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March 26, 2004


We decided to link to it again, with a stern reminder that your comments could cause somebody to become deeply offended.

(Thanks to Kerig Pope)


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Okay, now I have to go throw up...

punky, there is someone at the door for you....

My eyes!! My eyes!!! Augh!!

He's HOT!

C'mon Dave - at least I know to be careful when Judi's name is there.

Amazing! And people thought I was offensive. Or is that offencive?

i can't decide who's more flamboyant...

peter pan or the blue bunny?

Not sure about flamboyant, but maybe finding out which is more flammable might be a good idea.

And Tink, this guy doesn't need words to be offensive, so I think he has you ... beaten.

*urp* ... I think I'll go back to the snot flicking post ... That's just WRONG.

and yet fits here somehow.

Hey Tink! Welcome. And to think, if we hadn't offended you, then you would have missed that...what was that anyway?

.... although .... he's a MUCH better match for Tink than Peter Pan.

Funny, I was thinking what a great match he'd be for Peter Pan. I mean, Tink seems kinda pissy, but Petey is all about the love, ya know?

This guy out-fabulouses the "Fab 5."

Mrs.Bruce ... what _was_ I thinking. You are, of course, absolutely correct. I bow to your superior matchmaking skills.

Apparently he is a towering nightlife personality in NYC (go up to the main page to check out more about him.) And pink on the inside, but you probably guessed that much already.

Isn't everybody "pink on the inside?" Or did that mean something figuratively?

Oh. My. God.
My poor, innocent, formerly untainted mind...


Y'all have GOT to warn me when you're going to post things like that.

:::Going to clean the Diet Coke out of my keyboard now:::

Already have one?

Dude, that was frightening. Especially one of the lower left hand corner ones. The see-thru costume with the high heels. Eeek, scary scary!

Ok, but I really think I need a red stilleto chair. It will fit nicely in my padded room

"Scotty the Bunny sings, spiels, fiddles, eats fire, performs magic, walks on balls..."

Walks on balls????

That sounds painful, but somehow I'm not surprised. Also, if you read the press information, you learn that this guy is 7 FEET TALL!

Dave, frankly, I don't think that anyone who poses like that and calls himself The Blue Bunny could be offended by ANYTHING we could say here.

As for being a "towering nightlife performer" in NYC, well maybe, but not in any part of the city I've ever been to or would consider going.

Punky, I wish you hadn't made that public hair observation. That one's gonna give me nightmares for a week.

Just don't leave the big bwu bunny wabbit any messages. He looks like another sensitive type.
Not that I am looking, mind you.


[shakes head]

[ponders what it means to live in a society where these pictures are even available, let alone legal]

[contemplates taking up drinking, or perhaps drug abuse]

[goes back to work]

I feel ill.

Dave, as a general rule, I dont click on anything judi posts. I value my eyes too much. But this, this was sad. No matter how much you want to post something like this, run it through judi's name so that some of us can retain our sanity.

I don't know about offensive, but that certainly was disturbing. I think I need a shower now.

Well, THIS year's Halloween costume has now been decided. Thanks Dave!

gee, he almost looks good in the blue velveteen.

looneygirl: a ...cold... shower?

Does he remind anyone else of The Tick, or is it just me?

I swear that guy is my ex-wife's divorce attorney

Jody, well observed!

I'm curious about the concern over readers being offended by these comments...I would be more concerned that you are attracting folks who would be offended by anything said here. I would imagine the people who are really feeling for bunnyboy there have bigger issues than taking offense at what we havr to say. Just my opinion.

Oh well, I THOUGHT I was having a good weekend till I saw this.....be back after I have a shot of tequila as an attenpt to forget the image I have...haha

This is absolutely the best thing I have ever seen I my entire life, bar nothing, seriously.

Is that the kid from A Christmas Story? I knew his Mom making him wear that bunny outfit he got from his aunt would warp the poor kid.

Obligatory Bart Simpson Quotes:

Ay Caramba!

What the hell is that?

Seriously, that is one messed up dude.


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