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May 13, 2004


But this one probably should have gotten it right.

(Thanks to Michael Wilson)


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You may not believe in irony,

but irony believes in you

Here's your sign.

What's missing from this picture?

"I" and "right"

(answering self)


OH, that Kayherine Harris, thanks for the picture, I remember that asshat now, that's Lady Chad herself. She probably forgot what here name was.

"I don't photograph so well, either."

Harris, now a member of Congress, said Friday. "It's a mistake. I regret it."

So do we, Katherine. More than you will ever know.

(Actually I think that's one of the better pictures of her . . . shudder)

Thank you Lord I don't live in Florida!

Hmmm. Do I detect a note of creaping liberalism here?

Lee: try to ignore it. Don't make eye contact.

Ms. Harris is living proof that the Peter Principle got it wrong - some people can rise well above their level of incompetence.

Lee: you don't have to be a liberal to make fun of Florida, Katherine Harris or hanging chads. Plenty of conservatives did not get their absentee ballots counted.

I heard this discussed on the radio today, for like 15-20 minutes.

She simply forgot to sign a form. As if she doesn't have a bazillion other forms to sign day in and day out in her occupation. Unfortunately, this form turned out to be a ballot, so all the snide liberal crapweasels gleefully jump on a story like this and milk it to no end. Yeah, that's a big story that's worth 20-minute banter by a couple of radio chuckleheads. Much bigger than all those other little things, like, oh you know, terrorism and stuff.

If you didn't like the last picture I'm sure you can find a better one in here

Now wait a minute here. I thought that we had private ballots in the US. Does voting absentee cancel your right to privacy?

How can you have a private ballot if you have to sign it?

What does our presidential contender have to say about this?

We're looking, punky! Learing even... Hey, what happened to those coconuts?

Gregg, you must be kidding. Please tell me you're kidding. "She simply forgot to sign a form. As if she doesn't have a bazillion other forms to sign day in and day out in her occupation." When you go to vote don't you have to sign the book? If you vote by absentee ballot you have to fill it out, sign it, put it in the envelope, etc. Probably Ms. Harris just had one of her flunkies do it for her. But don't excuse it as the fault of the liberals. Yes, I agree, it's a silly two minute story, but considering who she is, what do you expect? After all, she helped get her lover's brother into the White House.

Hanging Chad wbagnfarb, by the way, or a western, but not a car.

Anyway, we'd much rather look at Punky -- with or without her shirt -- than KH.

come on, gregg, if it were anyone else but a conservative, you'd be laughing too. and considering the fiasco that voting here in florida has become, isn't it better to laugh than cry?

Stupid people run the government. And that's not limited to the last four years or the eight years before that. Doesn't matter who's running, all the candidates will be stupid to some extent.

BMX3, judi, et al. Too true, I'm sure there's a standup comedian somewhere who's entire routine is only about Florida voting. There just that much material...

Nope, wrong, Judi. Simple mistakes are simple mistakes, whether it happens to a conservative or liberal.

The difference is that liberals tend to jump on this type of thing like wolves licking their chops for an easy kill. And it's not just that it's humorously ironic, which I would agree with. No, they make it into a much BIGGER thing, with insults like "asshat" and slurs as to her intelligence, as evidenced simply by the posts here.

I can virtually guarantee you that if the same thing happened to a liberal, it wouldn't even BE a story. You would have nothing to even blog or link to.

And Jeff, no, I'm not kidding. She forgot to sign the bottom of it. End of (small) story. Everyone makes that type of mistake once in a while. I'm not a big Katherine Harris fan, but come on. I'll make the same comment to you: Please tell me that YOU are kidding, because your post is a bunch of pathetic biased B.S.

I don't wish to turn this into a political flamewar -- but some of the comments here, and what I heard on the radio, were just over the top considering that this boils down to just a silly little ironic anecdote.

It was a mistake. I regret it. I really really do.

Gregg, I agree the 'Angry Left' is way too vocal these days. And way too touchy. The only reason this was news is that it is a little ironic. Ha, Ha. Ok, next topic.

In the book "Stupid White Men" Michael Moore named Katherine Harris an "Honorary Stupid White Man". I think that she is overqualified for the title.

I'm not trying to start anything, but I just gotta ask...

Aren't most opinions biased?

Just asking..

Sweet MeL, in my opinion, all opinions are biased, all the way from Hell through Heaven. The real consideration then is standing by them, deferring honorably should one change, and a dynamic understanding throughout our lives.

If "stasis" results, so be it. Saul / Paul flip-flopping too. Or any other adjustments in betwixt and between.

I'm sure most of you who read this can see the one flaw that is there. But a phrase I learned at my first job, "consider the source", is a good application for even the seriousness that appears on The Blog. Subjectively said, of course! ;-)


Some advice. Quit listening to talk radio.

