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May 17, 2004


Give it up for: Squid Boom


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These fishermen (squidermen?) better hope the giant squid hasn't learned to read yet. That'll be one ticked off giant squid.

"Southern Squid Jig" wbagbfarsong (okay, maybe more of a country-western tune).

So, if a squid can't find time to have a nice lunch, where does that leave the rest of us monkeys?
Darned, if you can't find 50 cents for a good cup of coffee when the clowns get on their bad side.

I couldn't help thinking about that "white beans, squid & broken noodles" recipe which was blogged a while back. Could a "squid boom" be the result of eating them with beans?

"...squid fishermen could only operate in favourable weather."

What, their re-set button doesn't work in unfavourable weather? Are the fishermen stacked up like cordwood on deck when the weather is less that favourable?

"Squid Boom" would be the stage name for the drummer in an all-ocean band. A squid would be a good drummer, what with eight arms AND two tentacles to whack drums with.

LoL, John. Check out Antonio Sanchez, drummer from Mexico for the Pat Metheny Group. They call him 'El Pulpo' (The Octopus). If you've ever seen him play live (check out the 'Speaking Of Now' DVD if interested), you'll know why.

It took me a minute to get this one. I couldn't imagine why boats from Australia went all the way to Oregon to catch squid. Or was it Maine? Anyway, penny dropped at last (off the urinal?) and I got it. Never mind, as Emily Litella would say.

Way too many words about way too little story...

We're finally striking back! We won't let the squid take over the world without a fight! Taking over the world is the blog girls' job!

They came to Portland from afar
Mostly by boat (some by car)
They caught heaps of squid
And made plenty of quid
Then retired to pull beers in Wee Waa

Forgot the link.

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