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May 18, 2004


We're just making everybody aware of the importance of managerial ethics.

(Thanks to Thad Humphries)


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*sigh* always a bridesmaid, never a bride....


Oh, let's hope he uses the Germanic pronunciation of his name at least!

And I am not first to post, but I will be the first to mention "ramparts".

Yea, it'd be pronounced like Whiner. Still an unfortunate name.

Ladies Only! Just down near the base for a little extra texture ;-) Take That! Knight-Ridder, Destroyer of the MOAT, BLOAT, and other assorted Bloglit home-fronts! :-)

Mr. Barry says that I can be first whenever I want to. So, nyah!

I can't believe none of these people have had their names legally changed.

A five-part violation of the "attempting to claim first (or other position), or complaining about not getting first (or other position) while clearly not reading the article and therefore failing to make a witty and insightful comment" clause.

waxwing, I propose you first. Does anyone second (har) the motion?

Oh, and Harry Weiner works at Harry-man. Huh huh.

I will be happy to second the motion for waxwing, a perfect stranger to me, of course.

In case you need another second or even a third, I vote that waxwing was the first to post a reasonable response to the blog.

*points large spotlight at waxwing, plays fanfare on kazoo*

*runs, hands waxwing six frozen squirrels*

Congratulations, you are FIRST!

'Scuse me Everyone 'cept...

Halle Berry, You are Beautiful, but if what's behind your eyes and your posts is just a rasp, then...

BYE! :-)

"Managerial Ethics" - an oxymoron and NOT agnfarb.

Looks like "ramparts" has replaced "booger" as the favorite Dave Barry word. I think we should all feel proud of this. I know I do.

I love posts like this! It is just like being in middle school.

I just have one comment: "Harry Weiner" anagrams to "errhine wary."

*Bows* Thank you, thank you.

I just want to know whether he married Wm. Kunstler's daughter, Berrien Mi.

Dear eadn, what is a rasp? Some type of carpentry equipment if I am correct, and hardly concealable behind my eyes or my ramparts, for that matter.

I would post a rant regarding this "First, No Me First" stuff if the MOAT or the BLOAT or the GOAT was still open. But they're not, so I won't. Hey, Halle, shut up and go to the back of the line!

There once was a man named Harry
His full name was kind of scary
His neighbor, Hugh Jass,
Said "I think it has class."
Ivana Tinkle, his wife,didn't see
What the problem could be
Neither did Seymour Butz,
Who said "You, yutz,
Harry Weiner is as normal a name as can be!"

I find comments on my name
To be exceedingly lame.
I'm not nicely yclept
And that's alright except
I've only my parents to blame.

I actually went to the dictionary and looked up "yclept." Now I want to cry; that was beautiful, Dick!

He should be a real estate agent.

I actually went to the dictionary and looked up "alright." Now I want to cry... It's "all right" you knucklebutt!

was anyone else reminded of the Oscar Mayer weiner song? (People not to hire for your hotdog ad campaign..."Our new spokesman, Harry Weiner...")

I hope Berrien Mi keeps her last name. Berrien Mi Kuntsler-Weiner could be some serious laughs at the wedding. So would Kuntsler-Weiner in the papers the next day.

Hooray for limericks and joke names courtesy of Bart's prank calls on the Simpsons. And as long as we're on this topic, I really must add my own personal favorite:

Amanda Huggenkiss.

Ah, yes. Total ownage.

Hehehe...Hoomster--don't forget "I.P. Freely," "Jaques Strap" and...I totally forgot about this one but it seems so appropriate in this case..."Mike Rotch"

We used to sign Dick Hertz to the class sign-in sheet, trying to get the teacher to ask "Who's Dick Hertz?" Ah, adolescent humor, so sophisticated.

A friend used to call a restaurant and ask them to page Sam Meoff; when he wasn't there he told them to ask for his brother Jack.

there's a girl @ my college who's name is Bamboo Dong...I had a class with her last year, and the prof was reading off the role and he got to her name and he's like "Bamboo Dong? Ok is this a joke? Who's trying to be a wiseguy?" Poor girl. She was like "No, uh, that's me..."

I had a friend named Mike Heister. Worse part was, he was gay...

Anyone else a Bob and Tom fan?

"Paging Richard Smoker. Paging Richard Smoker.

His real name is Richard, but they call him 'Big Dick.'

I'm looking for a Big Dick Smoker..."

I have that track. I can listen to it and come up with a whole list for you.

Embarassing high school memory -- I thought "Mike Ock" was a real person at first and asked where he was when someone gave me the name. Ah, high school...

Man, high school IS priceless. I find myself trying to compress all my immature HS memories since we graduate next week, and it's really difficult, considering there have been so many. Amazingness.

"Amanda Huggenkiss? I need Amanda Huggenkiss!"

I swear, I will never get tired of that one.

I know I am LTTG but Eadn I can't stop laughing at your first post. Bravo!!!

Ahh I love the Simpsons.

Couple of gay guys (not that there is anything wrong with that) who run a pet store here are named (I'm not making this up) Neil and Bob.

Seventh grade must have been hell for this man.

I'm ALWAYS LTTG posting this, but what's one more time? I actually know a guy named Richard Crapps. I am not making this up.

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