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May 18, 2004


mutton manMED.jpg

(Thanks to the fabulous Jeff Arch)


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I like it better when it's stretched.

Why is Dave posting the same picture twice?

Is it that funny?

Oh, and first.

Aaarghh. Bummer.

Aaarghh. Bummer.

Some men have it. Some men don't.

Wow..check out those sideburns.

Do you know the Mutton Man, the Mutton Man, the Mutton Man, who lives on Sideburn Lane...

Perhaps Dave is going for a place in the Guiness Book of World Records? Most Consecutive Days Wearing the Same Shirt?

geez, that took me half an hour. gahhhhhhhhh.

ohhh now the picture's big again...big...small...big..small...ahh well, websites are kind of crazy to upkeep (I know from experience)~ good job though Judi,and thanks~ I know it's not easy!

Miss C-as we all know, Dave makes a gazillion dollars an hour therefore we can assume he has enough money to buy as many of the same shirt as he so desires. :)

That isn't a crapweasel on Dave's face, is it?

Maybe Cruex will cure it?

MeL--in that case--Most Identical Shirts Owned?

Is that Dave Barry or one of The Monkees?

I have absolutely no comment on this.

Doesn't he ever change his shirt?

A most noble record to work towards I assure you Miss C. :)

Dave is a sexy guy. Nough said.

Dave, honestly you need to spank the monkey more often. It would be more productive than posing for pictures like this.

Then again, you have people like me looking at this stupid picture at 2:30 in the damned morning, so maybe you are more productive than I thought.



Oh, so THAT's what "Doublewide" refers to. ;-)

A few things:

I know it sounds offensive, even for me, and I know, Mel, I told you I was going to bed at 1:30 (I lied, believe it or not), but I live in a doublewide.

My frog Salvador is still up for sale, if anyone is interested. I know he hasn't been making very many appearances on this blog recently, but that's because he didn't go to college and has almost no typing skills.

The Guide to Guys poll is still open, and will be until Saturday evening, so please vote. I'm currently paying $3,000 per "Yes" vote. I can afford this because my frog, Salvador, is worth $9 million. His name is Salvador.

Forgot the link.

Doug, up early or to bed late? You're giving Punky a run-for-the-money on early posts.

Did you mention your frog's name is Salvador?

Yes, Salvador is my frog Salvador's name, for anyone who might have missed it.

As for sleep, usually, I try not to.

What is Dave l@@king at? Not a mirror, surely? Is there someone outside the frame with even larger muttons?

Folks, that isn't Dave. It's his wax replica at Madame Tussaud's. Check out the glazed eyes, the fixed look, the same damn shirt. Dave has made the big time!

Just what in the heck kind of movie IS this?

Cha Cha Cha Chia!

Of COURSE he's in the same shirt! You're talking about movie continuity here. If his wardrobe isn't consistent, the film could well make no sense!

I had read the guide to guys a gazillion times, but never found muttons. Yet, I would not be surprised if the canoe jumpers had them...

Also, methinks Dave can no longer brag about his youthfulness. That looks like grey, and serves him right, since I've had it since 18 ;P

Nice look! Sorta Englebert Humperdink circa 1971?

Where were those x's when we needed them yesterday for the Visigoth pic?

Where were those x's when we needed them yesterday for the Visigoth pic?

Gawd I wish I could grow chops like that! And Dave grew them so quickly. Amazing.

You guys who keep looking to the book to figure out these pix are wasting your time.

The g2g website makes clear: The book has no characters and no plot. Jeff Arch wrote a screenplay inspired by the book. He wrote the screenplay for Sleepless in Seattle, too. So THIS IS BIG TIME HOLLYWOOD!!!

I can't frickin wait. Can we start lining up at some movie theater like those deranged Star Wars and Lord of the Rings fans?

But then we ourselves might be considered deranged.

My, my, my, what a sexy beast. :eek:

I always wondered what happened to my high school sideburns. Kewl.

Be careful, there, Dave. A little fake facial hair here, a little fake facial hair there, pretty soon you look like those visigoths.


Salvador definitely wins for Most Amazingly Awesome Amphibian Name. (Not that I keep track or anything...heh.)

Thank you so much for the morning laugh.....i just love those old photgraphs......this is an old one isn't it Dave?

Thank you so much for the morning laugh.....i just love those old photgraphs......this is an old one isn't it Dave?

Thank you for the morning laugh....i just love old photographs....this is an old one isn't it Dave? Or are those movie side burns?

Considering that morality is undefined, and that most of my actions as a human being are lie-based, telling you I was going to bed when I had no intention to was actually amoral, neither good nor bad, and if you understood that my motive for telling you that was to keep you from worrying about me staying up all night, you might even consider it a highly moral act. So I actually had a very good reason, Mel, you see? It's very logical, when you think about it.

If we line up for the movie, won't we have to dress up? And can you just imagine the bad costumes inspired by Dave's books and columns? And, quick, somebody shout dibs on kikkoman!

"Show Me! Show You!..."

Doug, we shouldn't try thinking, it's unblog-like.

You have a large head.

