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May 19, 2004


Eeeeyew. That is all.

(Thanks to Steve Lancaster)


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Hi guy!

home, sweet pig stye...yikes

(Anyone old enough to get the reference?)

Brave Maintenance Man needs heap big shovel for that mess!

Any guy who shared an apartment with other guys in college is not shocked by any of those photos.

Well, maybe by the one of the refrigerator with no beer, but otherwise...

Dave - I didn't know you had moved!

That maintenance man should be wearing a HazMat suit!

MKJ: Reference received and understood. All I can say in response is, MONA!

ps: I've been to Lompoc. More than once.

To MKJ: Right Guard commercials, sometime in the 1970s.

One word SICK.
More words putrid, vile, rank, gross, nauseating, and utterly fun.


It's a good thing I have such a strong stomach, because those pictures are GROSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS!

I can practically smell it through the internet. P.U.!

Thanks guys. (I just remembered that it was a commercial, didn't know for what).

Those pictures actually made me gag. I can't get the images out of my head! AAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHH!

I'm guessing he didn't get his damage deposit back?

Oh that is just disgusting. No wonder they smelled it through their walls. I just have to ask HOW anyone can live in there??? I know college guys' apartments tend to be bad, but this is.....heck, there are no words for it.

Oh, and he needs a girlfriend or wife.
I know all the women's libbers will hate me for that, but it probably would help.

I think that place needs a good flamethrower or three.

I found it!
Scroll down to Chuck McCann – Blizzard to see the "Hi, Guy!" guy himself.

Well, now I don't feel so bad about my apartment.

Not necessarily JCT! I used to work with a guy who lived like this. The worse think was the indoor dog that never needed to go outdoors. And the fact that he had an infant and his wife was an RN. I still shudder about eating dinner there one night. I didn't think I would survive...

Why on earth did he let you into his place if he lived like that? He wasn't embarrased? His wife wasn't?

No. Way. I just had a bowl of chili for lunch and I think it's....oh....mmmpph....gotta go!!

And I thought my ex-husband's college apartment was bad! Why didn't this guy get evicted???? I doubt a woman's touch would help- but I think the flamethrower is a fine idea!

Maybe he had two homes. One for him, and one for his filth.

John, they didn't think there was anything wrong with their place at all! They were completely oblivious to it. Also showers. Ek.

I'm glad I didn't look at that until AFTER I ate. To quote Babs Jansen: "That boy is a P-I-G pig."

Those pictures made me scowl so much my face hurt. I had to go back and take a look at Mrs. Lima... I'm not scowling anymore, and I feel much better.


Gah! I feel soooo much better about the dirty dishes in my sink now.

Wimps. That's nothing. The maintenance guy didn't need to wear a bio-hazard suit. Ah, good ol' Johnstown, where the economy and the stench are always twice as bad.

Also, where the heck was the beer? Or the beer cans? The guy could've at least had fun wasting space! He was drinking freakin' Slice, fer cryin' out loud! Another non-wasted opportunity, I guess.

"I pity the person that moves in next, I hope they remove the fridge."

No worries, the fridge will leave when it gets hungry.

He: Gee honey, the maintenance guy went in to clean that apartment ages ago, but he never came out.
She: Well, I hear SOMEONE moving around in there.
He: Maybe we should- Wait a minute. What's that noise?
[cue creepy minor piano chords]
She: You - you mean that thumping, slurping, noise?
He: Yeah. And that smell! Ugh, it's getting worse!
[cue scary high-pitched violins]
She: Oh honey, I hear creepy minor piano chords and scary high-pitched violins, I'm scared!
He: Calm down, it's OK.
Audience: Don't open the door!
He: [opens door]
Audience: You d!ckhe@d!
He: See, he was just moving the fridge out of the AAAAAAAAAAARGGH-*
Fridge o' Filth: Huh huh huh! Like, don't go into the light! [burp]


Holy crap on a stick!! That is HORRRID!!!

And people wonder why I don't want to rent. I need a shower. Just looking at those pictures made me feel unclean...

I've seen worse. When I investigated cases for child protective services. A home with dad, mom. and two girls. Oh yeah, and USED Kotex piled as high as the back of the toilet tank!!!!

Sorry, but these pictures are just not that bad.

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