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March 26, 2004


This is very bad.

(Thanks to Tommer Peterson, who also sends this alarming link.)


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"How does a long cylinder with no appendages move through the air?"

Obviously has never heard of a javelin.

"I think its likely that this is the one and only time in the history of the planet that an animal without appendages achieved flight," he said.

Okay, excluding a variety of worms, and with snakes already accounted for, how many animals without appendages are there?

This is the scariest thing since I rode on a plane with Pat Sajak back in '94.

Also, I have decided, out of the goodness of my college-age heart, to provide, today only, a high-quality, fantastic, creative, remarkable new absolutely free original anagram sampling to anyone who wishes to have one. Simply email me with your request of three or fewer words to be anagrammed and I will attempt to respond by the end of the day. I am anticipating thousands upon thousands of requests. (Eventually, I will not be able to afford to merrily squander the best years of my life, and will have to begin CHARGING [yeccch] for this service, but fortunately, that time is a long, long ways from now. That begins Monday.)

The rules are: there must be at least one reasonable vowel in every word. Otherwise, I would have to turn it into an acronym, and anyone can do those. No, my talent is unique. You see, it is my last official day of spring break, and I have yet to do public service of any type. Get 'em while they're hot. Tell your friend, tell your child, tell your husband, tell your wife (alright, that didn't rhyme at all). But most of all, tell other bloghards. Because I'm going to be gone all day searching for an actual paying job.


"That wasn't flying. That was falling with style."

"Okay, excluding a variety of worms, and with snakes already accounted for, how many animals without appendages are there?"

Probably quite a few in Cambodia.

Snakes... why did there have to be snakes?... I hate snakes...

Bricks cannot fly either.

"Having two heads would be a hindrance in the wild." It's not to handy in civilization, either...

I saw the two-headed snake article a while ago...

"The undulation is not akin to a flapping wing," Socha explained. "It's more like putting a whip on a large table and then moving the whip from side to side, with waves moving down the whip."

This guy seems to have an unhealthy interest in undulation and whips.

Perhaps he was wrong when he made the comment,
"I've been bitten many times with no effect."

What are these snakes complaining about? i have two heads and I became president of the Universe.

Yes Zaphod, but some of know how much power the President of the Universe REALLY has.....

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