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May 17, 2004


Now officials in Hancock County (yes, Hancock County) want to take away our precious constitutional right to sell porn via CB radio.

(Thanks to Garret Wood)

p.s. Yes, this story is, in fact, datelined "Mount Comfort."


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Psst, hey buddy! Wanna buy some porn out of my truck next to the truckstop!?!

Is it just me, or is this a great country, or what!

Of course, he only selld to adults reached by CB. Those elementary school kids with CB's have to shoplift their porn from the other side of the tailgate.

CB Radio . . . the next big idea for the global economy.

That should be "sells."

By the way, Dave, isn't 8:20 on a Monday a bit early for porn discussions on this blog?

Punky's not awake yet, and will be sad she missed it.

"Wood". He he

"He then parks his red Chevy pickup along a dead-end road"

If you can't sell Pron along a dead-end road, then by Jebus where can you. I mean even if your anti-pron, can't you see the symbolism here, selling pron along a dead-end road. Also, I think this has the makings of a good country song.

Key Quote:

"When truckers drive 11 hours, they have to rest for 10 hours (by federal regulation)," he said. "Let's give them something to do to kill time."

Of course it makes me wonder what they are supposed to do with the other 9 hours and 55 minutes?

> Yes, this story is, in fact, datelined "Mount Comfort."

Even funnier is the fact that this is in "Hancock" county!

Oops... I really should read the original text more carefully. Dave already pointed this out. I need more coffee...

I'll stop posting now.

Whoa Jeff, Punky posted at 7:39 this morning on yesterdays "Elderly Meds" blog. She didn't wait until anything got posted this morning.

I'm guessing she was still up from the night before.

If not, then she must be a much more responsible person than I ever suspected. It takes real dedication to be at work and surfing before 8:00 am.

I bow down to her punkyness.

Wow, I used to live in that county. This is probably the most excitement they have had since a kid I sort of knew called in a bomb threat to the school from the phone outside the school office. In the county seat ( Greenfield) highschoolers hangout at the self service carwash. God only knows why. Boredom city, except for the occasional arson.

"Boredom city, except for the occasional arson." Nemo, I guess that says it all.

But if they got those handy-dandy video screens installed in their trucks they'd be able to drive and watch at the same time, and being so high up they'd be less likely to attract gawkers or troopers, until they run into the divider of course. There was an article in the Sunday newspaper yesterday about a guy offering to "pimp up your ride" (wasn't that a Christian Slater movie?) who could probably help out here.

Hey, the guy's grammar might not be the best Mr. Grammar Person, but he was smart enough to pick Mount Comfort Road as the spot to sell his wares.

Bangi- yes, the 1st Amendment does protect the porn industry, God help us. Supreme Court decisions and all that.

But it's further regulated by individual states and counties and so forth.

But Jeff, then you'd have a legit public safety issue - not having hands at 10-2 and all that...

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