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April 30, 2004


Do not read this.

Key Quote: "What more can you say when your man's stomach's hanging out?"

(Thanks to many people)


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*feels ignored by Deon*


There are things I'd like to remember, Sgirl. I don't recall what my first days on the MOAT were like, for instance, because I was so confused (but happy!).

Posted a picture of Giant Frog's many electronic precioussssses on the Y. (Me being, of course, his non-electronic preciousssss. I better bloody well be.)

Wow, strong booze at Neo's office party. Do I sense a road trip?

Dang, I just remembered... I forgot about the laptops! He has one now for home/work, but soon it will be permanently at home because he's getting a newer, spiffier one for work.
I should have waited till the new laptop arrived before taking the picture. Oh well, 'tis done.

Not to worry, KDF. Deon surely has a file on you, too. You just kinda get used to it, like the idea that you have a "Permanent Record" out there somewhere...

*sips neo's (correctly spelled) Mai Tai*

*spits flames*

Needs more rum.

KDF - at least he didn't say you were old. Evidently I'm working in dog years on the blog or something.

*offers Tony some local rum* Drink this and spit fire for the rest of the night. 55% proof. Giant Frog uses it all the time to make homemade flavored rum - adding fruit of his choosing.

[Leaves the "Oracular Sightless Eye of Focus" (OSEF) trance.]

Of course, the last time I did this my subject fled the Moat and the Y within three days! Would you mind signing this waiver?

[peers into thimble]

'kay. Southern girl is very cool. Quite smart and balanced. Reminds me of Kibby, actually. She is more experienced than her age (*cough*40/41*cough*) would suggest. Educated and twice married (?). Sorta lived wild and now comfortably settled. Why so loyal to the south is a mystery...either she has not traveled much or she has gills. She is very funny, and I will pay closer attention now that I realize it. Employment is enjoyable to her, and she is a hard worker. Hmm. She also kinda reminds me of Slyeyes, but with a more direct nature. Her employment is at least somewhat professional and she is placed well in her job. She has at least some graphic skills, but dial-up at home (she might live rural--that would fit both dial-up and her nature.) She seems sensitive...almost like it is something she worked on intentionally.

More I could guess about troubles with kids and a temper, but those guesses would undoubtably be even more wrong than my vague thoughts above. Wait, her kids are fine--strike that phrase. Still many mysteries though.

OK. Thats all I got. [insert insecure disclaimer here]. Confidence level: 68%

Here ya go djtb (I know, but I like it).

Thank you, Tony.

Neo, Mai Tai me. :)

Boy, do I need to update that file.

*winks at sg*

*waits patiently for her turn*
O Deon, wise one! Tell me what lies in store for me!

Yes, ponder my heart and soul and delve into the deepest, darkest secrets of my psyche while I go marinate the salmon for tonight's dinner.

(I kept typing "ho" instead of "go".)

I'd say something, MiK, but everyone I speak to seems to be running away.

Do I need a mint?

MOAT crickets.





Chi---ooh, a shiny new bottle of rum!

I'm back... the salmon is marinating.

*sulks in the Lepers' Corner with ASK, sharing her rum* No one's talking to us!

Maybe some Binaca?

MOATarita to the first one to correctly identify the movie that quote came from.

anyone seen any good movies lately?

No. I will be in charge of the DVD-buying at the end of the month, though, so that will change.

Or bred any good rooks?

"Cecil B. DeMented"

Pssst, does it count if I googled?

Pssst, Cecil is my homeboy.

*streaks through the MOAT wearing nothing but a banana skirt and a coconut bra*

Oh. My. God.


you are so right in so many ways, and the wrong ones aren't all that far off.

(and just so ya know, I asked for you to tell me, so I wouldn't have run away afterwards. :D)

ok, first, if I in any way remind you of Kibby, I'm quite flattered, cuz I think Kibby is terrific.

