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May 14, 2004


This should definitely have a role in the movie.

(Thanks to "BrownK")


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I dunno. It's not as cool as the Weinermobile that Dave drove a while back ...

"Rob Barry, report to the Weinermobile!"

Does it fold into a briefcase when you push a button?

I'm about to board a flying weinermobile (SWA rocks!) and commence to my favorite magic trick of making beers completely disappear.

Have a fun weekend kiddos - don't do anything for which you haven't arranged plausible deniability.

But the real question is what kind of stereo system does it have?

That's pretty cool; too bad it's $500,000 for right now. I wonder if you need a pilot's license to fly it.

I just have one question: Were they performing the test flights anywhere near Mexico, by any chance?

Noisy bugger, ain't it? Like I want to hear my drunken neighbor arriving home at 2 a.m. in this thing!

Let's see, Florida drivers and flying cars?

I think I'll stay way north of the Mason Dixon line.

Looks like they stole it from a ride at DisneyWorld. You know the ride that has the space ships at the end of some metal arm and they just spin around and around.

Not quite the flying car Walt promised us, but at least someone with a budget is trying.

Yeah, but does it have 8 video screens so Dave can watch, um, adult movies while he drives?

the volantor is "capable of flying in a quick, nimble, and agile manner"

... I'll bet it also smacks into the ground in a quick, nimble, and agile manner

Did ya all notice this flying car company is a publicly traded stock.


**** Begin Federal Trade Comission mandited investment warning********

Of course all investments include risk and anyone stupid enough to invest in a flying car deserves to see his money crash into the ground.

*****End Federal Trade Comission mandited investment warning********

Can you imagine the kind of traffic accidents this sort of thing could cause??? There is no way I would want to see that in Chicago- or the mother of all bad driving states- Florida!

I've been watching development of this thing for
some time. It's probably only a year or two away from production at this point. Moller also owns Freedom Motors which produces the rotary engines they're using in the volantor. No kidding, this is a well thought out project and is being developed meticulously. Pilots will need a fixed-wing license (helicopter, essentially,) and it will cost like hell at first. But they've already got more than 20 on order at the 1/2 mil price. Heck, if they get another round of funding I think I'll buy a few hundred shares. If this works, these guys will be bigger than than Bell Helicopters.

Lee, I'm with you on this one. I work in the aviation industry and I can actually think of a couple of our customers who would be interested in this. (Of course, I'm not telling them about it because I'd much rather see them drop a cool 6mil on our product than 500k on someone else's!)

Dirk Pit has one of these in Clive Cussler novels, at least in "Atlantis Found". It's about time, the automobile as we know it is pretty shockingly primitive when you think about it. No major improvements in about a hundred years.

I think it's the dumbest thing I've ever seen. Of course, I'm still a little bitter that my parents never gave me a Bell Rocket Belt for Christmas.

Still, I wouldn't mind test-driving one just once. Maybe a quick buzz by, oh, I dunno, my old high school. On Reunion Night. Or Prom Night. Whatever I can get.

It'll completely change my image:

Now: Hey, look at the ugly old fat guy on the bus! Let's roll him and take his wallet!

Then: Hey, look at the ugly old fat guy with the personal VTOL! Let's roll him and take his wallet!

You're close, Lee.

The FAA actually had to invent a new Category for the Skycar, as well as the Bell/Boeing 609-slash-V-22: powered lift.

Yes, Paul Moller is serious as a heart attack, and I'm pretty convinced as well that he will actually succeed -- even though properly, that requires rewiring (literally) the entire air traffic control system.

But we need that anyway.

To looney girl, no, there's a *lot* more free space in the air than there is on the ground.

And to Guillermo, it has an automatically deployed balllistic parachute... and *8* engines. The odds of one pooping out in flight and killing people, once it goes to production, are actually reasonably small. Likely quite a bit smaller than, say, your friendly neighborhood Cessna.

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