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May 18, 2004


goth dave.JPG


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Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh! This picture is HUGE and frightening!!!!

Dave, what are you doing at a gay fetish bar?!

Yikes! There's a giant Dave on my computer screen!

ahhhhggg giant visigoths!

Wow, Dave looks worried.

Where are the Vikings hands?

oh, and dave, way to show some shoulder...

Vikings' hands are in jars of vaseline...

We are the knights who say Ni!

By chance, were there any ramparts in this photo before judi got hold of it?

Hey! Pointy ramparts hats!

You know, the idea of ramparts and this photo just never crossed my mind. Thanks for the imagery. Now I've got to go wash my eyes out with some beer!

all the talk and pix of ramparts have made the Visigoths really horny.
there, someone said it and now we can all get on with our lives!

Why are the visigoths wearing viking helmets?

(And Minnesota wants them back by football season)



Visigoths...Dave in (what appear to be) pajamas...is anybody else wondering what the HELL this movie is going to be about? (I've read the book, but i don't remember any of this...maybe it's time for a re-read!)

Dave looks like someone just dragged him out of bed (not the PJs and the "deer in the h eadlights" look) and he's wondering what the hell is going on and how he got in the middle of one of those "what's in your wallet?" commercials.

This is now at the top of my MUST SEE MOVIES list. You get 'em Dave! They don't look so tough.

For anybody that wanted to know, there are 102 levels in that panda golf game :)

I regret to report that the BLOAT has also gone down, is not working, is defunct, etc. No MOAT, no BLOAT, woe is us. :(

JM: "What's in your wallet" LOL

Is that a tattoo on your shoulder Dave?

Is this the "Flintstones" version of the fall of Rome?

And does anybody else wonder why the Vikings/Visigoths have red beards and black hair? It is a well-known fact that only the Ostrogoths were two-toned. So much for historical accuracy.

wow...too bad dave's already married.

Does the middle Goth appear to be wearing eye makeup?

The Guide to Guys movie starring Dave (er) Mr. Barry
Has more antics than Curly, Moe, and Larry.
With one Hawaiian shirt
He’s betting pay dirt
In posing with Visigoths quite hairy.

These Visigoths have two-toned hair
Of that, Boo made us aware.
We speculate that Frank,
masterminding the prank,
Was the one to put ink in their hair.

(And of this, the Visigoths were unaware.)

Argh! Dave looks worried and so am I. Hope this isn't a scene from the movie.

Telcontar, only 102 levels? Well, I got to 87 and had to go home.... forgot to write down the code though.

Argh! Dave STILL looks worried, but I'm getting used to it now.

Bought my brother one of those helmets. They look cool in the airport x-ray machine.

Does anybody else think Dave and the Visigoths would be a good name for a rock band?

now we know why dave has the sign on his trailer that says 'dave barry ONLY'.

Does Dave look like Gary Shandling caught in the headlights, or am I going blind?

Dave, you look like you just sat on a Visigoth helmet.

It's not a tatoo, it's a microphone. Copy the image, paste it in Photo Editor, blow it back up to the size Judi originally posted it. It's circular and has a clip running through it. He was obviously singing barbership quartet with the Visi-Wookie-Goths.

Ah. Duly noted.

However, perhaps some photoshop genius could supply some nice visigoth ink and we could submit it anyway?

Having people think he subjected himself to stabbing and inking wouldn't hurt Mr. Barry's efforts at demonstrating "guyness"

How'd you get that sexy collarbone?

Kibby, yeah, I was suprised, too. However, there still are all the created levels (and an editor, too).

Huh? Wha?! I'm on it, Bangi! Dave!!!!

Didn't you see that door was clearly marked "Do Not Open On Pain Of Visigoths"?!

Then, why oh why didnt you take the blue pill?

Couldn't find it against your shirt?!

Seems you've got the red pill stuck there and you did bring your own water ;-)

OK, the PC police will be here shortly to escort you back to your proper domain. In the meantime, have a fresh ice-cold beer!

(Thanks to rita for alerting me to Bangi's signal and to Graz for line 3 :-)

Mostly Off-put That We’re-still-trying-to-find-out-what-the-acronym-means?

Well, piracy would explain the obviously fake beards, and also the Carribbean theming of Dave...er...Mr. Barry's wardrobe.

Caribbean, I apologize.

*determined to join in the festivities*

Mighty Obese Tin Woman. Get it? It's like...she's this woman, made out of tin. Lots of tin.