*waves to Kibby*

Come to think of it, when Blue posted his HG2G list, he had me as the chick who had the fling w/Kibby's character. Coincidence??

you got the age right - 40 now, 41 this summer.

twice married, once divorced - czech.

"Why so loyal to the south is a mystery"

Cuz I was born here, my family and friends are here, and we have great food. Need I say more?

She is very funny, and I will pay closer attention now that I realize it.


Employment is enjoyable to her


Her employment is at least somewhat professional - yep!

and, well, I do have time to blog... ;)

but if I were financially able to quit, I would, cuz I love being home w/my kids.

I do live in a kind of rural area - no not in the swamp - just a small town, and I ordered DSL, just haven't set it up yet.

the sensitive part? no, I don't work on it, and some would say I'm overly so, but it's definitely not intentional. it's a curse. and did you mean that in a good way, or a bad way? *blinks*

here's where you were wrong -

More I could guess about troubles with kids and a temper

ok, the temper part is right - I have a hell of a temper - but my kids are terrific - no problems there!

and actually, yes, some problems with my oldest, but not in a "conflict" sort of way.

and last, Still many mysteries though.

I'm glad to know that! you people know more about me than some people in my RL!

at least now, thanks to Deon! NTTAWWT.

*goes back to catch up on what she missed while writing this*

You googled "Maybe some Binaca?" and got Cecil B. Demented? I was going for A$$-Talking Jim Carrey in Ace Ventura. "Anybody got a mint? Maybe some Binace?"

Well, S'girl, thank you for the reflection.

I will point out that I corrected myself on the "problems with kids" Was I right about mellowed wildness? That is where I was steered on the kids, but then your other comments about how you were raised corrected my thoughts.

You are a bit of a dichotomy though. Confident/temper and sensitive? Rural and professional? Wild and strict?

After reading you in the Kilt, I'm still puzzled by some things.

[casually checks s'girl for gills]

Oh, that kind of file....

I know I'm a part-timer around here, but I thought we were talking about Deon keeping a record of post frequency, location, etc. - more like a data file than a bio.

That is just amazing!

Now for the obvious next question....does he know about my former life as a showgirl?

Sarc- I did too, MiK just posted it first. Cecil B. DeMented.

*still waiting*

*swims in the MOAT pool to while away the time while waiting*

*checking out MiK's coconuts while she waits*

[turns OSEF balefully on Meanie]

Was that how you paid for the technical training preparing you for the drab field in which you currently work? (note: no insult intended, but any field is drab after a life of vamping as a showgirl!)

*zips in without heinzing*

Sushi lunch - terrific and paid for by CG
2 awful dessert things bought at Starbucks by CG with my money - $2.00
Haircut and color - $65
Post office - $2.50
Bank withdrawal - $100
Back home 5 minutes before Cox calls to say they're on the way - priceless!

*zips ^up to heinz*

[turns to MiB]

I'm low on mana, sorry. Besides,you are young and a blank slate, so write your own file as interestingly as you wish it were reported.

But here's a thought of questionable value from my thimble: A better relationship than Frog's with you and yours with him is possible.

[thinks to self]
I gotta change this melodramatic music!

No no no! Eleanor wants to look at her email.

Jeff, Who is the host of Jeopardy?

What do I win?

I don't know if it's Lewis Black. It didn't sound familiar.

I told CG about the "doing hands in circles" test and what I did and now he thinks I'm a tart!

Cox here and didn't call!

It's all right, Deon. I guess you don't know me well enough yet to build a big, fat file on me.

*wonders where the second kilt thread is*
I just wandered over to the first one, and the second half of the thread is entirely striked out. Can't make heads nor tails of the conversation.
Can someone send me the link, so I can see what the new cool kids are doing?

test post for neo

Cox guy here 5 minutes - one cable unplugged. Plugged it in.
Picture perfect.

