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April 21, 2004


Wouldn't it be quicker to just hit delete? Oh, wait, these are math guys.

(Thanks to Jacob�"It's perfectly normal" Aldridge)


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i feel smarter knowing that...

Accountants of the World COUNT!

Of all the people with no lives, theirs must be exceptionally bleak.

My father-in-law is an accountant. He saw no humor in this whatsoever.

I hate him.

Yeah! Yawn.

How many angels can sit on a pinhead again?

PS: what happened to World Crossing today?

Given enough time, I'm sure every possible sextillionth spelling will have hit my inbox.

Gee, I thought I had too much time on my hands to do silly things, but these guys need a life, bad. Or a woman, at least.

I hates Vi@g*r@ peddlers! Those varmints need to get outta my in-box! I will NEVER need their product. I am a WOMAN.

Yes, but Mark Martin only chooses the one the only VIAGRA. spelled one way. and Bob Dole, and Giambi, and OH GOD i hate knowing about these peoples privates.

They might as well skydive naked.

It should be pointed out that "Jacob Aldridge" anagrams to A CRAB DID EL JOG, or JED, RADICAL GOB, and "It's perfectly normal" anagrams to TRY A LOST LIMP FENCER or MR. PORN, FLY A TESTICLE.


I have one more variant: I-D-I-O-T.

I, for one, spend my free time coming up with new and convincing reasons why I was late for work.

Damn straight, Alex.

My name is also an anagram of "I'd Jog Clad Bare" - no sign of skydiving though.

Hi to Rob Cockerham - love your site, am stalking you, see you in court :-)

And I am perfectly normal, perhaps a little better than that - it has been a cold year down under!

Exactly, Jeff.

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