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May 18, 2004


Apparently, somebody decided to crop the ramparts out of this photo.

Update: According to commenter BMX3, these particular ramparts have been widely discussed in various media, so this blog cannot take credit for their disappearance.


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Damn those censors!! It's like Orwell's "1984", only more sinister!

Now we just need to figure out how to use the power of this blog to get ramparts inserted into pictures.

Just use your imagination.

Le sigh.

Q: Technically, could Rampart Woman sue someone for the comments made about her well ramparts?

Raamparts! Get yer ramparts here! (Thanks to somebody in the other thread, you know who you are)

Cropped Ramparts wbagnfarb ?

Not to take anything away from this Blog, but those ramparts are now famous everywhere. They talked about it on ESPN Radio, Jim Rome's radio show, FARK and numerous assorted Blogs nationwide.

Who else is really really tempted to photoshop rampart woman in next to Dave in the trailer photo?

You mean other than Dave?

I wanted to post a picture of me standing in front of my trailer preparing for my next film. Is this where the line starts?

I was away from the computer for a few days so I was doing blog catch-up, and couldn't figure out why everybody was going so rampart-crazy in the earlier post...thanks to Mahatma Kane Jeeves, I know what everybody was talking about!

"If she didn't want people to look at her ramparts, she shouldn't have bought them!"

-Guy I work with.

We need to bring back the Warren Commission or get Oliver Stone on htis or something. A conspiracy like this cannot stand!

I like the idea of adding Mrs. L to Dave, the chihuahua and the Visigoths, however. Dave, can I play a Visigoth, please???

Well, let's see Commissioner Selig throw the teeth from the back of a horse with those ramparts!
Damn if those bastards can't see the trees for the beer.

Jeff, since they already have actors in costume, I'm guessing your Visigoth ship has sailed...

Rita - roll? There's a roll? If that's a roll, pass me the butter! Makes me suck in my gut and I'm just looking at her PICTURE....


rita: don't ever come near ME, then. yegods. i wish i had a stomach anywhere near that 'rolling.'

I wish that my ramparts were as easy to remove.

Seriously, men and flat-chested women do not understand; they are a pain in, well, literally the back.

Ditto, judi
*deep sigh*

Rita: "Saucer of milk, table four. Meow! Hiss!"

And I got my threads mixed up and thought you guys were talking about Dave (whose packing a tight six-pack under that Hawaiian shirt).

Yeah, Jamester, I knew I wasn't going to make a Visigoth, but I got carried away there. Sorry about that.

Schteef, thanks for the new Ramparts link, but I prefer the original profile view. And can I some in wallet size?

How does one go about getting a job as a Rampart Cropper?

Heck with being the Rampart Cropper, I wanna be the Rampart Wrangler!

Great, now the spammers will hit us with "En1@rge your ramp@r+s" messages.

Holy Ramparts Batman!

I guess it's true blondes (with big ramparts) have more fun.

Thanks K. for the new pic.

I have a technical question. Can you make ramparts outta silicon?


Mrs. Lima is a testimony to that.

By the time she is 50, some lab will have invented a new spray on product called "Sag No More". The active ingredients will be Botox and Superglue.

I'm mixing a batch up right now. Hmm, I should beta test it...any takers?

Notice how she, literally, cannot place her hand over her heart when she listens to the national anthem (or says the pledge, for that matter). She only has space for her hand somewhere directly below her middle neck.

Joshkr- thanks for the offer but I heard you were hanging out at that"other" Visigoth thread.

Dear god now i understand the ramparts. See what $10k will buy you these days?

Cheap Ramparts wbagnfarb, if it was all girls.

It also sounds like a reference to $1,000 breast implants, prostitution, Operation Take One for the Country, etc.

Those things are made from rams?!?

mamazon, can I get in on the ground (or is that wall ;-) floor with your IPO?

And are you planning a merger with the scar & stretch-mark fixers?! :-)

P. goldarn S. even being a guy, I'd be interested in them products if I weren't half-broke, dedicatedly lazy, and a typical "take me warts and all" kinda guy to deal with!

Yeah, the link Alex posted. D'oh!

I also blogged about this story, giving the ramparts more exposure. ;-)

Alex, thanks for the attackon censorship and the story on Iceland. Scrotum Shortage wbagnfarb.

The ramparts have gone completely out of control

I must be missing something - Ramparts?

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