A guy (won't characterize him beyond that other than to call him a blowhard) on the radio here named Bob Grant criticized Mrs. Kerry for supposedly having a big butt. Whether she does or not I couldn't tell you (or care less). Even Republicans said he was a moron for saying it, especially coming from (as it was quoted) "a guy with hair plugs."

The point is, people have been listening to Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity and the like for years, and worse, believing what they say. When the new "liberal" radio (Al Franken, et al.) went on recently only a fool would have expected it to be any different, only from the other side -- name calling and the like. And, apparently (you couldn't pay me to listen to EITHER side), it is exactly the same.

You may believe what you said ("The difference is that liberals tend to jump on this type of thing like wolves licking their chops for an easy kill.") Well believe me, BOTH SIDES ARE THE SAME.

As for the "pathetic biased B.S." I don't see it, but then you're entitled to your opinion.

The one thing I've learned over the years is that Woody Allen was right (and who should know better than he?): most politicians are like a notch below child molesters. Not literally, let me hasten to add, but morally they are what I most abhor in this life, hypocrites.

When the Democrats were in office, Republicans held up all judicial appointments because they didn't like the choices: too liberal. Now the shoe is on the other foot and the Democrats are holding up Republican judges: thh conservative (or whatever). So we have Orrin Hatch crying crocodile tears about bringing governemt to a halt etc. when he did EXACTLY the same for 8 years. I call that hypocrisy. And that is on both sides.

Enough. You're bringing me down and I want to get back to the party. Just remember, in politics there is NO morally superior side.


"Opinion" implies a thought-out belief or judgment. (The logical thought process may contain flaws and ILlogic, but this is the definition.) "Bias" most often implies an UNreasoned personal judgment or temperament. The two words are not directly synonymous.

Hey. I'm back for a while. Has anyone ever heard of a game called BMTron? It's really addicting. I forget the url, but if you look it up on Google it's there. Bye now!

Irony. I believe in irony. In fact, I think I will go to my gym and pump some irony.

I know what irony is, but I never know when it happens. Wether it's oxymoronish or this other word that I can't remember. Maybe I should get my brain checked for memory loss or something.

I know what irony is, but I never know when it happens. Wether it's oxymoronish or this other word that I can't remember. Maybe I should get my brain checked for memory loss or something.

I know what irony is, but I never know when it happens. Wether it's oxymoronish or this other word that I can't remember. Maybe I should get my brain checked for memory loss or something.

I will not muddy the water further than it is. Nor am I choosing sides. I don't have to be on any side to know what I think is right, and what I think is wrong with the political system in the U.S.

But , I do have to say, well put, Jeff.


Jeff, I disagree with everything you said in your last post (especially your "Just remember" axiom), except for one point you made: Talk radio is usually a bunch of blather. I don't usually listen to it, but yesterday I got tired of listening to music and flipped to a talk station instead. And then I was immediately reminded by this 15-20 minute banter about Harris, exactly WHY I don't usually listen to it.

Sorry for triple posting, don't know how that happened.

Once again..I'm just saying...

Politics is a bunch of annoying BS.

Now that, I can agree with. :-)

Gregg, No logic aside, but you just stepped on yourself and now have yourself all over your foot ;-)

Um...yeah. What??

Jeff Meyerson, you're me in disguise as Jeff Meyerson.

Nicely done.

OK, Gregg, I'll be clear.

You initiated a controversy regarding politics.

Others including myself posted their opinions while you forthwith posted your disagreements.

Lastly, you agreed with MeL that "Politics is a bunch of annoying BS."

My point is that you began a political squabble, carried it on, then agreed that such things were annoying.

Now, do you understand dynamically?

Hey Buddha, catching you is harder than catching Bangi_Gurl given timezones!

Just wanna say my own man-to-man Hello! to you :-)

Evening, eadn!

I know I used to come to the comments section more often, but I sunk into a period of deep depression after Dave failed to post any of the links I sent to him.


Evening, eadn!

I know I used to spend more time in the comments section, but I sunk into a period of deep depression after Dave failed to post any of the links I sent to him.


Do you know what kind of havoc we could cause all together?

Blast! I thought it didn't post the first time. Prizes for anyone who can find the difference between the posts!

Nope, eadn. It is you that misunderstands.

I am simply agreeing that politics can be annoying -- which is part and parcel of the point I was making in the first place! The point being that partisan politics enters even something that's as silly, small, and a non-story as this mistake by Harris.

Instead of portraying it as what it was -- a mistake that anyone on either side of the aisle could make, and a mildly ironic anecdote considering who Harris is, they have to go further than that. No, a simple lighthearted anecdotal mention is not enough. No, they have to smear her, hurl more insults at her and her record in office, call her an "asshat," make demeaning references to her physical appearance, call her a complete incompetent, and on and on and on. All over what was initially a small, mildly humorous story.

