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April 25, 2004


There is a fine line between a hobby and a mental illness.

(Thanks to Mike Zlotnick)


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And this guy has gone WAY over that line. See, it proves my point about their being a website for everything, no matter how creepy, gross or otherwise sick.

Barf Bag wbagnfarb, of a certain sort.

(#1 again. But I said more than just that.)

Sorry, meant "there" not "their."


I'm sure there's a great pick-up line here, somewhere.

Hey! I remember that link. :)

Barf bag collecting.... pfft!

I know a guy who collects BLOGS! He's got thousands and thousands of links... now there's a weird hobby!

"Barf Bag wbagnfarb, of a certain sort."

No, needs more syllables... ;)
Barf Bag Barfers would definitely bagnfarb.

ACK! I think I'm gonna be sick!

(well, somebody had to say it ;-)

'bagnfarb' anagrams to 'barf bang', thus barf bag collecting would not be an entirely inappropriate hobby for most of the regulars on this blog.

Actually, bagnfarb = barf'n bag. Yeah, much better.

You mean there are designer barf bags??

Woman's voice, overheard on plane: "You've only got plain brown barf bags? I wouldn't dream of being seen throwing up in that! When I fly first class I expect at least to get a Fendi or a Gucci!"

Did you see the clear plastic one?

Hey, as long as they're empty....

I used to do something similar for my younger sister as a joke. She had an extensive history of getting airsick, so every time I took a different airline, I brought her a souvenir. :)

Yeah - I collected panties from Airline stewardesses.

But this is MUCH cooler.

Flight Attendants, not stewardesses -- this is the PC age!

By the way, isn't "stewardesses" one of the longest words you can type with just one hand?

Sez who?

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