tradition around here. You should come to the Mullet Toss one year, Dave, because it involves your favorite sport: Beer, and LOTS of it.

The FloraBama is also an institution (even if it is a dump), so much so that John Grisham mentioned it in his book, "The Firm".

Eliza "Proud of My State" beth :)

*Thinking of all the assumptions I made about Kansas*

MMMMMMMmmmm The only thing is, I made all those assumptions after after I lived there for awhile. That and The Wizard of OZ.

Being from Pensacola, I must say..."Finally...we get recognition, and it's not just shark attacks !"

Admittedly, I have participated in this event and it is much more fun than one would expect...

"Are the mullet alive?" Not after we get done with them.

Gee, who wouldn't want a "specially Designed Mullet Trophy"? Maybe they throw in a haircut to boot.

I'm only surprised they didn't mention that the rules were adapted from the Olympic discus throw.

The whole thing sounds utterly pointless, which is undoubtedly why it appealed to Dave in the first place.

It is utterly pointless other than a good excuse for some "drankin'" and "hell-razin"...that's the point...

"Specially Designed Mullet Trophies & Flora-Bama® Gift Certificates"

I have issues with use of the word "flora" in association with the words "gift certificates."

That is all.

Throw in the Bama, considering the FLoraBama bar is on the Florida/ALabama line and it makes more sense...

Frankly, the thing sounds like a blast! I want to go! :)

Woohoo...party on the patio !

If you make a really bad throw - do you get to take a "mulletgan"?

Oh boo, hiss......

I am despising myself and my own lack of standards after the above post - I haven't struggled with such emotions since I was dating! ;)

Another reason why I love living in Florida.

Where's that bull chip throwing contest happen again?

I think Texas or Oklahoma...

Big Mur, I realize why it's called the FloraBama thingy, but I was making reference to a Gene Weingarten column that someone posted here not too long ago in which he interviewed a proctologist named Dr. Aas who referred to pooh as "colonic flora." (Wow, that's a long sentence!)

Gotcha Edelweiss...my bad...

I grew up in GA. Our unofficial state motto was "Thank God for Alabama." (Of course, Alabama's motto was "Thank God for Mississippi," and Mississippi didn't know what a motto was so they didn't have one).

Anyway, I gotta rethink our motto. Alabama = party your ass off mullett toss. Georgia = Zell Miller and a few other self-righteous non-mullett-tossing doo-doo heads.

Are the Mullet alive?


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