THAT is what I was referring to when I agreed with MeL that politics is annoying. The rabid politicizing of something even as small as this (requiring what amounted to about a 20 minute slander on the radio show, even), is annoying as hell. And a bunch of BS.

Now do you understand?

Gregg, before we drop it, as I suggest we do, two final points: First, does the word "feminazi" sound familiar? The name calling ("asshat", etc.)is insidious and not confined to one side of the aisle.

Second, until Judi posted this I HAD NOT HEARD ONE WORD ABOUT IT. That's right, I watched and listened to the news on television and radio several times today starting at 6 am and IT WAS NEVER MENTIONED. So, maybe it was a big deal where you are but not here.

And I think we've given it way more attention than it deserved, which I think was the point you started from, right?

Buddha, Thanks for your acknowledgement! On links: been there, done that, I don't bother sending anymore with the understanding of my own LTTG (Late-To-The-Gate ;-) bad-timing capabilities as well as figuring that since Dave and Judi have well indicated that The Blog isn't their "day jobs" along with the (can you imagine?! :-) all the e-mails they must have to go through?!

Gregg, you've spent more than 20 minutes re-hashing this. To what point beyond burnt potatoes? By the way, just to shove your shovelling back in your face: voting is a right, a privilege, AND a Responsibility! If someone can't handle it even down to signing their name, then they should do like my Mother and Grandmother have done and abstain!

Get off your high horse. If you don't know what you're signing or not, you shouldn't be involved there.

I never said it is completely confined to one side of the aisle, Jeff.

As far as your not hearing about it anywhere, consider yourself lucky I guess. I did hear about it.

And it depends on the TYPE of attention given it. I chuckled when I first clicked on the blog link. Then I read the comments, which, far from continuing the lighthearted mood of the article, were more of the same nastiness I heard on the radio for 20 minutes. So I was compelled to comment.

As far as eadn's charge of my "initiating a political controversy" goes, I would argue that it started with posts by punky, BMX3, jamester, Mahatma and the rest, and then the comment by Lee. You people seem to have no qualms about smearing this person up and down and calling her an "asshat," but boy you sure jump all over someone that points this fact out to you.

OK, I'm done.

*looks around*

Where the hell am I?

*taps angry young man in the corner*

Hi. Um. Do you know what happened to the Dave Barry Blog that used to be here ... you know the one where everything was fair gmae when it came to irony, sarcasm and poking fun? I seem to have stepped into a bit of a Twilight Zone and I'd like to find my way back ...

*angry young man points to Cheshire Cat and grunts*

Cheshire Cat: Hey Lady ... put this little piece of paper on your tongue ... click your stiletto heels three times and say "there is no such thing as an unbiased opinion" three times and you'll find your way back.

Me (in stilettos): Hey! Thanks, Cat and don't forget to rock the vote this November.

Click ... Click .... Click ....



Charming as ever.

*saunters over to Buddha and trips over her stilettos*

How ya been, Buddha ...

You know ... a girl sure gets lonely on this blog without a Buddha around to keep her company ...

*reaches out hand for Buddha to help me up off the floor*

Hey, hey, hey!


*briefly considers helping you up, but sits down on the floor with you instead*

Update: I've started a band again. I'm also apparently in the drama group at school, which is fun. I got parts for my typewriter so I'm back in business. I'm almost eighteen and almost out of the high school routine.

I'm alright, Miss Punky. How's yourself?

*sits cross legged so as to get more comfy on the floor*

I'm good, Buddha ... and your band's name would be???

Inquiring minds want to know

*motions to the other bloglits (and blurkers) to join us on the floor*

Jeff: Al Frankin has a radio show? Funny how I've never heard about it...

And also may I just say for the record, that there have been plenty of attmepts to get liberals into talk radio. Alan Colmes is an excellent example. Oh, right I forgot, he doesn't count cause he works for Fox.

Also, people who listen to talk radio don't neccesarily believe what they say. I listen to Bill O'Reilly sometimes, and I probably agree with him about half the time. Never really listened to anybody else, and I'm so fed up with politics in general right about now, that I'd rather watch re-runs of the Brady Bunch then listen to Chris Matthew play Hardball or Bill O'Reilly stop spin.

If this is what it's like to be an adult, it sucks!

And the "aboveground rebellion leader" of He(l)l does sit down in another corner cross-legged and just watching over...no harm, no foul, no kidding ;-)

Dancergurl ... come have a seat here with us, kid!

*pats floor*

No one has to be an adult here.

Two comments:

I mean, yay for openmindedness--really--but I'm not a switch-hitter, if you know what I mean, Punk.

And: Chris Matthews is the most energetic person in the political realm! Hardball is worth it just to see him yell questions at the top of his lungs!

