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May 17, 2004


I've just returned from a trip to the set of the Guide to Guys movie, where Dave Mr. Barry and a local radio dj named Footy did a scene. Footy played a radio guy. Dave Mr. Barry  played ... Dave Mr. Barry . I'm telling you, these movie directors are clever fellows.

They've also given Mr. Barry his own trailer. The sign says DAVE BARRY ONLY:



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Great picture, Mr. Hollywood, er.. Barry. By the way,


Director: CUT! Dave, you have the lines memorized well, but you really need to get into the character more. Let's try this again, and this time, be more "Dave Barry" like.


It's so big!

Ahhh...the life of a Star.

Dave looks like he has it pretty good also.



You guys don't think Dave would pose himself in front of someone else's trailer, would he? I smell a hoax...

It IS someone else's trailer. Even if it is his trailer for the movie. They don't get to keep them when the shoot is over. At least I don't think they do.

oh, right, i forgot to mention that he doesn't know how to make babies, either.

I see that no expense was spared in the making of the sign.

Well the photo was taken at night so it could have been during a covert infiltration of a Winnebago sales lot. Wait a minute, is that rust?

It's a hoax all right. Note he is outside the trailer and the sign says that only Dave Barry can get inside....That's right folks...that's not Dave Barry. If it was, he'd be inside the trailer (well, wouldn't you?) I think it's his stunt double posing as him.

This is this blog's best blogging day to date, mate. Try saying THAT sixty times fast.

It can't be Dave's trailer -- there isn't a single forehead-crushed can littering the ground. Very un-guylike.

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Anyone for heaving Kepos under the trailer?

That must be an imposter! Look at what's on the ground in front of his feet! That is not a Beer!

Where's Alex, we've been spamed.

Anyway, now that Dave has a trailer, next stop: Florabama!

Bottled water? Does this mean Dave has gone HOLLYWOOD?

Keypos - No.

I guess we should at least feel lucky the bottle isn't worse -- like Zima.

Dave may still possess a piece of his soul.

kepos said: "acknowledges and supports local knowledge, rather than 'ready-to-use' development
formulae prescribed by outsiders."

Does anyone else read this to mean that, instead of using proven advanced technology from other cultures, they prefer to just keep doing things they way they always have? So these people are actually in the business of supressing advancement of third-world countries? Very noble. Go away now.

kepos wrote: "acknowledges and supports local knowledge, rather than 'ready-to-use' development
formulae prescribed by outsiders."

kepos meant: "I, kepos, am a crapweasel."

He's got bottled water because he's prepared for an emergency wet ramparts contest.

No way that little ole bottle holds enough H2O to soak that shirt.

NGO in Brazil? Wait a sec. Don't they advocate and/or allow topless ramparts there? That's some local knowledge I could really endorse.

Is he still wearing that same shirt?!

That's the same shirt as the one in the lobster suit combo. It MUST be Dave Barry. They must have no laundry facilities at the shoot. Or, the movie is comprised entirely of one 2-hour long scene.

Brad, yes there was a Dave Barry TV show.

It starred Harry Anderson of Night Court fame.

Or the shirt is his costume and there are a dozen others hanging in the trailer. I wonder if any of them catch on fire during the filming of the movie. Accidentally setting yourself on fire is definitely a guy-type of thing to do.

I must once again say: I can support anyone who wears hawaiin prints. *unless of course they're stupid*

And I still want to know: Does Dave do his own stunts?

Do NOT open that door.

It's like the Clark Kent thing. Nobody recognizes him if he isn't wearing that shirt.

Oh geez, you don't think this movie star business is going to his head, do you?

Anyway, I still really like that shirt!

DAVE BARRY ONLY - so they don't allow him to have any guests, I see.

Probably not allowed to have pets, either.

Dave, can I borrow that shirt? : )

Looks to me like "Dave" (if it's really him) has his ankle chained to that big black thing there, leading me to think it was an imposter caught trying to break into the real Dave's trailer. Naughty.

Kepos - go away.

FYI - Vegas/Kinky update in the Perfect Couple thread.

People, people -- of courseDave is in the same shirt; didn't'cha see the theme of the movie??? I know I don't change my shirt until it crawls to the hamper weeping; especially if it is a nice polyester-fabric Hawaiian shirt that breathes less than an LA chain smoker!

Isn't that the same Hawaiian shirt of a couple three days ago? WTF. Is this such a low budget flick that they can't even afford laundry service.

I bet the toilet in that trailer is low flow.


Is Dave's shadow a movie special effect, or is he just um "Barry well endowed?" Seems like he's got his trailer parked in his pocket.

"Isn't that the same Hawaiian shirt of a couple three days ago?",/i>

Haven't you seen the movie Men In Black?????
Dave, I mean Mr. Barry, has a whole closet of that exact same Hawiian shirt and he changes it twice a day for that "oh so fresh" feeling.

Dave Barry the new movie star
Sexier than Brad Pitt by far
His name on the door
Of a cheap 4x4
And fans all the way to Wee Waa

Mr. Barry is making a picture
wearing his blue shirt, chillin'

They're making action figures
of ssenger and the Crapweasel villian

there's sure to be a ton of beer
catapults, gadgets and hooters

lisenced Florida drivers,
cars, broom corn and computers.

So run out and buy your tickets
buy them on the double

But let hope that this one is
better than "Big Trouble"

D. Barry is the fashizzle whizzle in the houizzle.

And what I mean by that is that Dave Barry's fly is down.

Makes ya wonder what other sets THAT particular trailer (honey wagon) has been on, and what kinda "stuff" has taken place in there. Any forensic evidence?

I'd just like to point out that the letters on Mr. Barry's "star" sign can be re-arranged to form:


and that it's amazing what they're doing with computers in big-budget flicks these days.

Speaking of which...


Dear Mr. Barry,

I'd just like to remind you that Keanu Reeves (whose major purpose in Hollywood is to make you, Mr. Barry, feel just a little better about the whole Brad Pitt Talent Thing) recently took it upon himself, after making roughly 90 bazillion dollars in The Matrix Part Whatever-it-Was, to surprise the computer specialists in the film's production company with multi-million-dollar cash gifts, thereby leaving himself with only 89.6 bazillion dollars.

I think I speak on behalf of the other dedicated bloglings here (who do, after all, form the cutting edge tech team for your Ominously Pulsating Presidential Campaign) when I ask you, our beloved Candidate, to gravely consider the key question in this complex social issue, to-wit: What, exactly, is the hold up?


Merely One of Many

"Dave Barry only" also anagrams to "very bald rayon," not to imply that Dave is balding or is a fibrous material sometimes found in animals such as sheep. Certainly not.

Mr. Barry has conquered newspapers. He has conquered books. He has conquered television. And he has conquered the Internet.

Film is simply the only outlet left. And judging by this picture, film's time is up!

Get ready Hollywood. HERE COMES DAVE!!!

"Dave Barry's Guide to Guys" can be anagrammed to:

"Deadbeat orgy guys virus" and

"USA; Everybody a druggist"

what does this mean?

That is clearly Dave's stunt double Harry Anderson.

the beers must be in that black bag next to the water. Dave has to maintain that clean cut image...very responsible of him.

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