Uh Garret, wasn't Sleepless in Seattle written by Nora Ephron? Just asking. Let me check.

Ah yes: Jeff Arch wrote the original story.

Filmography as: Writer, Director, Producer

Writer - filmography

Sealed with a Kiss (1999) (TV) (written by)
... aka First Comes Love (1999) (TV) (UK)
Iron Will (1994) (written by)
Sleepless in Seattle (1993) (screenplay) (story)

Filmography as: Writer, Director, Producer
Director - filmography

Complete Guide to Guys (2005)

Filmography as: Writer, Director, Producer

Producer - filmography

Sealed with a Kiss (1999) (TV) (producer)
... aka First Comes Love (1999) (TV) (UK)

Doug, we shouldn't try thinking, it's unblog-like.

You're just lucky I think you're adorable.

Thang kew, thang kew vury much.

Dah dum daah! Dah dum daa!

If Dave threw on a pair of shades he'd look like he was filming he re-make of Easy Rider.

This is just amazing: "Un-bloglike" anagrams to "boulle king."

This movie skips right along doesn't it. Visigoths to pork chops in one day.

If we line up for the movie, won't we have to dress up? And can you just imagine the bad costumes inspired by Dave's books and columns? And, quick, somebody shout dibs on kikkoman!

"Show Me! Show You!..."

unblog-like also = "goblin Luke" "be kill gun" and "nob-like lug"....yeah...I'm totally bored...ahhh End-of-Semester...nothing left to do except "study" for exams (like I'm doing now, see?)

I'm going out on a limb here, but:

1. Isn't Dave making a movie?
2. Don't movies have Premieres?
3. Shouldn't loyal blogittes like ourselve be automatically invited?

4. Am I going too far with this?

Kibby: Invited or not, I think we should all show up at the local premiere of this blockbuster (and it might go straight to video, for all we know so, yeah, literally "Blockbuster"), and I think we all know how to outfit ourselves in order to signal our super-fan status (visigoths, mutton chops, Hawaiian shirts).

See you on the Red Carpet. I'll be the third visigoth from the left.

Lairbo, thanks for the post. It was a full 30 mins. between ours and I'd thought this one was dead and everyone had moved onto others.

I feel this is an important occassion in Dave's life and could propel him, dare I say, (dare, dare) to The Presidency!

And we should be there to follow on his coat tails.....

Dave, in all sincerity, all I can say is...GAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!

No whining rita. If we all ask nicely I'm sure Dave (and Judi) will come though for us.

If not.


have a nice day......

Think we need to get a campaign going to feed the "Blog does Dave's Premiere" effort. Who's in?


Ya got my vote.

But, exactly what are you referring to when you say" Blog does Dave"?

I'm not touching the "Blog Does Dave" line with a 10-foot muttonchop sideburn.

Count me in for the premiere party, though. Maybe we could get Vanity Fair to throw an "after-party" like they do for the Oscars.

Whether he knows it or not, Neil Young is definitely in the club when it comes to appropriate attire. Should we invite him, special, or just assume he'll show up when a bunch of mutton-chop sprouting, Hawaiian shirt-wearing visigoth wannabes show up at a mall movie theater parking lot?


I know that movie continuity is important, but this was the wrong kind of shirt to pick for that. If you look at his right (your left) shoulder in so many of the picks, you'll notice the little fish, clam, whatever isn't always in the same place.

I mean, sure wardrobe gal bought many of the same shirt as some UNDA DA SEEE warehouse, but the sewers of shirts don't care where the little fishes end up in the fabric. And I doubt Dave's own wardrobe servant (see he's the huuge star now) would care enough to sew them all the same way.

There, i've said my piece, and feel like today is finally productive.
So I don't he reeks by this point in the movie making, is my point. I still respect him.

But where will the premiere be? In Hollywood? New York? Miami? Or (dare I say it) American Airlines flight 101? Wherever it is, some of us will be there, making total fools of ourselves. I'm going out looking for giant squid costumes this afternoon.

Dave's movie premiere? I'm there! Assuming I'm in the country, of course...

I think if Dave looked like that when standing in line, he'd get to the front post-haste!

Jeff Meyerson: making a total fool of myself?

Shoot, I was created that way.

Dave. Just a side comment. I have been reading and following your work for years.But, this pciture made me realize the following. Thank God that you are a man, because you would make one really ugly woman.

Um, they could have done a little better job matching the chops to your hair color (there is a definite color line. I mean, heck, if they can afford to give you that big exclusive trailer and shade-providing eunuchs, I don't see why they couldn't have sprung a little more for some really good, naturally-matched hair dye.)

Anyway, I still like that shirt alot, but after seeing it, like, 4 or 5 times, I'm starting to like it a little less.

I think Dave should wear that shirt during his upcoming tour with the Rock Bottom Remainders, then donate it to the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.

Ay chihuahua...Something tells me that Sidekick meets an untimely demise in the movie, because it looks like he ended up on Dave's face!

Just one question...where's the accompanying nose hair? That picture was just begging for some. Sorry, Dave...well, maybe not. ;)

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