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May 18, 2004


It is not good.

(Thanks to Jacob Aldridge)


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Camper Van Sewage would be one of the rejected names for a rock band before the band members came up with Camper Van Beethoven.

Oh, and....ewwwwwwwww!

how many people do this? i first heard of this years ago.

and i just finished dinner...ack!

Well, I feel better now.

This beats the He(l)l out of my childhood sucking to start the siphon to change the water in the fish tank!

(Yes, eventually, I learned and had the money to buy a pump siphon, but...that "Hindsight" thing again and I've long since no longer had the fish tank. :-)

Haha! Funny story. It made me up-chuckle

Dan Gross? Real name or...just commenting on the story?

Is Raw Sewage a gnfarb or what?

If the guy was hoping to siphon diesel, I get the idea that a bad taste wasn't really a concern.

Raw Sewage wbagnfarb. I agree.

How 'bout Raw Sewage and the Diesel Thiefs?

That guy got a free poop transplant. No fair! I'm gonna have to go RIAA on his aas.

Am I the only one who expected something better from the "a broad" ?

Wait...no space. Nevermind.

I guess he was just having a shi**y day.

There is actually a rather gross (to say the least) shock-rock band named Impaled whose bass player is named Ross Sewage.

And yeah eadn, isn't getting a mouthful of fish poop sucked up from your aquarium gravel fun? Been there, done that. I have a "Python No-Spill Clean And Fill" to do the siphon work for my tanks now!

Yes, but was it low carb and heart healthy sewage?

You think that's funny, some guy siphoned all the gas out of my car during the winter once, and I got stuck in the middle of the night miles away from anywhere. HA!

Wait, no, uh, never mind.

Didn't you hear, though? Atkins posthumously proported raw sewage AND diesel fuel. Can't fault a guy for trying to change his evil carbohydrate ways - even if he picked a really crappy way to go about it.

Based on what I hear from many rock bands, I think "Mouthful of Raw Sewage" might bagnfarb.

Due to the limited resources of a prison cell, I must adapt a few of the ingredients to my chocolate cake. First you siphon the raw sewage out of the toilet...(it's still brown, right? close enough!)

Yum! Brownies!

(from Fawlty Towers)
"That's PUKE, that is!"

This story left a bad taste in my mouth.

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