*Tearfully hands Son of Kilt link to MiK. Sobs into hands*

*Send thanks to Deon, goes off to drown sorrows in wretched self-indulgence*

*Pulls old pasties from drawer. Sighs*

*does a Pope move and kisses the ground*

The entire blog was down for about ten minutes. It had something to do with a squid.

Thanks, Blue. Why the sobbing?

*cues up "The Stripper" and turns the house lights down*

Go for it, Blue!

*sits next to djt; hands him a bowl of popcorn*

Who's the headliner?

*Head raises, eyes widen, mouth hangs open*
*Leaps up to nearest pole*
*Trips on laptop power cord and goes careening into pool*

*Downs pitcher of MOATaritas*

Oh. It's a slapstick stipper.


I have no idea what's going on. Blue, what's wrong?


Dracula's dream vacation spot.

MiK - he's just reliving the good old days when he had an exciting career as a showgirl.

*refrains from humming "Copacabana"*

Amalah's post today was lovely.

did anyone else get this error:

The requested URL could not be retrieved

While trying to retrieve the URL: http://blogs.herald.com/dave_barrys_blog/2004/04/attention_peopl_1.html

The following error was encountered:

* Connection Failed

The system returned:

(111) Connection refused

The remote host or network may be down. Please try the request again.

Your cache administrator is root.
Generated Fri, 21 Apr 2006 00:12:31 GMT by www.sixapart.com (squid/2.5.STABLE11)


Did the squid eat everybody else? Headcount! I have MiK, sly, Meanie the Melancholy, and myself! Post if you're alive!

MiK - check out my 7:13 and Deon's 7:36 pm post.

I got that message as well. I also got it on Amalah's blog. But everything else worked.

I got it too! Locked out of the MOAT!!

Got the same message for about 10 minutes, djt, on every thread when I tried to refresh. I could get to the base post, but refreshing triggered the error message.

Ah, OK. I understand now. Kinda.

I think Deon knows more about me than he's saying, MiK. *Hair on neck starting to rise*

*tries to post*

I'm here. I should be working. I don't get enough time to post a lot here. And I'm not caught up on the last couple weeks, for the most part, busy busy busy.

I didn't even know till today there was a second kilt thread. Wow. One day I'll have a chance to read all of the back stuff.

I don't even know what's on the main blog, I haven't even looked at it in weeks.

I think I'm allergic to something at home, my sinuses were clogged last night and this morning, then cleared up. I went home after work, and before I left to come do the news, they clogged up totally again. I can almost breath again.

Oh well.

*wonders what Deon has in his file on her*

*hits post finally and tries to work a little bit*

whispers... dogs bark and can't fly without umbrellas el check your email I was asked to pass along something to you.

I got the yo yo

Susan, I get mysterious nose clogging, too. It happens at night when trying to sleep. Sometimes my nose gets stopped up, and sometimes it doesn't. I still can't figure out what causes it.

I pretty sure that happened because we're not the cool kids anymore.

We're not?

Must be 'cause of the braces, glasses with the tape on the sides and the pants pulled up to the armpits.

Maybe we could get a make-over.

I just picked up my new car. It's fantastic! now all I have to do is find a new "Starfleet Academy" sticker for the rear window and replace the Heart CD that was in the player at the time of the accident

Yay, Trillian! Glad it's fantastic, and glad you're okay. Insurance better cover the Heart CD. :)

YaY Trillian!!

Trillian, I read the post about your accident earlier today, right after watching a video of the Today's Show report about the VW ads with the accidents. They kept showing those two guys hitting that red truck over and over and over.

Then there was your post about totalling your car. eeeeek!!! Glad you're OK! But you get a new car! YAY!

Was the Heart CD the one about having the one night stand with the guy and running into him years later? That song gets me hawt!!!!!

No, it was Little Queen.

Trillian, you mean This Little Queen?

*comes running in with curling iron, contact lenses, makeup kit, hair dryer, rack of trendy dresses, and gift certificates for Invisalign braces*

Did somebody say makeover?

