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May 15, 2004


An Italian highway-patrol person.

(Thanks to Mira Dessy)


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Dave, am I wrong or did I send this in yesterday?

(Second again)

Trust me, the way guys drive in Italy, they NEED a Lamborghini to catch them. I'd love to see the NYPD get a fleet of them. It would sure help recruitment.

You just don't see the word "bedecked" enough these days. I think I'm going to start using it.

Important lesson to guys:

Real reason you want a Lamborghini for the police department: To drive 300 mph on the highway and look cool (read get chicks).

Reason you say you want a Lamborghini: "for emergencies and to transport organs for transplant."

And Jeff, I believe every time one of us whines that we submitted an article and didn't get credit, our names go on the Dave/Judi sh*t list for a probationary period.

I have seen Mercedes-Benz and Porsche police cruisers in Florida. The Mercedes had a small sign under the rear window: "This vehicle was donated to the Sheriff's Department by a drug dealer."

Dave and Judi are way too cool to let anyone go on a lit schist.

Having lived in Europe for some time and driven the Italian Autostrada and German Autobahns, all I can say is...Montana ? Pshaaaaa...

Probably right, Garret. But Judi e-mailed me yesterday so I hope they cut me a little slack.

Big: You got that right. Those drivers can be scary. When you're doing 80-90 and someone comes up behind you and looks like he's going straight through, you have to check your instinct to head for the shoulder. I still say (yes MeL, I know I'm repeating myself here) the scariest drivers were on the streets (and occasionally sidewalks) of Paris.

Big Mur, Off-topic, but I still can't get past your moniker-insert the other day, "don't look at me in that tone of voice". Excellent one-liner for a thread comment! :-)

Is it copyrighted?

Wonder what mileage they get on sidewalk driving.

eadn - Yes it is, make check payable to Big Mur, Inc., c/o Judi Smith, Inc.

Jeff M. - 80-90 ? Geez, were you on a moped...

Aw Damn, Big Mur, my checkbook has run out of checks. That means I must be broke ;-)

Will you take a crudit card or would you rather have a moaney order? :-)

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