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May 15, 2004


An octopus finally finds love.

Key Quote: "Spermatophores were seen hanging from J-1's siphon."

(Thanks to Tony Bastarache)


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Not just any octopus, an Aging Octopus which would, incidently be a good name for a rock band.

It's nice to read a nice love story for a chance.

Bad mental picture, but, still a love story.

"Spermatophores were seen hanging from J-1's siphon."

At quick glance I thought it said J-Lo, and I'm sure I won't be the only one.

Charm, surely you have brought more to the table than just yelling First ? Just asking.

"His suckers have divots." I take it this is a bad thing?

"The goal for this was to let him lead a full life," Hocking said. "Once we gave him the cialis he was home free."

As someone said of another post, was this written by a romance novelist? A bit florid, don't you think? Anyway, this is just Octopus Voyeurism; how about giving the happy couple a little privacy? (And how about Octopus Voyeurism as the name of a rock band?)

His skin is eroding. His suckers have divots.

Nothing a little Octagra, Octialis, or Octitra couldn't help.

Sorry, just got through flushing my spam box.

In my opinion, as with slogans, you can make ABSOLUTELY ANYTHING the name of a rock band, including "Absolutely Anything."


Dr. Duckmire: I am presently stuck in 1492. With any luck, you can have it back next week. Sincerely pfffpfpfffpffffftttt

I don't know if it's the writing style or some weird octopus fetish, but I found myself oddly turned on by this article.

Is that wrong?

Thank you! Return quickly! Goober anagrams to booger!


Octopus Harem is actually the name of a real rock band.

Woohoo! Dave used my submission! I feel so special.

D.J. Tony Bastarache <<< well done.

Wasn't there already a 007 movie on this from '83 ... this must be the sequel?

Octopussy II ... coming soon to a theater near you.

So this is the new Tom Hanks/Meg Ryan picture...

If Aurora did get cozy with J-1 and accept his spermatophores, or sperm packet, which is delivered from the only arm without suckers..."

Gee, that seems a bit anti-climactic.

ack...this is a *news* article??? I had to check and make sure I was actually reading USAToday (which I mean isn't a great publication to start out with, but still...)

Weird. Weird. WEIRD.

Maybe I'm crazy, but I could have sworn that the plural form of "octopus" is "octopi." Maybe not?

Charm, surely you have brought more to the table than just yelling First ? Just asking.

Sorry for the enthusiasm Jeff, I thought that was acceptable here. Good call! Thanks for sucking the joy out of blogging for me, it WAS going entirely too well....

Charm, I'm LTTG as I guess a standard ;-)

However, thems that fuss&bother over thems that post "First!"...well...personally I think they's bringing down the congeniality of The Blog more and I've already paid mind myself to that "First!" post! :-)

I'd say, "don't sweat the small stuff", but then again, whoinalltheHe(l)l's knows what becomes BIG STUFF with so much interpretation flyin' about like bugs on a drive-by windshield! ;-)

The minute I saw that article, I knew it would be on Dave's blog.

Octopi and sex? I mean, come on!

I was right. :)

I submitted this on 5/13 at 1:05pm.

I suppose I'm about the last to get to this, and all I can do is note that a picture of two octopi making love looks an awful lot like: a picture of one octopus.

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