*brandishes scissors*

oops, damn remember personal info box...


You are like all five Queer Eye guys rolled into one!

Can I get highlights?

Sarcasmo, um no. definitely not

good night all.

Can i get you to play in my kitchen and show me how to make something simple yet impressive?

Highlights, lowlights, a little texture in the back... and a cherry cola cellophane rinse...


Whom are you trying to impress, wolfie? Are we talkin' romantic dinner for two, something to inspire kids at a party, or something to impress the whole family?

I colored my hair yesterday...it's still a little too red for me.

Well, it had been three months...and my hair is fairly short. I need a haircut. I'd go Saturday, but eeek! Chicken strut day.

I'll be wearing a hat to avoid scalp sunburn.

ooh!! YAY TONY! *lines up behind Sly*

Whatcha gonna do to my hair? ('n be careful with the scissors... I like it this length!)

Hiya, wolfie!

The bad words are usually things like ch@t and mess*enger, stuffs like that.

If DB & Amalah were both down, then it's a TypePad error. B@stids.

I'm supposed to be cleaning out the set of drawers in my bedroom. Not happening so far.

Based on Peri's last post at her blogspot Wrinkle, I'm looking into other blog sites as well. There's some stuff up with which I will not put, and that's just about top of the list.

Hiya Kat *smooch*

Ummm.. something to impress a half dozen dinner guests that I can do part of on the grill :-)
If I'm being greedy and asking for something specific.

Oooh! TonyB makeovers! Me too, me too, me too! :D

Talk about The Odd Couple!

OK, the guy on the left has the terrorist look; but the guy on the right looks like the second banana in a sitcom that airs on UPN.

First - Deon - (who I really, really like,, even tho we just met, cuz he has my whole file, and managed to make me not look so bad...)

mellowed wildness -b/c of real life and kids and such, YES. *sigh*

but I was never really all that wild, which I think you picked up on, am I right?

*dang - can't fool the guy with the "permanent record"*

You are a bit of a dichotomy though.

Confident/temper and sensitive? Rural and professional? Wild and strict?

ok, confident? I wish, but no. :( and I've been chewed out about this before... you should be more confident...blah, blah, blah...) Whatever. Temper? Hell yeah. Sensitive? You tell me.

Rural? yeah, pretty much...professional? HAH! if ya only knew...

(that must go into the "things Deon doesn't know yet" file.) BWAAAHAAAHAA!!

And ya don't know how glad I am that you're still puzzled by some things. :)

oh, and I don't have gills. but if you insist on checking....

Must be 'cause of the braces, glasses with the tape on the sides and the pants pulled up to the armpits.

*snork* @ sly!!

Trillian! - I don't know ya, but I'm glad you're OK!!!

that's all I can remember at the moment, except that I think there was "somethin' Blue" dancin' around a post, or something??

wolfie - if your lighting the grill, use it for everything - cut some zucchini into 1/2 x 3 inch strips & marinate in italian dressing, grill those, grill spears of asparagus whole (thin asparagus will be done in just a minute or two). Wrap quartered new potatoes(skin on) in an aluminum foil bag - (you can find them premade next to the foil, or make your own)- add some lemon zest, garlic, and some fresh rosemary (don't even strip it off the branch, add the whole sprig)- seal that up and throw it on the grill. For a finale, get a couple of cored & peeled fresh pineapples - most produce sections nowadays have them predone in plastic tubs - slice into thick rings, grill, cut into chunks, and serve with a scoop of coconut sorbet, and drizzle with a little syrup made of sugar and dark rum if you're serving adults.

Now this is what I was hoping for. I can open the last MOAT and heinz without having to jump forward and back. Back on the 13th some of you were ranting about WallFart. As mentioned previously, so far they have managed to keep them out of NYC totally. But when on the road I often get stuck going there as Jackie loves the place. Go figure. She mostly buys cheap paperbacks and a few other items.