Alright, carry on.

Don't wanna seem like a stalker, but was looking for clues about MOTW.

- probably female.

- grew up in Kansas.

- believe currently in Arlington TX.

- at least three kids (two boys & a girl, 6, 11 and ?)

- employed.

- possibly employed at a school district.

Personal opinion:
Quite smart and good sense of humor (stock in trade here).

No clue what MOTW stands for unless "Mistress of the Web"

My house is in Orlington Texas. What?

A Stalker! A MOTW Stalker. Oooohh a stalker.
Blogger Blogger Blogger Blogger Blogger
Blogger Blogger Blogger Blogger Blogger


Dang Buddha, there goes your Karma!

FYI, My Karma ran over your Dogma! Har!

dbtonyb - Tag!


Way to ruin my day. That dogma was my best friend.

Who is not a Johnny Depp fan?
(check your pulse if you are not cuz you must be dead)


I sense that we're trying to guess what "MOTW" stands for. And I see no one has asked my expert opinion yet. Lucky for you I don't take much offense to such heinous crimes, unless there's money in it for me. "MOTW"--speaking of guys, and everything--most likely stands for "mangos out the wazoo."

You can interpret that for yourself.

Oh, forgot one.

- College in 1998

Manly Obsessive Tree Wanker

And has anyone noticed how Dave has a lack of chest hair? I think it's sexy, but isn't that supposed to be a "guy" thing?

Mist On The Water?

Answering previous posts...

The NGO Kepos believes that the traditional development strategy must be reconsidered and the link between different and separated conditions of development and underdevelopment, modernity and backwardness, must be undone.

Did you understand now?

rita2398 - do you remember his column on Ronco's Hair In A Can? He tried it on his forearm and it turned into a hairy gorilla arm. He tried it on some co-worker's (named 'Ray', if memory serves) car. It was one of his classic.


But justified.

*And has anyone noticed how Dave has a lack of chest hair?.*

Dave has really gone HOLLYWOOD. First bottled water, now he is a chest-shaving weasel like Tom Cruise.

Kepos -
Suggest you try this

Why should you care more about Dave? Do you care about the poor?

I can relate Rita. Really. Would you like to borrow my power stapler?

Nah, not offended. I'm just oversensitive. Consider yourself lucky that I'm not one of your juvies; I'd make you feel hella guilty.

The Binford 300000000000000000000000 Power Stapler can handle them, rita.

Here you go Rita, good luck. I need to stash it somewhere for a while anyway. The Principle is starting to ask questions.

Seems some of our delinquents, I mean students have been coming home with strange little holes in their clothes that just match the holes in the walls in the Resource Room.

It's really weird if you ask me. Let me know if anything like this ever happens at your school.

Rita's Juvies--I like! They'd have to cover Jailhouse Rock.


Loved the Bullfighter site. I'm sending a link to my brother. He talks like that in real life.

Or maybe I'll just keep laughing at him.

I always thought MOTW stood for Movie Of The Week.

Joshkr, well, you can talk about ramparts for days. On the other hand, I'm not really sure this thread ever had a topic.

Can we get organized? Is THE place to be this thread or the "POTB" thread or the original Ramparts thread?

Ramparts, huh what?

*clutches edge of desk as topic shifts abruptly*

My kids are too young to go to Juvie, but one of my students was removed yesterday to a children's home. I worked for two stinking years to get someone to take an interest.

Finally he had to learn to talk well enough to tell one of the other student's parents what was going on at home. Those parents got on the school about it. Nada. Finally something was done when the parents called the police themselves and the Admin. wanted to cover their butts and called Child Protection Services.

The Humane Society can get to the bottom of stuff a lot faster than that. Mistreated animals were removed from those people's care a year and a half ago.

Crabby Lady, can't believe you had to ask. And no, we can't get organized...at least, few signs of it so far... Long live entropy!!!

When you wear the same shirt for days on end, it's only Visigoths who will want to be around you.

However, having said that, it still is a very nice shirt.

Btw, very nice bone structure!

I have always been a nerd, but there are still people everywhere I go. And, I have to deal with them.


You are right about the humane society ablility to act. Indeed, there was a humane society to protect animals in the USA long before there was a similiar organization for children and the elderly. Humane Officers, at least at one time, did not need warrants. I wonder if it's still true?

Best wishes to you and the kids.

You should change it to ROTW and it could stand for:

Rampart of the week
Ramparts over the world
Ramparts oh the wonder
Rampart on the wall (OK maybe not this one)

I am also going to have to re-read this book. What the hell is going on there???

