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May 13, 2004


Only four kegs per household? What kind of party is that?

(Thanks to Harry Poulter)


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1st? and four is NOT enough

No limit on the amount of cheese you can eat. Cardiologists everywhere applaud this decision.

I love my school. And nobody stuck to the 4 keg limit. I heard someone got 51 just to break their previous year's record of 50.

Hey, miraidebbie, I'm here in Madison, too!

We should tell the non-Madisonians about how some of the package stores here were giving away barbecue grills to people who bought 6 or more kegs for the block party; I think if you bought 12 or more, you got a free ambulance.

Now, I've treated my friends to a few kegs in the past, and I've had some very successful parties. But (and I hope it doesn't sound too cheap because I am a quite generous person), too personally pay for more than four kegs at a random block party while in college seems a little extreme (public school tuition or not).


"But police said what sounds like a lot of beer is much less than what has been available in the past."

"Hudson, a 25-year-old senior, said a reasonable cap would have been 'at least 10.'"

Brilliant. I especially like the cops having to explain that four kegs is actually a very strict limit.

"A lot of our normal barbecues — we'll have more than four kegs just for our friends,"


Oh. (when I was skimming through the article I thought it said "just for four friends")



did you offer to name the bear . . . which I think would be much more fun than trying to name someone's car.

Never mind . . . a day late.

The report says that the party "...draws thousands of drunken revelers...".

So, if they're already drunk when they show up, what good will watering down the beer do?

No good can come from this.

I can remember some "all-you-can drink" beer blasts at college.

Except for the "remember" part.

Thanks for the hug, Bangi.

Thanks to this blog, bears always remind me of pepper spray, air horns, and flares.

Be forwarned about the bears though

I think an "ungodly number of pitchers" sounds just right for any party I attend.

Do they have a limit on Tuna too? After Hurricane Andrew we had a block party and grilled roughly 300 lbs of tuna steaks that were donated.

"Hudson, a 25-year-old senior, said a reasonable cap would have been "at least 10."

A 25 year old senior? This guy is doing SOMETHING RIGHT...why didn't I think of that?

how do you spell in german?
--ziggy zahggy just doesn't look right.

Are UFOs, Lemurs, Dinosaurs,Pan-Galactic Gargle Blasters, Midgets, Alex's Mom, Antifreeze Pudding, MOATS, Staplers, Cheech Marin, Tuna, and Graz coming out of the closet allowed at parties in Wisconsin?

I tried to steal a half keg from the local beer store when I was in college. I made it halfway down the block before the store owner spotted me and yelled. I had to ditch the keg and run. A few more waddling feet and I would have made it around the corner. What a heist that would have been!

When kegs are outlawed...

Elle, I love you!

Yay, Cal Drinking Song!

I should, of course, mention that I was raised in a complete no-alcohol zone, but that we sang this song on all road trips (father went to Berkeley).

Yes, we belted out that song with glee, having no idea what "kegs" or "fifths" were. In fact, I think I was about 6 or 7 when I figured out that it was the CAL Drinking Song, not the COW Drinking Song. Before that, I was under the impression that it had something to do with milk.

Ah, good times.

"Hudson, a 25-year-old senior, said a reasonable cap would have been "at least 10."

He also said, "Shit, seven years of college down the drain."


"They took the bar! The WHOLE F*CKIN' BAR!"

I've always heard Madison was a fun place to go to school.

Hey Brian, how about "Madison" for your car's name? Remember SPLASH?

WARNING: Do not try to have an unlicensed tavern out on your front lawn. If there's money to be made from selling drugs, the gov't wants in!
Also, Hooray for Fountains of Wayne ("Stacy's Mom" esp).
Thanks for the hug, Bangi.
Don't start doubting yourself, Punky, you've definitely Got It (always have, always will).

I don't want to start threadjacking everywhere I go, but I do remember Splash. Back when Darryl Hannah was still hot.

One time in college
Way back in the good old days
I did a keg stand

Brian - Darryl was not exactly unhot in Kill Bill 2. Just sayin....


What the hell did I miss?

Wait one sec, here. I have never been in a closet to come out of. Well, except that time with that little vixen named Kim when I was in 8th grade, but I won't go into that now.

And , Punky, you definitely make me glad to be hetero.
You still have it without a doubt;-{)

Oh, I see how that mistake was made.

I wasn't in a closet, I was hiding behind a lace curtain so Alex's mom wouldn't catch me........well, you know....

One time in college
the land of sky blue water
keg in the refrig

Note the nature reference in the second line. This is a requirement of a haiku. There's a Hamms reference there as well.

4 keg limit's wrong
for drinking 'til you are DONE
10 kegs are enough?

To quote the late great Sen. John Blutarsky: "My advice to you is to start drinkly heavily."

Let's get the party started.

I could easily do without a keg. I hate beer. However, I can tear me up some margaritas, everclear and vanilla coke, or jack and coke. Mmmm.

Oh, thanks, dj. I was wondering if someone knew something about me that I didn't realize yet. Hell, romance confuses me enough as it is. I don't need to be confused about my orientation to boot.

Thanks, Punky. I thought that I left them there.

I was wondering why my socks were getting dirty.

Is it just me or is the confusion around here sometimes really brilliant?! :-)

Erotic Confusion wbagnfarb!

Lee, Glad you're feeling better, I'm getting there.

Erotic Confusion would also be a good name for a *strike* *strike* *strike* (OOPS!:-) Sometimes I do get too involved in the virtual businesses ;-)

Refrig kinds of reminds me of a swear word.

Refrig kind of reminds me of a swear word, that is.

which one, doug: defrag? ;)

Hey! How come I can't read people's minds or see the future! Not, not fair.

I met a couple of Australians who could chug a beer while standing on their heads.

Australians, AC/DC, dwarf throwing, what a bunch.

Here's where science comes in - didn't see any reference to the SIZE of the kegs. So, you could have 4 kegs, each the size of a winnebago, and it's all good, right?

WHOA WHOA WHOA did anybody catch the evil spam? Kill it, judi, kill it dead!

MKJ: Were the Australians standing on their own heads, or on each others'? Though both would require certain skills...

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