This time we went to a couple of HUGE ones in Arizona, the ones with the grocery stores inside. Damn, those things are big!

I prefer a real grocery.

From MOATaversary Day:

"It is better to light a candle and spin around and around and chant incomprehensible lyrics than to curse the darkness."

Tony, having seen Ms. Nicks and her followers last year I can testify as to the truth of that sentiment. Pretty funny.

I've got about 40 pages left to read of JD Robb's "Memory In Death" - Jeff, if you heinz back this far, has Jackie read that yet (silly question!) and did she enjoy it?

Yes, Kaf, silly question. Jackie did read it and liked it, though I prefer when she recounts the humorous bits involving Peabody, which apparently were few and far between in the latest installment.

OK, I'm heinzed through the 14th and will finish up (if I can) tomorrow. Have a good night people.

Good night, John Boy.

Hmmmm.. i can cut up stuff. rosemary is that onna stick stuff isn't it?
i like pineapple. marinate some meat for the carnivors. yeah i can do that. maybe.

Oh, and Ladies, y'all look FAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAABULOUS! Go forth with confidence! Blog chicks rock!

Aw, Tony. :) It's just the idea of you mussing up our hair that gets us all excited! Thank you, dahling!

*makes plans to try the new (though small) grill very soon*

I have a nice rosemary shrub at home...I used some last night. I ground up a nice sprig of it with a teeny bit (ok a teaspoon) of sugar, then mixed in a couple tablespoons of liquid from canned pears, then drizzled it over sliced bananas, pears, and peeled and sliced thin oranges. Yumm.

(ground up with a mortar and pestle, that is)

Jeff - you're in luck, you haven't missed it! You and Jackie can get out your platform boots and tambourines and join in on the Night of 1000 Stevies! Only a few weeks to plan your outfits, however ;)

Grilled pineapple is delicious. I'm stealing that menu. We need a Tony Cookbook.

*spins around in chair, admiring reflection of lowlights and highlights*

*takes a sip of the cherry cola cellaphane*

Interesting drink. Has a bit of a bite to it.

*smiles at reflection*


Ooooh, Susan, that sounds good. Rosemary is underappreciated in desserts, but used judiciously (it's also very powerful, and can make everything taste like pine) it really compliments fruit dishes. I've used it to infuse the syrup for a pear sorbet before.

I've been doing that drizzle thing for a while...on all kinds of fruit.

It's yummy.

And I'm sleepy...night all!

*hands sly the industrial Crest White Strips*

Back when I had dark hair, and a full head of it, one of my hairdresser friends did a cellophane rinse that was called "Jet Grape" - looked black unless I was in direct sunlight or under blacklights - then it was a really interesting shade of purple...

*raises head end of bed. Realizes his mistake and raises foot end of bed which his head is on - tosses empty bottles out*

Oh, you all came back. Good to see you.

*passes out again*

zips in to say good night*

Tony, I'm planning to color PART of my hair the same color as Peri's. I call it punk rock red and I haven't told anyone except my daughter who scoffed, which of course made me even more determined.
Well, of course I discussed it with Peri - she told me what to buy. I'm not telling my hairdresser.
So I may be calling you for tips. :)
Motto: Makeovers are a good thing.


*hugs and gropes all around*

mmmmmmm djt & susan. I loooove rosemary in cooking. I use it a lot for meats and veges.. I'll have to try it with fruit.

Also I'm having trouble siting up straight (no energy), so I'm lying on the couch, which makes it difficult to type.


*pulls pillows out from under ASK's feet, fluffs them up and puts gently under his head*

That's gonna hurt in the morning!

Ooops, it's almost midnight. Time for me to go beddy bye!

'Nite MOATies!

*props up Kaf with a few more pillows*

El - you go, girl! Hey, it's only hair, and there's always Morticia black if things go badly ;)

g'nite, all, and I also vote for the Tony Cookbook.™

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