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May 19, 2004


Who says Americans don't get involved in important causes?

(Thanks to Brian Duval)


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Nice to know we're getting our priorities straight, amongst other things...

Ramparts gone wild

The ramparts will be reinstated into the picture as soon as they finish putting the Spiderman ads on them.

I would support a Constitutional Ammendment securing the right to keep & bear ramparts.

btw, bear ramparts WBAGNFARB

Punky - way to sign that petition, but you COULD have hinted at the optional comment. Given that Soleil Moon Fry had to have hers reduced, you could be WELL in the rampart running!

Rampart Runners wgagnfarb.

LOL at lairbo

They make pumps for ramparts now!


I have to say that of all of the "terms" I have heard for a woman's, um, assets, "winnebagos" definitely tops the list.

Too funny, Lairbo! No doubt, MLB would do just such a thing if they could get away with it!

Punky, Thanks! But are you ready to take one for your country? Ok, how about take one for the blog? Maybe if we beg?

Rachel, I think ramparts beats winnebagos any day! Ramparts sound more like a natural occurance, whereas winnebagos are obviously constructed. Hmmm. Perhaps both terms are useful? What do you think? Does Mrs. Lima have ramparts or winnebagos?

I'm thinking those are definitely "constructed", Lee...which would make them winnebagos.


I am convinced that someone here started that petition. Who was it? Fess up!

...maybe keep bare ramparts?

Today I consider myself the luckiest man on the face of the earth. I have been in ballparks for seventeen years and have never received anything but kindness and encouragement from your Ramparts.

Lee, Winnabagos.


God didn't make those.

The problem with using Winnabagos is that it reminds me too much of retirees cruising the highways and byways of the country.

So I'll just be sticking with Ramparts (real or faux)thank you!

Faux Ramparts wbagnfarb

I can't believe what a mess I started. Maybe I should have stayed home that day.

I never seem to get tired of ramparts.

I figured! But, real or not, those are some impressive ramparts!

Punky Brewster, I'm afraid you don't understand. I work so hard just to stand in an upright position with my back straight. I was never warned it would be like this.

We need Amber "not a stripper" Leann's comments on all this.

All the names on the petition were guy's names. What's with that?? ;)

Petition is up to #152 now (I signed "Dick Hertz"; couldn't help myself). Glad to see so many of you there as well. This is what makes America great!

I'd say winnebagos for one reason: the size. Both are extra large. But I now have a soft spot in my heart (and other places) for ramparts too.

Now THAT is blog-worthy. You've just earned immortality on a second weblog.

This was the first petition I ever signed. We need more like this one to get people involved. I couldn't help myself either. My signature:

"Mike Hunt" -- "Baseball is boring without the Twins!"

(only 35th? What's that hissing sound?)

MKJ: Thanks for the list, but no winnebagos. I've always been fond of "bodacious tatas" myself.

Why you're quite welcome.

Topic seems to be losing steam though. Bring in the ramparts pump!

Hey people, there's only 226 signatures! Let's get the word out!

Yeah, it's an important cause. Says so right up there.

I signed, and then regretted it. Oh well.

I did submit "Bessie & Daisy" to the Hoo Haas naming site, and felt like I'd done my duty. :-)

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