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May 15, 2004


Cell-phone rage in Fargo.

(Thanks to Chris Miller and Iris Wei)


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No one should be up this early. Especially those of you who are Pulitzer Prize winning journalists. Go back to sleep would ya?

Really....it was only a matter of time before this happened.....good thing he didn't open his briefcase and let them see his gun on "accident"...

Dave, are you sure that Fargo wasn't your last port of call?

Charm, now that's more like it.

I think inevitably we'll see Cell Phone Rage as the name of a rock band.

"I kind of regret that I did it, but I hope my message got across." I think he should opt for a jury trial. No way would they convict.

I like the way he planned ONLY to yell at employees. Perhaps there was a slight flaw in his plan?

Or he's the Hulk. Don't make him angry. You wouldn't like him when he's angry.

And having suffered an afternoon at a retail cell phone store, I feel for this man. I'm with you, Jeff. If I'm on that jury, he's not guilty.

Do you know that HulkHogan.com isn't about Hulk Hogan? Well, I suppose DougBrockmeier.com isn't about Doug Brockmeier, either, is it. (It's not.)

I was just getting ready to send this in. Darn. Someone beat me to it.

But no one has mentioned yet the fact that he stopped to put on SAFETY GLASSES before he started hurling things around the store. And then he says he only went in there planning to yell at them. Uh-huh. And I suppose you carry your chemistry goggles with you all the time? ;)

Safety glasses were a good idea. After all, he was throwing potential hand grenades! Remember the guy that got shards in his eyes when his phone exploded?

Those folks in Fargo are crazy!

Marge Gunderson: And I guess that was your accomplice in the woodchipper.

But Kari, I don't understand. It's the same story, isn't it? I'm so confused. Maybe I should tell you about Starbucks. Never mind.

Punky: For you, a favorite quote:

Marge Gunderson: OK, so we got a trooper pulls someone over, we got a shooting, these folks drive by, there's a high-speed pursuit, ends here and then this execution-type deal.

Wouldn't it have been great if Marge handled the phone-throwing caper? When the cop on the scene told her his take, she would have said:

Marge Gunderson: I'm not sure I agree with you a hundred percent on your police work, there, Lou.

**Darn** If I'd gone to Jamestown State Hospital, I coulda met this guy. Probably meth intox case... they never COUNT on doing something nuts, but they always DO.

Good luck for Jason -- they are opening a Meth treatment facility in Rugby, ND, the Geograhical center of North America.

I thought the one Dave had linked to was a little shorter, and notably missing the part about the safety glasses, but maybe I was hallucinating. Heh.

Kari, just checked. Dave's version said:

"Police said Perala took off his shirt and put on safety glasses before throwing around computers, phones and other items."

It's like me and Starbucks, or maybe MeL is just Gaslighting both of us.

Lol, I yell at that darn commercial everytime I see It. I invite the guy saying can you hear me now to come to my house and try, just try to carry on a ten minute phone conversation.

If I was in Fargo I would have probably joined in on the phone tossing fun. When you promise what you cannot deliver expect people to get a little crazy.

Well, Jason's story would have sounded ridiculous had he said, "I planned on total store upheaval, throwing phones and computer, but instead, I just yelled at them."

Well, Jason's story would have sounded ridiculous had he said, "I planned on total store upheaval, throwing phones and computer, but instead, I just yelled at them."

*can you hear me echo now?*

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