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May 14, 2004


Great Buddha Boogers!

(Thanks to Curtis Bond)


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Now we know how he got that big belly.

We need to have fun products with impact. "We're not making fun of Buddha, we just want to use our products to help people become more intimate with him."

Uh, I don't think I want to get that intimate, thanks.

Todaiji priests, however, are not amused. "Just because something sells doesn't mean we should sell it regardless."

That's not Capitalism!

Yeeessh...who are the marketing strategists for this stuff ?

Mur, you're just jealous you didn't think of it first.

Great! Just when you try to get your kid not to pick his nose and eat boogers - they now have a candy that encourages that behavior. Sheeesh!

Hey, maybe someone here'll market the same thing as "Lord's Loogies" or "Sweet Sacred Snots" (which wbagnfarb) or something...


Did you look at the picture? "They are hard little balls of black sugar."

Mmmmmmm. Black sugar!

Well, according to another recent post on this here blog, these should be really healthy for you.

Mmmmmmm, healthy boogers......

Psychocat, you're pretty close. I sent that in too, but with a slightly different name:

'Buddha snot' still selling

Japanese priests have scored only a partial victory in their attempts to stop a sweet being sold as 'Snot from the nose of the Great Buddha'.

They have managed to stop the name being registered as a trademark, says the Daily Telegraph.

But they have not managed to stop vendors selling the sweet to tourists who flock to the temple in the ancient capital of Nara, in western Japan.

The company that launched the sweet three years ago says that in the kind of recession Japan is currently facing, a product name needs to make a strong impact.

A spokesman said some employees had had reservations, so the ultra-polite 'sama' suffix had been added to Buddha in the product's Japanese name.

But the packaging still carries a picture of Buddha picking his nose.

Local media have suggested that the sweet is popular because people in western Japan have an earthy sense of humour, which other Japanese often find coarse.

Another famous Nara sweet is called 'Deer Droppings'.

Deer Droppings wbagnfarb, better than Buddha Snot anyway.

Great Googely Moogely!

Ya gotta love the Mainichi Daily News. Such journalism! Examples:

"Buddhist priests at Todaiji Temple in the ancient capital of Nara got snotty over the sweets"

"Officials from the company say tough times make it hard to be picky".

a haiku:

the children clamor
fathers shell out many yen
the great buddha sneezed

*A spokesman said some employees had had reservations, so the ultra-polite 'sama' suffix had been added to Buddha in the product's Japanese name*

That's MR.Buddha's boogers to YOU.

So what, master, is the true way to enlightenment?

You will find the treasure you seek up my venerable nose.

At least they're not selling lemonade and fudge.


EEEEWWWWW Lemonade and Fudge.

Let the blasphemy begin

wait, guess it already started

Do I dare point out that "Great Buddha Boogers" wbagnfarb? "Please Welcome...... GREAT BUDDHAAAAAAAA BOOOOOOOOOOOGERRRRRRRRSSSSSSS"

So why can't I buy a big can of 'Savior Snot' at Kwik Shop?

whatever happened to buddha, anyway? i mean, you know?

Buddha started up this grunge band in 90's! He then ascended. (The band name should be obvious...)

Saddest is that, throughout the entire fiasco, no one thought to ask my opinion.

Is it just me, or is the MOAT broke again?

Nope, it was just me.

Ok, me being schizo....the MOAT is not taking my comment.

And I have something to say, damnit!

Looks like Rita broke the MOAT this time


I wish I could squint like Eastwood. My ego gets in the way.

Here ya go, Rita. I'm washing mine down with a gin and tonic. May I mix you one as well?

I REALLY don't feel like lugging everything back out of the MOAT again... We need some roadies. Or Moties.

I'll take a double of whatever's handy! It's been a lousy week and I could use a stiff drink- virtual or real.

Takes a big sip of liquid happiness.......

Thanks Punky!!

Jill! Welcome to Alice's rabbit hole. :)
Rita: I live 10 miles from the border--I'll stock up on an assortment.
Looney, Punky, Rita, Graz, Leetie, Lily, Lee, Mud, Jill, Mur: Join me across the Rio for Margaritas & Fajitas this evening. It's on PunkyVison expense account. MeL, you too, after the game. We'll wait.

Great! Thanks Con.

My boss isn't in tonight, so I'll just shut the whole shebang down and get there ASAP.

I've got a soccer game to go to. But Con and Chris, if you haven't seen it, igwanna posted a link to a cute Marvin error message site. It is on the More Movie news thread, at the bottom.

Thank you, Lily! :)

Yep, I got it I think I said thanks somewhere, but who knows where now. So Thanks, again.

Punkyvision Party in Mexico! Alright, I'm there! Wish I had one of those darn skycars now!

Thanks for the invite, Con!!! Might take me awhile to get there... but I'm sure y'all will still be up!

Nice One, Bangi_Gurl! :-)

'Splains everything in a nutshell! ;-)

Where can I buy buddha snot candy? A group of twisted high school seniors in Western NY are dying to own one.

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