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May 14, 2004


We had these uniforms? And then we sold them on eBay? And then...

(Thanks to Karin Dixon)


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I'm First!

Darn, no, elle beat me to it.

Band uniforms are Ew. USED band uniforms are ewwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww!!

How to Negotiate to WIN.

Tip # 7

Sometimes the other party does not want to negotiate. You must find a way to make them feel they should negotiate.

There are many ways, but most fortune 500 CEOs agree that the time tested method of breaking into the other party's house and threatening their wives with a gun is the best way to procure used band uniforms at well below street value.

Maybe Tinoula Awopetu, which wbagnfarb, or more likely her editor, should try looking up literally in the dictionary. If the guy went "literally" ballistic, someone would have shot him out of a gun (which would certainly be fun to watch).

Doesn't this seem am awful lot of trouble, not to mention expense, mental anguish and criminal activity, to go to over some used band uniforms? Of course you do, because you are sane.

Aw yes, the old "gun falls out of a briefcase ploy." A mainstay of aluminum siding and encyclopedia salesmen across the country.

"Now ma'am, before you say 'no,' just let me show some literature. Oops! Gosh is that a 357 Magnum? My, that's an awful scary-looking gun, isn't it?"

ok granted nobody died, but wouldn't this be a really crappy reason to die? wouldn't you have to file an official complaint when you reached the restaurant ateotu?

"How'd you die?"
"Shot in the face because my husband bought some used band uniforms on ebay."
"Wow. That sucks"

It's ok, Rosella, we know you'll make it one day. Until then, we'll give you credit for trying and continuing to type "I'm First!" without any accompanying meaningful comment. (Trying in the fullest sense of the word.)

Just promise us one thing: Don't go traveling 1300 miles to wave a gun in another bloggit's face simply because they got the first post before you.

My husband buys stuff on ebay all the time. I had better go find my stapler in case some guy threatens me with a piece of paper from his suitcase.

All that effort and he left WITHOUT the uniforms?

Imagine what the train ticket from New Orleans cost him. Probably would have the uniform IF he'd thrown those $$s towards the auction..... and an 'after market' for used band uniforms? Where?

Topeka, KS

As a web geek, I find the URL of that link funny in itself.

Bidding on ebay is one of the most stressful things you can do, for some weird reason. If you lose the bidding, you're upset. If you win, you wonder if you paid too much (yes.). But to resort to guns? No.

Sledgehammers, maybe.

"As a web geek, I find the URL of that link funny in itself."

ebaylosergoesliterallyballistic Might BAGNFARB

Used Band Uniforms WNBAGNFARB

I loved that after he lost the auction HE KEPT BIDDING. Doesn't this suggest possible mental health issues his family should have addressed before they let him go walkabout with a briefcase and a gun?

Jeff, sounds like a lot of boxers out there.

I third that....

I have a theory that eBay causes the false sense of "missing out" when you see a cool item:

"Wow, I better bid on that! This will be my only opportunity to get it! I better WIN, too!"

Of course, an identical item will appear the next week, but that's not how our brains think while using eBay for some reason.

yet another reason for me to stay the h*ll away from eBay! I KNEW blogging would benefit me someday!

As an Ebay addict, I would love to know the secret of how he kept bidding even after the auction was over. Didn't he get the screen saying that BIDDING IS CLOSED FOR THIS ITEM?

There is a link at the bottom to "more stupid crimes and misdemeanors." I think, though, that all crimes and misdemeanors are stupid.

He kept bidding offline, Guin. Meaning, he annoyed the auction-winner with emails and phone calls trying to convince him to sell and offering bids on the stuff. Wonder how much he thought he was going to make reselling the uniforms, once he had them?

Hawking used band uniforms, yeah now that's a goldmine.

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