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May 12, 2004




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Man, am I glad I didn't click on that at work. That could get me fired.

Be nice, Lily.

Oh and first!

I was nice. I can't be oggling pictures of Male Models and Movie Stars while I'm working. I would never get anything done.

Dave, that's sure a BIG picture.


They turned Dave into a caterpiller....!


Is it just me, or does that tag say "High Energy Shorts?"

And wouldn't that be a great name for a rock and roll band?

nice nose hairs. (made 'ya look)

That's "High Energy SPORTS."

HA. That has made my day.

you look like a big penis.

Now, if that's not top-notch Presidential material, I don't know what is.

I'm glad some people are able to spend their day being productive and all ... AND wear '80s shades at the same time ...

Now I am even happier that I have tickets to see Dave in person on June 2.

Dave I will be front row balcony, seat 20A.(Great seat BTW, I had the same one for Phantom of the Opera. You can see much better there than from the floor.)Look for a tall, very attractive Brunette with long hair. If you look up there I'll wave.

i made him smaller. perhaps the quality has suffered (i don't have great image software here) but at least we can see it without scrolling sideways. yes?

You look like you're ready to receive 25 roman candles hurled at your chest.

But I really like the Hawaiin shirt!!

Are you filming this movie in Florida?

Judi, you made Dave smaller? I sure hope you asked permission before doing that. Can you imagine if for some reason the quality has suffered? I'd hate to see what the Great Humorous One has to say about that.

I'm wondering if that gray thing he's wearing says "Passenger" or "Messenger" as in "don't shoot the..."?

Thanks for fixing the MOAT judi! :-) As well as cutting Dave down to size! ;-)

>>you look like a big penis.

Katherine. Spelled backwards it's 'sinep' which in arkansas may mean 'cameltoe'.

ya done just fine, judi.

Shouldn't that read "S.S. Swinger"?

Oh behave.

This movie is gonna rule!!!

Yay, Lily got first. Now get my freakin arm out from under your desk chair!

I'm all for anyone who can wear hawaiin prints like Dave does.

So what's with the Chinese peppers?
You look great, Dave, but don't let those Hollywood cheese scumsuckers corrupt your integrity. Remember, you can only spend what you don't make.

*hands Garret his arm back*

Sorry. I forgot I had it. You need a stapler for that? I have one I'm not using right now.

It's cool how you and Dave have matching Hawaiian shirts though.

This looks suspiciously like evil-doers plan to launch Dave from something, like a catapult. Why else the crash helmet? BE CAREFUL OUT THERE, DAVE!

Be still, my beating heart!!!!!


it takes a REAL man to wear that outfit and post a pic of it.

or is that a real guy?

Actually, it looks like an alien lobster-thingie named "Ssenger" has its arms around Dave's neck and is, uh, doing something to him. If you know what I mean.

I quite admire Dave for being so stoic in the midst of such an immense alien violation.


Dave, are you sure you're not making THIS up?

Dave, A REAL man would pose wearing nothing but his snorkel.

It looks like Dave is being swallowed by a giant insect of some kind who has already gotten past his legs. But Dave looks like he's feeling no pain, and the dark glasses confirm that there was probably Tequila and/or a case of beer involved. Anyway, he definitely looks like he's ready to ride the wok down the escalator or, as Mmd33 pointed out, have a pal (me first!) shoot 25 roman candles at his chest.

Can't wait for this movie!

Lmd33; sorry

Oh and in the interest of being clear, which one of my posts here was not, besides this one.

The tall attractive brunette is my sister-in-law. I'll be sitting next to her.

I'm 5'2'. Not at all tall. I do have long hair though. Not that you will notice. She is really pretty.

This is disturbing.

If I'm not mistaken, this looks like a hang-gliding harness (like being dragged behing a boat). Is this the before or after?

You'll have to go to the movie to find out.

What, no teasers?

Have no fear, Assenger Man is here!

Oh my God! Dave remarked on my post? *Bowing* I'm not worthy, I'm not worthy, I'm not worthy!

///I'm can die happy now. I made the Blog trifecta this week: I got a "first", a post citation (under my "real name", see 'AN EXTRA-SPECIAL DAY FOR MOM') and a response from the Blogmeister himself! Thank you everyone, it's been nice, goodbye!!


Director: "Mr. Barry, all we need you to do is jump in the water and climb back out."

Dave: "Do you have any idea how deep that water is? I'm not getting in without a full body life jacket!"

Director: "All right, all right. A full body life jacket. Can we shoot the scene now?"

