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May 14, 2004


See if one of these folks can help you out.

(Thanks to Thad Humphries)


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Ow ow ow ow ow

*Rita, this is a page "dedicated to the beautiful art of contortion"...I guess I can see how that could be dirty...

Why is it, after looking at those pictures, images of a dirty old man go thru me mind. I need therapy.

So that's what "asshat" means!

What strikes me is what an easy convention the International Contortionists' Convention must be to arrange. Know why?

The attendees are so flexible.

It'd be fun to get mad at a contortionist. You could tell them to go f*** themselves ... and they would!

mudstuffin, you slay me. That one lady really is wearing her ass as a hat.

It is amazing how graceful Ruby was. Her hands and arms look like a figure skater or gymnast.

How does one go about becoming a contortionist? I mean, do you just one day find your baby in it's crib all twisted up, grinning a toothless smile at you? Do you get an Extreme Makeover and have half your bones removed?

Enquiring minds want to know.

You could NEVER get these people to a convention because the NEVER leave home.

Interview with a contortionist:

"When did you know that you were an absurdly freakish person with no skeletal integrity?"

"I'm just flexible. Anyone can do it if they stretch over time and are dedicated."

"Yeah right. Ya freak."


I'm going to say something I don't usually say on this blog. But for once, I really wish I could see these pictures. Any chance they're "improved" with Photoshop? From what you guys have described, this just sounds scary, but in an "I wanna see I wanna see!" kind of way.

Well, it's different...I'll give you that...

No Brad, you don't want to see it. Trust me. It's just... ick.

Good one, mudstuffin.

Nope, SMFTC, these pictures seem to be the real thing...Back when freak acts could share the stage with Frank Sinatra (I was looking at Ruby's photos...needless to say, it is a BORING day at work)...

Ok, so maybe I don't want to see this, but you have to understand it from my perspective. I can't even imagine what these kinds of things would look like. To see what I mean, try to describe one of those photos. If you can't put it into words, you have my dilemma.

Brad, think of it this way, it's pictures of people bent into positions that would injure a normal person. Just bend your spine until it hurts, then bend it twice as far, then picture that. Ow.

Wow, and my parents thought it was amazing when I could put my leg behind my head and keep it there. That was when I was about 4 though. Couldn't quite do it any more.

Freakish? Yeah, I can go there. But I find it really cool, strangely enough. Now, as to why you would do this? Got me. But at least they don't have that problem of trying to itch a spot on your back that just can't be reached. So maybe they see it as a gift.

Here's one...lie on your stomach, with your chin resting on the floor and your eyes looking out in front of you. Now lift your legs up, further, further, until your lower back is touching the top of your head and your knees are touching the floor just in front of your chin with your lower legs tucked under your arms. OUCH.

Did anyone click on the "Bendy Glossary" link on the left sidebar? Intriguing and disturbing at the same time. A lot like the movie "Meet the Feebles".

(I apologize before hand to anyone who sees this movie because of me. You will understand after you see it. Probably one of Peter Jackson's finest works)

Wow! And I thought the Kama Sutra had a lot of unusual positions! Just think about...Ok, you're obviously thinking of it now...

I checked out the Bendy Glossary and particularly liked this term:

adagio -- A balletic dance with lifts and balances, set to a leisurely pace, performed by a man and one or two women.


And here's the technical term for 'asshat:'

headseat -- An extreme backbend in which the top of the performer's head touches the buttocks; usually in a handstand or chest stand.

Cirque du Soleil is looking for these people!

We saw this done at Cirque du Soleil (motto :"The $70 a ticket circus!") and my husband said: "That is just NOT RIGHT.".

I agree.

OW ow ow!! I can't even do yoga for goshsakes!! I fear that the people who say these pics are legit are correct too.....

I'm still fairly limber, but my joints are whimpering just looking at this!

Gives a whole new meaning to "head up your ass."

Ever since, as a kid, I saw some guy at a carnival contort himself into a packing trunk, this sort of stuff really grosses me out. I flash back to seeing that dude pop out the limbs from every socket in his body to get into that trunk. Ewwwwwww.

These folks can reach places that I don't even HAVE places...

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