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May 18, 2004


A man who is tough on defense.

(Thanks to Jim M.)


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Now let me go read the article...


Howell hoped exposed nails would prick sign thieves, delay them so he could take picture.

Yeah, we know who the prick is Mr. Howell.


Everyone on Dave's blog.

"I've never come across something like this so I can't quote a law," Sheriff's Office spokesman Kevin Kelshaw said. "We've got detectives looking into it."

This struck me on the thumb. They've got detectives looking into the law?!

Graz! You said you were once a Marine. Kudos, but does this look like peace-time protocol to You?! I know 'round my neck of the woods that sign-slinging goes on all the time wit when de vote come up, but REALLY! isn't the system a matter of issues and not guerilla warfare over advertising?!

I saw the phrase "booby trapped" & immediately was thought of Mrs. Jose Lima.

The ramparts have taken over the blog!

News at 11:00

"St. Johns County Commission candidate Pal Howell confirmed Monday that he put nails with exposed tips in a campaign sign as part of a plot to "stick" anyone trying to take his signs.

Part two of the plan was to catch the person in his tracks while Howell rushed forward with a camera and snapped a photograph."

Part three was for the thief to die of lockjaw, I guess.

"Howell said the only thing he did to the signs was anchor them and put three to five nails into each sign with the tips exposed."

Gee, is that all? What a boob (sorry, Mrs. L)!

"I've never come across something like this so I can't quote a law," Sheriff's Office spokesman Kevin Kelshaw said. "We've got detectives looking into it." He added, "As if we don't have enough to do."

hmmm...where to start?

1. There ARE laws for that. How about "trespassing on private property" or "erecting a sign without a building permit" ? Sickos like this are probably better off erecting their weiners over S&M. At least it stays private.

2. No, the cops don't have enough to do. This should clear up traffic at the local donut shop for a while.

I think whoever wrote the article just wanted to use the word "booby" in a sentence.

What a booby!

Booby booby booby booby

Oh wait, I only have two.


So he gets mad that people steal his signs...and then puts (potentially injurious)nails on said signs to keep people from stealing them....didn't anyone ever tell this man that two wrongs don't make a right? (and that he should ask before using other peoples stuff/property?)

All I can say is, "AHHHHHHH!" These kids need to go back to the playground and learn how to play nice, share their toys, and respect one anothers' belongings. I think that my preschoolers have better ideas about compromise than this. I teach them to respect each others' property and not to injure each other during negotiations (eg banging plastic swords over each others' heads while attempting to settle a dispute is unacceptable and punishable by both losing the swords and going to separate corners noses to the wall, please, which they seem to hate worse than spanking!)

Phase two: forgets to sign absentee ballot.
Election to state Senate not far behind...

I like Dave's set-up. I wouldn't want to go near that guy's yard if he's tough on "da fence."

All I can say is that he's tough as nails.

The ramparts have taken over the blog!

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