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May 18, 2004


Last night we shot a scene involving Visigoths. No, I cannot explain why; nobody can really explain why. The point is that I have now performed in scenes with Visigoths and a chihuahua. Even top movie stars such as Mr. Al Pacino cannot make this claim.


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Since I don't know what the heck Visigoths are, I guess I'm not a guy.

Whew. My husband (and kids) will be relieved.

As opposed to Ostrogoths... of course, that explains everything.

Was it Theodorid? Now he was a guy!

But Theodric Was Great!!!

*frantically fumbling through dictionary*

Must be witty.

Must be witty.

Ah-ha! Found it.

"A member of the western Goths that invaded the Roman Empire in the fourth century A.D. and settled in France and Spain, establishing a monarchy that lasted until the early eighth century."

Huh. That makes them like ... what ... 400 years old?!

Um, that would be Theodoric of course.

suppose they are related in some fashion to orcs or goblins or ringwraiths? and did the Visigoths crown the chihuahua as their monarch? enquiring minds want to know!

Chichuahua? Hey, is the Taco Bell Dog making a comeback. What's your line Dave? "Hey, drop the Visigoth!". Sadly, doesn't have quite the same ring.P.S. Note to Waxwing. That would be inquiring minds. Hint: When making a joke, always use a spellchecker.

Of course, the visigoths were far more violent than their lesser known, and rarely seen, cousins the invisigoths.

Didn't anyone see Gladiator? Russell Crowe was fighting the Visigoths at the start of the movie.

Thanks, Sheepboy. I thought it was a Chihuahua.

He was fighting the Visigoths because they were after his chihuahua. Easy to confuse...

What? I have too worked with both!

Ya know, i have to admit that "Visigoths Crown the Chihuahua" wbagnfarb.

"...until the early eighth century."
Huh. That makes them like ... what ... 400 years old?!

Exactly which century are you living in, Punky?

*suppose they are related in some fashion to orcs or goblins or ringwraiths*

By their lack of personal hygiene, I would guess that Visigoths are related to dwarves or men.

Gimli, Eomer and Aragorn all evidently had the very same hairdressers in their movies.

Note to Chaz Stevens: Before you chastize someone else for his word choice, make sure YOU know of what you speak. "Enquiring" is as acceptable as "inquiring" - potayto/potato; tomayto/tomato (pardon me but I don't know how to do the pronunciation symbols on the computer).

I thought Al Pacino was a chihuahua.

Chaz Stevens and jinghau,

I thought the National Enquirer used that "Enquiring minds want to know" tag line and that is what i was emulating, not "inquiring minds..." but i don't read the rag so i will eat my pixels if that is not the case. i do read Onion and Weekly World News, but National E/Inquirer, nah. hmmm...who will 'fess up to reading it and tell us the trooth? (eg)

Note to imposter: the joke would've been a heck of a lot funnier if you had spelled "Al Pacino" correcly. Still a good laugh, just at you instead of with you now.


Hey ALex, does this mean you are no longer grounded?

I never was grounded. Besides, my computer is in my room. ;-)

We have one computer - in the living room, and nothing gets typed on here that I don't know about. My kids get away with nothing. Nothing.

Were the Goths (visi- or otherwise) all mopey and dressed in black?

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