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May 15, 2004


We have received word that the Cass Board is renegotiating the garbage contract with the Leech Lake Band. Somebody named "Dick Downham" is involved.


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First! First! Wheeee!

$1,800 per month for garbage collection? I'll haul it myself for free, thanks.

He's just being a Dick. What do you expect?

MeL, it's not his fault his parents lovingly named him Dick.

I often find that one tends to like the season/day/month/object that one is named after and take on certain qualities if able. I'm just sayin..


Actually, I never understood why, when Richard has other nickname options, would anyone settle on being a Dick.

True story (to change it up): My uncle's name is Richard, but most people call him Dick. He doesn't mind being called either one, so I just call him Ratfink. Totally true. Very funny. Laugh now.

In the meantime, please keep voting!

I've had the Privilege of visiting the Cass County Courthouse for Involuntary med hearings. It wouldn't surprise me abut ANYthing in Cass County!

The Rez is wild up there, but the land is beautiful (if you can stand the swarms of Mosquitoes.)


Dave.Dinner's ready. You need to come inside, take off your lobster suit, wash your hands, and come to the table.

Doug, do you have anyone named "Zonker" in your family? But to the topic at hand... My first name is Richard, and I go by my middle name "Brad", as my Dad's name is Richard as well and my Mom didn't want two Dicks in the family. Haha.

I know there's a guy around named Joe Brockmeier who goes by "Zonker." I don't know him personally, but I'm willing to bet, with that last name, and nickname, he's almost positively related to me. I've emailed a bunch of various Brockmeiers, but none of them ever return my emails. There are, I'm told, about 200 of us in the U.S. and several thousand more in Germany, only about 10 of which I actually know. Float like a butterfly, get stung by a bee.

But no one asked hte important question: does the Loon Lake Band do weddings and bar mitzvahs?

Or 'the' as the case may be. That's funny, because 'the' is the word I typo the most, but it's almost always 'teh'

Correctingh typoes si a waste of time, I thinkgh. And saying so is an even bigger waste.

Yeah Jeff, I blow that one a lot too. What really throws me is when I'm typing in Word and all of a sudden it juggles teh letters!

Still working on "accepting" Word's little fill-out helpers. I think it takes me as much time to get thrown off my thought, realize it's offering to finish a word or phrase for me, and accept it rather than just typing in my usual mindless style. ;-)

Why did I write "Loon Lake" when I went back and checked the correct name before typing? You tell me. Of course it's Leech Lake, which gives a whole different feel. I'd expect the Leech Lake Band to do "The Monster Mash" in their repertoire.

Perhaps Doug, but in the "grand scheme of things", if it makes a person feel more comfortable with themselves, good enough, let alone that sometimes a typo does matter ;-)

Jeff, just figure it's something in the environment around here. Maybe a side-effect of the broken MOAT!

I'm confused with all the weird names.

And I'm annoyed by them. How am I supposed to concentrate on "Dragonball Z" with all you shockrockers whining at me?

"But no one asked hte important question: does the [Leech] Lake Band do weddings and bar mitzvahs?"

Since it is a acutally a "band" of native American people, I am guessing they do indeed do weddings, but it is unlikely that any bar (or bat) mitzvahs are performed at.

*The preceding message brought to you by The National Conservatory for Bashing Politically Correctness Into the Heads of Dave Barry bloglits (NCBPCIHDB)*

And, Bismuth, you may take your Political Correctness basher and go home. PC is evil.

Yeah, I didn't really intend for it to be a PC-type announcement, but as I read through what I had typed, I realized how innoffensive I had made it.

Dearest Bismuth,

If you think that this blog would ever be bashed into being politically correct, please consult the "Frozen Sperm" post somewhere in the past few days, and then read some of Dave's books.

I should say that "Bismuth" anagrams to "hit bums," because I don't want to get rusty, although I don't actually agree with bum hitting, unless you are Adrienne Lindsey. I think most of you can find several other amusing anagrams as well, if you really put your back into it. Or your bum. You know, whicever. I am functionally asleep as of now, so I unfortunately cannot take any responsibility for this post, or any post between the hours of 1 A.M. and 11 P.M. GERBIL LASAGNA OF THE 37th-AND-A-HALF CENTURY!

Gee, sometimes you feel like you have to append THAT WAS A JOKE to every blinking comment around here. Lighten up, people!

Doug: Gerbil Lasagna wbagnfarb. 4:46 AM???

I know someone named Richard Crapps. I swear I am not making this up.

I suppose the Leech Lake Band would do Weddings and politically correct Bar Mitzvahs, but the Bar tab might get kinda high...

In more ways than one, you shoulda seen the highs come outa that area -- some took three months to come offa...

Not PC, the EB.

When I said whicever, that was not a word. Sorry.

*Searching for excuse* My dog... farted! Yeah.

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