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April 30, 2004


We demand to know more about this incident (paragraph 3); did it have anything to do with the fact that the pitcher's name is Bong?

(Thanks to Garret Wood)


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Does he qualify for medicinal lava lamps?

By the way, somewhere near Durham, NC there's an official sign for an actual park called "Bong Recreation Area."

As you might guess, this sign gets stolen with alarming frequency.

Bong and Liefer.

All they needed was a Bud and they were gold.

And how do you get accidentally locked in a bathroom?

And did he have to crawl out under the door?

Remember, this is minor league.

The "clubhouse bathroom" is actually a port-o-potty, and it is very popular among the players to tip those over when a new teammate goes in.

League bylaws require that most of the excrement be hosed off the player prior to continued play - hence the 15 minute delay.

Better Jung Kuen Bong then Ben Dover I'd say.

We'd better start a Clubhouse Restroom Trauma support group right away.

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