We're calling ourselves Sole Jamb right now...and our logo is like, a thingie.

I kind of like the name, but the guys wouldn't go for lots of my ideas. Not Badass enough, and such. I say, just wait for college...much wider musical range to be found there. I hope.

*dancergurl joins the circle*

I mean, yay for openmindedness--really--but I'm not a switch-hitter, if you know what I mean, Punk.

Ok, Doug ... duly noted. So ... ya gonna take a seat, or no?

On second thought, scratch that part in the center of the foot. It looks crowded, and more like CJ than SJ.

link no worky, Buddha ...

Son of a bitch...when did angelfire start blocking offsite links?

*eadn smiles on the flooring get-together*

So many minds and hearts in virtual and congenial meeting.

OK, So I've missed that somewhat lately here on The Blog.

Thanks Buddha, Punky, Doug, Dancergurl! :-)

D'artagnan? Anyone? All For One...!

Punky..meet me in the west terminal men's restroom at Atlanta's Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport at 6:00 p.m. Saturday.

And please, bring those stilettos.

Kerry has a big butt? He's my man!

Buddha ... I like the logo ... and I agree about 86-ing the SJ in the middle of the ped.

EVERYONE should start using the chat thing again, evenings. I'm off to dream, now.

ok i skipped about 50 posts but i just gotta say to gregg:

I can virtually guarantee you that if the same thing happened to a liberal, it wouldn't even BE a story. You would have nothing to even blog or link to.

SAY WHAT?! oh, like gore "saying he invented the internet" was a non-story? lol

ok i went back and read the rest. doug: we went to see hardball's college show, and it was quite fascinating.
jeff: who are you really? :)

Judi, you can try to mock me and laugh in my face all you like, but you can't even begin to compare the two events, because they are not the least bit similar.

Al Gore's statement was a VERY public faux pas made on national television by a sitting Vice President, and the faux pas was made on CNN, directly to the news media.

Katherine Harris' mistake was just that, a simple mistake, not some bold, false public claim. And it was made by someone who is hardly in the spotlight anymore, as Gore was when he made his infamous comments.

Better come up with a better counterpunch than that, honey. I stand 100% by my previous statements.

I agree with judi.

I notice the same lack of interest in the doings of the liberals. Everything is so politicized it is hard to watch the news. I watch FOX news with Shepard Smith because 3 or 4 times a week he has a Star Trek reference, sometimes very subtle ones. I like that he seems to have a sense of humor. Ted Koppel or Tom Brokaw would never do that.

I mean I agre with Gregg, if judi was being sarcastic.

Further, Gore's statement that he "took the initiative in creating the Internet" well deserved all the ridicule it received. After all, it was a ridiculous boast.

My point in this thread is that something like what happened to Harris was mildly amusing and ironic by itself, but then the radio chuckleheads and some of the posters here use that simple event to issue a bunch of smear statements and a lot of other plain nastiness regarding her character, her looks, her intelligence, and so on, all unrelated to the simple incident at hand.

Like I said -- no comparison. Nice try, but no cigar.

Eesh. Tough crowd. I'm now exhausted. :(

Good night everyone ... see you all in the AM.

{{{hugs to all}}}

Al Gore's statement was a VERY public faux pas made on national television by a sitting Vice President, and the faux pas was made on CNN, directly to the news media.

please show me what you believe he actually said, and we'll talk. til then, i'm just laughing. not at you, as you said, but just at politics in general.

punky, where you be, girl? why aren't you visible? ;)

Mommy, I'm scared! All the bloglits are discussing the scary politicians again!


Man, I miss all the fun being responsible and working.

So my political message is:


i think i hurt my throut hoolering like that...

Respsonsibility what's that? Responsibility not quite yet! I don't wanna think about, we'd be better off without it!!

Can you name that band??

Wow, actual conversation...about actual things...it really is differnet here isn't it ?

turkeys of maine?

and i broke my keyboard too..

Very rare occurance this, Mur......very rare

1. Big Mur from the what is it bulletin board? Is that what it's called? Guessing that's where you came from.

2. MxPx

3. How do you break a keyboard?

Hey, I goota blame the typo's on somefin'

like your inability to type? :P

Indeed Graz...sup dude ?

MeL, have we met >

Nope, not that I know of. But I am knower of lots of useless stuff (not to say that you're useless) but I know random things and usually I don't know why.

not much Mur, how be you?

MeL, I can type, just not legibly.

Huh...odd that you would know of ME...

I'm just sayin'...

Graz, it's kinda like learning to understand a child who's only been talking 6 months. After a while, you learn to understand what they mean.

Punky told me to read a thread one time and I saw your name when I read it and then you showed up here and I just kinda made a connection. (Maybe I SHOULD try to work for the FBI? Naaahh...)

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