Dave: "And a helmet. I need a helmet. I might hit my head on the dock and get a nasty bump."

Director: "Okay. A full body life jacket and a helmet. Can we shoot the scene now?"

Dave: "And some sunglasses. It's very bright out here. I could burn my retina, you know?"

Director: "Okay! A full body life jacket, a helmet, and sunglasses. Now can we shoot the ... what? We lost the light? Okay everyone, that's a wrap. We'll pick this up again tomorrow."

Judi's movie will be entitled; "Honey, I Shrunk the Blogmeister."

Dave models the prototype for airline corpse containment devices.

Funny ish, yo.

I have reason to believe that Jimmy Kimmel steals his material from Dave's blog because well...he just talked about the Mexican Air Force and UFO's and most of what he said seemed eerily a lot like several of the comments left...hmmm

This is what you look like just before you are discovered by the Queer Eye For The Straight Guy team.

- Boxers or briefs?

have been lurking for a while, but after seeing this i felt like i just had to say something... but my mind went blank. utterly. but i did have a question: do Weebles wobble and not fall down? it seems you should know the answer.

Weebles do wobble and don't fall down. I have seen this phenomenon with my own eyes!!! The question is, why? If we can harness this Weeble technology, we can make the world a bettter place! For instance we can make our buildings earthquake proof. Buildings wobble but they don't fall down thanke to the New Weeble Technology! The possibilities are endless.

Only a Real Guy could stand in a fully insulated/inflated SSENGER suit without a hint of perspiration. Whattahunk!

BIG Dave Barry fan, here. So don't get me wrong.

But is anyone else getting the teensy-weensiest bit tired of seeing this picture.

(Psst. Hey Judi! Can you keep making it smaller and smaller?)

I'm speechless.

Maybe you should hold a contest; about the greatest guy, or something like that.
The winner could get that giant bib you're wearing, Dave.

i'm not tired of seeing it. indeed, i can't look away. i am trying to enlarge it for transfer to my pillowcase. and maybe print it smaller to affix to the pack of Trojans nearby. so many, many possibilities!

In keeping with the don't shoot the messenger idea, I've decided that it is a full body kevlar vest and that Dave is indeed, doing his own stunts.

I liked the thought that it was a giant lead bullet-proof bib better.
All the more protection from the lobster mutants.

Is Henry (Ki)ssenger involved in this movie? Is he really a guy in any accepted guy sense?

it could have said "messenger", but Dave wasn't quite tall enough.

or more appropriately: pASSenger

maybe they put those on the bodies they put into the little cupboard by the airplane exit

A note from The Department of Pontification.
Hey Dave, thanks for the pictures of your early summer vacation.  Over
here in Pontificating, we were wondering the following.  Given that:

1)  Dave is in the humor business.
2)  Dave's garb includes a helmet.

Therefore, are we to suppose:

a)  Humor is a full contact sport.
ii)  Dave's lobster dress causes seizures.
3)  Some weird form of alien abduction.  Which,
given the look of his smirk, may lead us to include anal probing in his abduction.
IV)  He's the new spokesmodel for Red Lobster. 
Their new campaign -- "All you can eat middle aged white dude".

Inquiring minds want to know.
Chaz Stevens
Deerfield Beach, Florida

I am not. Now just go on about your commenting.

I think you have all missed the mark on the printing. I believe that what we are seeing is a mirror image of the actual title "REGNESS", as in "Good morning, your REGNESS, your limo is waiting". Guess we'll have to see the movie to know what it means.

I looked again and it hit me. It stands for Real Guy
Ness. Dave is certainly the epitome!

I'm sticking with PASSENGER.
Maybe they threw him overboard or something.
Maybe out of a small aircraft, that would explain the helmet to a small degree.

Hey Dave, is this photo from the scene with Sidekick, and is he in there with you somewhere??

I like it. Thanks for sharing your crowning glory with us Dave.

You have the part of Super Dave?!? That's a big thumbs up!

Now why did we not get to see the after photo of this before and after sequence?

Hey, they got Ritalin.

Did I miss something? Why is there a list of drugs in this thread? Is DB supposed to take one or all of these to cure him of symptoms evidenced in the picture or something?

Oh, I get it. (duh!)

Let's all get togther and pommel Buy Drugs online's zorts.

MKJ: Pommel Zorts wbagnfarb (from another planet). Buy Drugs Online could be their first album.

Wow, I WAS looking for a sugar daddy, but after vieweing that picture I think I'll look no further.

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