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May 18, 2004


We have some real issues with Canada.

(Thanks to Kent Bulmer)


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First they export arctic cold fronts... and now this? Someone, quick, wake up GWB and maybe we can use this as a pretext to invade another country!

I've done some "pizza dumping" myself during my lifetime, but I never had anyone impose duties on it.

On my 18th birthday I ate a large pizza and drank a bottle of MD 20/20 and .... oh you get the drift.

I was in Cleveland, which is near Canada.

Seems like fair payback for dumping Paul Anka & Celine Dion on an innocent US population.

Tell 'em we'll take back our pizzas if they take back Celine.

End of negotiations.

Hey, has anyone check out how they are pronouncing pizza? If they mispronouce it, I say we attack!

In an effort to stave off any potential violence between these two long-time allies, I recommend they work out a pizza for prescription drugs trade agreement. Both sides would win in this scenario, and the world would be a better place.

I will be hosting a summit at camp Jeno to bring these two nations to the bargaining table, and, God willing, we will stave off disaster.

J. Carter, Ph.D

Tell 'em to keep their fallen leaves during autumn, Jimmy. That's got to be part of the deal, too.

Self-Rising Pizza wbagnfarb

Mamma mia! . . . eh?

Please, please, PLEASE, don't return Celine. We don't want her. Why do you think we encouraged her to leave in the first place? Sucks for you that you got her, but.. at least she's not hanging out at our BBQs now.

I think we'd better be careful how we handle the pizza negotiations . . . the Canadians might start withholding their bacon from us, and then where will we be?

I think it's obvious they don't want our pizza because of the beer shortage up there. I mean, how can they eat pizza without a few cases to wash it down, eh?

Great, now I suppose y'all are going to call the pizza topping "Freedom Bacon", eh?

Well yeah, but did you note who's making the complaint? -- one of the McCain boys. Up here, you don't mess with the McCains. They are to frozen food what Halliburton is to oil in your country.

When a McCain says he's being hosed, the potato market is in danger of being mashed; fries fall and Tater Tots teeter. The McCains might seriously be thinking about invading Idaho if you folks don't do something about this. And we'd win!

Because canoes don't show up on on radar.

And wooden arrows don't set off airport metal detectors.

Don't mess with a McCain. This is your only warning.

Mike in Ottawa -- that'd be "Unexplored" on your maps.

To bring down American economy: send huge commerical airplanes to destroy major financial, military and political targets in cities across America.

To bring down Canadian economy: boycott Domino's.

Is anyone remembering the South Park movie where America goes to war with Canada? If censorship is a good enough excuse, you can battle over anything. ATTACK!!!

Pizza Dump wbagnfarb

Hey, you're getting Pamela Anderson, so hush.

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