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May 16, 2004


This could happen to you!

(Thanks to Michael Greenspan)


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Key quote:

"The principle is more important than the principle"


Well, actually, it was a tad lame...

But I get amused easily.

Her Lawyer screwed up here. Seriously there are better ways to give back to her new country than letting the GOV mismanage her money. How about feeding some hungry people, $70,000 would feed a lot of hungry kids.

She died from *arthritis*?! Yeek!

And yes, I agree, somehow she got some weird meds. It's a sweet idea, I suppose, but I'm with Judi here: MediCare's been handing out some bizarre drugs, those that (somehow) induce an otherwise (I'm assuming) normal Germanic lady to throw her money into the government toilet.

I wonder if she squatted above the seat when she did it. If she had arthritis, probably not...


"When she told me she was going to leave her money to the IRS, I thought 'Oh, God,"' said longtime friend Pat Dooley. "She had no idea she was giving the fox all the chickens and the chicken house."

Haha, good one Pat, hope you enjoy the audit.

Amber: Now THAT was an image I could have lived without, thank you very much.

arthritis tends to put a hitch in one's goose step...perhaps the brain as well

It just occurred to me that the IRS will undoubtedly audit her estate just to make sure they get every dollar of the bequest.

So our tax dollars will pay for their inherited dollars, no?

i would be more than happy to promise 70% of my estate to the IRS after i die if only they would let me keep at least that much of it while i am alive.

I'm no fan of the IRS, and certainly this lady could have planned a better way to have more of her money help people.

But I love this kind of story. Those of us lucky enough to be born in the best darned country in the world (true 'cause Dave says so) should take note. This woman really loved the good 'ol U. S. of A.

Sue the BASTIDS !

Am I the only to notice that this story was submitted by a Mr. Michael Greenspan. Not that I am a conspiracy theorist or anything (looking over my shoulder as I say this), but Michael isn't perhaps related to Alan is he?

Sounds like my grandma. Completely crazy. No doubt that most of my grandparent's money has gone to pay for grandma's meds for who knows what since she refuses to use the generic cheaper crap because it's not specifically what the doctor wrote down. SIGH

Chaz, I noticed too....

Hey! A black limo with government plates just showed up!

Will the IRS have to pay an Inheritance Tax on this? If so, who do they pay it to?

I say, Why don't old people just not die? It seems easy enough to me.

crazy. psycho psycho. aaaaah.

You say "yeey"; I say "yeet"
Yeey! Yeet!
Let's call the whole thing off!

Doug: What do you consider old?

I don't want to break up the CynicFest or anything, but if you were a German immigrant who came here during or after WW II, you might be pretty grateful, too.

There are different stages of young and old. 13 is young for a teenager and old for a kindergartner; 25 is young for an adult and old for a teenager; 40 is young for a grandparent and old for an adult; 74 is young for Dick Clark but calorically impossible for Ruben Studdard. (I base these ideas on the fact that, since the average life expectancy for women is 78 and for men 73, 40 is well past the average halfway marker, at which point God himself makes sure your life goes downhill like Louie Anderson on a Velveeta-greased waterslide--VERY FAST--until you reach retirement, when you can move to Florida and haunt Dave Barry.)

That leaves you only 15 short years, from the age of 25 to 40, to have a family and semiregular sex. I know four people younger than me who are getting a head start and getting married soon, and one other who's a month older and has been engaged to his girlfriend since their first date. And don't get me started on how all these young people want to be older and all the old people want to be young again. I don't normally quote Eminem, but, the whole point is: You only get one shot.

Doug, if you really believe that "40 is... old for an adult" check back when you reach that "old" age. Boy, will you ever change your tune! In the late 60s we were told "never trust anyone over 30" but believe me, the older you get the older the age becomes that you think of as "old" (if that's not too confusing). You may not be "as young as you feel" or any of the other cliches, but trust me, 40 is only old to someone who is 20.

Hey Bob? Actually, I do understand your point. That's why I didn't say anything beyond the IRS' own behavior.

Different lives....

At least she focused on the government instead of just leaving it all intestate.

She was an apartment manager and didn't see the Waste in the Federal Government???

Dementia, unresolvable type, with money blindness, the EB.

The total wasn't significant -- in her final years, medical costs had shrunk the one-time $500,000 estate to about $98,000

Are you #$@## kidding me?! $98,000 isn't significant? OK, maybe I'm just $98,000 poorer than she was so it seems more significant to me than it does to the IRS, who is actually largely responsible for me being $98,000 poorer to begin with ... but that is still a decent amount of money ... You can buy a home for that in some states ... not mine, mind you ... in Connecticut, you can buy a tool shed for that.

garret, swear you won't tell, but that's kinda why i posted it ;)

I maintain that everyone will sell out at some point, Brad, some of us much sooner than others.

that's terrible. why would anyone leave their savings to the IRA? we need to make those people accept political settlements, and not reward them for their violence.

Ah, Hideki, that was the irS, not the irA. But I agree with the rest of your statment. Lots could be said about the simularity of the two.

*now to get ready for an audit*

"Now to get ready for an audit" anagrams to--I really, really like this one--"No Wafering a Dote Trout Day."

Doug's up early this time (Punky was Friday). And he's in anagram-thought-mode.

"Dote Trout Day"? Got to look that one up.

And Doug, are we BLOAT'n or MOAT'n?

Heard the MOAT's down again. Someone must have let the water out....

Anagramlation: "No Wafering a Dote Trout Day."

Literal - Old English
No 'slicing into wafers' a[n] 'excessivly fond' Trout Day"

"One cannot make wafer slices out of the Day devoted to excessively fond Trout."

And to think J-1 had his "moment" in time (8 hours out of 5 years) while Excessively Fond Trout get an entire Day.

Who'd have thunk it?

punky brewster,
neo-nutmegger here, and you aren't kidding about the prices for tool sheds or any sort of potential housing. and i can't see where it goes. i'd be happier paying taxes if only i saw nice roads, public service, little signs like that showing taxes were spent on public projects.

Waxwing ... isn't Connecticut GREAT?!

HTML brought to you by djtonyb

Oh crap! That was supposed to look like this:


comment ....



i broke it again. :(


Only certain HTML tags work here...

clearly ... : (

CT is great if you:
-like humidity
-expensive housing
-shady politicians
-junky roads
-living in states named for Monopoly properties
-states that also happen to duplicate my RL initials
-insects, arachnids, and silverfish (gross enough to warrent a catagory unto themselves)

oh well, i'll get used to it eventually. >sigh

Leaving the government money in your will is like having a blood drive for Dracula.

Don't encourage them.

*kisses djtonyb*

Thanks sweetie!


Doug, great anagramming!

Age really is a mind-over-matter thing. My 81-year-old mother-in-law put off having cataract surgery until she noticed it was affecting her bowling score (6 weeks after surgery, her team cleaned up at state bowling tournament!). My 82-year-old father just went canoeing down a swift river (they had to portage around waterfalls) and he says the government can have his money when they pry it from his cold dead fingers...



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