I suspect the next picture will involve Dave at a monestary trying to teach monks how to boogie board in full medieval body armor. Or something like that. He needs to get J-1 the octopus in on the action too! Speculations on the next pic?


On Animal Precinct on the Animal Planet Channel, they show Humane Society officers needing warrants and getting back-up from regular police.

Dave "liberating" an office full of cublicle workers with a Rollerblade Barbie, a Starbucks latte, and a plastic light saber.

Next pic,

Dave in full armor leading an army of Ents, Dwarves and Elves to defeat Sauron.

(MOD Of The Week? Mark Of The Wolves?)

Next pic: Dave in a strikingly familiar Hawaiian-print shirt.

What did I win?

I believe his next movie will be animated and his sidekick will be a Donkey. It will involve Giant squid, Squirrels, snakes, and a princess of some sort to be rescued from the previously mentioned creatures.

You've never heard of the rollerblade barbie? Gack! Your life is not complete! It's one of his most famous stunts. You've got to look it up.

Dave with an axe, "uninstalling" Windows.

Dave and the Visigoths disemboweling that incredibly smug and annoying "Can You Hear Me Now?" guy with their horns.

Lily & Rita,

After years of listening to my wife's stories and I really empathize with what you have to deal with.

When she taught third grade she had a sweet little girl who simply didn't talk. Ever. The mother claimed she spoke at home, but there were major doubts. The other kids were really nice to her, "interpreting" what she wanted or needed. But this kid, WHO NEVER SPOKE A WORD, was somehow passed onto the third grade. It took my wife months before she was able to get her into a special school. Poor little thing.

As to delinquents, when she was in the middle school she had "junior" gang members -- the guys the Bloods had to hold their drugs and weapons because they were too young to go to adult jail. How do you threaten a kid like that? You don't. She talked to them and was even told, "Meyerson, you're all right."

This one kid used to call the local Chinese restaurant and have food delivered to the schoolyard at lunchtime! She told the Chinese guy not to do it, but when he tried to sneak in the food anyway, she threw it in the garbage. The kid squawked but that's all.

Luckily, she was able to get out of there after a year or so.

Next pic: Dave singing the National Anthem with Mrs. Lima and son by his side, beaming proudly.

Next pic: The Blogits get back on their meds and back on topic - ANY TOPIC!

Did anyone mention Dave wreatling the giant sex-crazed squid?

Dave swimming across Australia is a pool towed behind a trailer, from which some guy is selling porno movies via CB radio.

Dave doing his THE MEANING OF LIFE thing, instructing that German couple on how to do it, with Mrs. Lima playing "Mrs. Dave" in the film.

Dave bringing W and the Canadian PM together to solve the growing pizza and beer crisis.

I'm guessing they're not working with Peter Jackson-level budgets here. But, hey, it just makes it more guy-like.

Joshkr: There's a pogo?

Dammit, all the acid, alcohol, and pot that invaded this blog has ruined your memory!!!

I recall that MOTW first commented as "Mother on the Web."

Now that that's solved, how 'bout that keg?

Joshkr: We're probably figments of each other's imaginations. Or images of each other's figments. Or...or...or I think this day's been too long already. Did one of us code the other into a daemon?

Meanwhile, out in the world...RIP Tony Randall, a truly gifted comedic actor and (apparently) the gayest-seeming straight man in America. Now we need a new candidate...or do we?

Joshkr: I did, did you?

Dave behind computer, removing chips from the BLOAT as computer sings Daisy, Daisy, slower and slower.

Jeff, I guess I'm slower on the up-take I have been here 4 years going on 5.

The kid that just left, came to school at 4yrs old and could not talk. He barked and whined like a dog and whimpered and cowered under the table if he got in trouble or if another adult came into the room. I have worked with him for 2 years. I had him 6 months before he would look me in the eye. He just started calling me or any adult by name. He is almost 10. I wonder why they think he was abused?

When he left, he gave me the first heart he had ever cut out of a piece of paper all by himself. I'm going to put it on my fridge.

I'll probably be here until I retire.

Lily - Bless you. I couldn't do it.

someone mentioned labcoats and vaccines? I am here.

There is a here?

Lily - kudos from me, as well. I always liked working with the autistic kids best. If you could suspend your larger perspective each little battle won was so exciting...

is it me or does it look like Dave is wearing a wig or something??

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