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May 14, 2004


Panda Golf.

(Thanks to Catherine Connor)


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I'm inspired. See you on Monday.

I did so poorly the panda's eyes began to bleed and several children died.

But it's fun!

Ohhhhh man. This one's addictive.

Er, at least, it was until it got annoying...

This was strangely more entertaining then I thought it would be...French games rock...

Thanks Punky!

I enjoy you badly too.

'course, I do many things badly. Sort of a generalist that way. I am hoping to specialize in something I can be spectacularly bad at soon.

I find this very soothing and enjoyable. The ball doesn't bounce all over the place. And contrary to other posts, there was no bloodshed.

What a nice treat for a Friday. Thanks, Judi!

Well, my hole-in-five on the first hole earned me the code word IKFPOO.

that about sums it up for me...

Hey igwanna - my 76 on the first hole earned me the same code.

That's communism for you. Or socialism. Or did somebody say this is french? yeah, that's frenchism for you.

Ah, Finally a place where everyone can play nice. Someone tell Gregg.

Thank you judi.

Does anybody know how to beat level 20? I've been trying for 15 minutes straight with no success.

Never mind... I just did it. I have no idea how, but I did.

I got to level 29 and stopped after that one. Also, at the menu screen if you click on Best of the Month or something like that, you should go to level 3027 or something like that. Friggin ridiculous. I just wanted to play 18!

Got to level 42 - a very productive day - then saw all those diamonds on all those levels - shot the panda and went back to work.

Maybe Arwen rode up on Glorfindel's horse and helped you out while you weren't looking.

Wow! That is a gentle game so far! :-) I only tried three holes, (and bearly read the instructions ;-) but I'll have to check it out again later. Very soothing....

I made the five-level hole "in only two shoots." Of course! It's Panda Golf - they must be bamboo shoots.

WAY too irritating of music/ sound effects for me. AND too easy. What fun is that?

looney girl,

really? try level 20. I think lily is right; you need elven help.

That was fun for a little while, but I get bored doing the same thing over and over for extended periods of time. My attention span is...Here, kitty-kitty-kitty...

Well said, Edelweiss! However, I do have to ask the question given my own female kitty: Do you also immediately walk away when called?! ;-)

Never had that problem with my old male kitty, but then again, he was fixed so if he heard his name, he was SURE food was coming! :-)

Somehow the music sounds familiar...


You can turn off the music. Click on the "music off" link at the top of the page.

This game is sort of fun for a while.

This game rocks! And Level 20 is easy, got it in the second try. Although I was never playing golf in my whole life. At least not outdoors.

I played level 20 for a long time. My strategy was to hit at a random angle and watch it bounce for a while. Eventually it worked, although there was in a incident where it would not stop bouncing, I had to quit the game after 5 minutes and start over on that level.

Dammit, the ball is stuck bouncing forever on level 20. If only it worked on a point system...

Level 50 code GPNDOR

That game is addicting. I can't remember what level I'm on. I'm going back to it in a minute.

The key to level 20 is to bounce the ball backwards. Then you have to figure out what angle...but just remember: backwards. Toward the wall.

I am stuck on level 84. I figured out the pattern in the level codes, so I could skip it if I wanted to but for some reason I just have to beat each level on my own. Does anybody have any level 84 hints?

WooHoo! All 102 levels completed! Now what to do with my time?

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