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March 26, 2004


The alleged fowlnapper has been ordered to keep away from Speckles.

(Thanks to Claire Martin)


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Might I suggest Howard County, Texas? I don't recall ever seeing a bear out there.

" “The rooster was super excited".... this explains it all, it was about sex all along!

poodles are seriously angry dogs. Have you ever seen a standard poodle at a dog show when it's back in the grooming area? It's a scary thing. You can see them trying to channel Cujo.

Alex: I thought "swung his poodle around like a club" was a sexual innuendo for a minute. But that just shows where my mind is. :)

Homer Simpson voice: Mmmmmmm, snake!

Alex: Ananova has good stuff, don't they? Esp. under "Quirkies".

I can't resist calling Speckles' liberator
"Chicken Gombos". I think I'm finally getting my appetite back after that nose escargot segment.

I worked for two different Ray's Food Place stores, and I am very disappointed that we never had a chicken mascot. (One store was in Weed ... nope, we didn't have a mascot...)

As infrequently as I come here my first thought was also "in his red speedos???". I am a bit frightened by that LOL.

Speckles, the 2-day wonder, so far. Are they just having a slow news week or is this life as usual in Josephine County or wherever?

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