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May 18, 2004


...because nobody would order it if they called it the "Omelet for Rich Morons."

(Thanks to tavesawyer)


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And does anyone else think eggs on top of eggs is a bit absurd?

Of course the owners want you to "expense this." I count 10 ounces of $65/caviar. That's $650. Don't tell me that 6 eggs cost $350.

Don't forget the lobster telcontar!

It's not eggsactly all it's cracked up to be ...

Dat is loob-ster, MeL!

Looks like another job for the get a brain guy.

That must be it, MeL: It's a rare Himalayan Giant Lobster!

See it all makes sense now doesn't it? ;)

I'd like to see someone order that omelet and just before they go to take a bite of the exquisite creation ... pour ketchup all over it to make it edible.

That'll get the chef's panties in a bunch.

I want to order it, then leave before they bring my plate.

LOL, Punky.

Or pour some Texas Pete all over it.

I get the impression that this is not a dish one orders for oneself? Maybe it's supposed to be served in portions to clients. Actually, this would not be all that extraordinary considering the amount of money my company regularly spends on certain clients...a $500 bottle of wine here, a $500 dinner there, $1000 at the "gentlemen's club..." I could see this happening.

I saw this one yesterday, but as the article made clear, NOT ONE has been ordered since they added it to the menu (duh, wonder why?). So clearly they thought, hmm, get some publicity so (as Dave put it so well) some rich moron would be the first. So they called the papers, figuring they couldn't resist it (correct) and sent one over to Regis & Kelly (I don't watch it, I hasten to add; they showed a clip on the news last night).

I bet the guy Dave saw on the cell phone at the airport (Mr. Marinate on It) would order one.

Hey DJ don't sweat your huge thirst afterwards - they'll charge you a mere $15 for each small bottle of Evian...

Good news! There's a "budget" version for $100! If they knock *another* zero off, I might actually try it. What would that be called? The welfare version?

This omelet should come with some kind of act. a sing and dance number or something like that if I'm going to pay THAT much.

Well, you know what they say:
In order to make a zillion dollar omelete, ya gotta crack a few sturgeons...

and double ditto on the ketchup thing, punky!

Maybe they shoulda called it Eggs Bankadict.

If you order it as an "egg whites only" $1000 omelet will they charge you more or less for it?

McDonald's should offer a caviar Egg McMuffin, even though somebody would probably sue them for the high salt content before the first one ever got served.

Right, for $100 you get 1 ounce of caviar. By the way, no one has ordered that one either.

I don't think Caviar Omelet wbagnfarb. But if it ever is, Omelet For Rich Morons would have to be their first release.

Edelweiss, can I be a client?

This is just a silly idea, but the ramparts to the right are pretty nice. Plus, it's a sale!

I wonder if they'd let you substitute items.

"But, instead of caviar, could I have american cheese?"

Don't know why, but it reminds me of the deep fried chocolate sandwich and deep fried pizza from Scotland. Must be the upcoming heartburn.

For $1,000, I can also have car insurance for a year. I think that's more important right now. It's a LOT more important to those who have seen me drive, including me. No matter how fast I go, there's this voice in the back of my head that tells me that 70 mph in a 45 zone might not be a good idea.

I guess you just go with what works. If they'll pay it, you sell it. I wonder if I can get money for my blog eventually.

What a rip off! I had a 10 egg omelet with a half pound of crab and a half pound of scallops for $4.99. for some strange reason, I developed a fever afterward, but I still had $995 in my bank account.

If they fed it to Regis and Kathy.... did having food in their mouths shut either one of them up for even a moment? If so, $1,000 was a small price to pay.

Lee, Absolutely! We'd love to sell you an airplane! Just write me a check for roughly 6mil!

Ok, so did anyone catch Letterman last night?! He SOOO stole Punky's idea! He had the chef from the Parker Meridian make the Zillion Dollar Frittata at Rupert Gee's Deli and then he PUT KETCHUP ON IT!!!

(Wow, that's impressive...I just used an exclamation point in every sentence in this post!)

I saw Letterman last night, eating that expensive fritatta with ketchup! :)

It was great stuff.

I saw it too. I loved it. That thing looked disgusting. Way more Caviar than necessary. Paul seemed to like it a lot more than Dave did, Charlie Sheen's storry about the $900 mushroom was classic.

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