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March 26, 2004


To whom it may concern

I take quite deep offence at some of the comments left by people who have no idea who I am made about me on here.

You should consider ASKING people if they mind having their websites ridiculed by people who care not about personal feelings of the people they are poking fun at. I was neither contacted or informed about this until someone left a comment on my guestbook informing me of this hurtful page.

I would appreciate a reply and apology for the offence this page has caused me.

Claire Watts / Tinkerbell's Darker Side



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so...so can we ridicule your page?

I'm gonna go put on a green tutu and flippers. I will be quite offended if you look at me.

If you only want pre-approved visitors and responses to your site, perhaps you should set a username and password. Or take the site down. Either way works.

guess so.

Perhaps this person should consider asking how I'd feel about them being a moron. Frankly, I would like an apology from "Tinkerbell's Darker Side" for the offence that page has caused me.

Both of my cats were shocked to the core.

Hugh Jarse, Sidcup, Kent

Seems to me when you create a public website on the Internet, you're inviting praise, ridicule, or whatever reaction the general public chooses to dish out. Claire Watts seems to regard her website as an extension of her personal, private space, instead of the electronic equivalent of a billboard on the "electronic superhighway."

She can be offended by the comments, even resent the those who made them, but I don't see that you owe her any apology for linking to her site without asking her first. That's the nature of the beast.

Well said, sean and OtherDave.

yeah... I'm with the otherDave and Jimslam on this one.

Sucks for you, Tink...

nah... we'll just have to get usernames and passwords.

Dave Barry's Blog a "Hurtful page"??!!?
That's a great quote.

MeL: nah... we'll just have to get usernames and passwords.

darn... didn't stop it in time.

We're all such terrible meanies. We must be Republicans.

Hell, I never thought of making people ASK me before they ridiculed me!! That might have made 5th through 8th grade more fun, anyway.

This from a woman who posts on her site, "Not to worry though, I do not condone the slapping of children, personally, I prefer to use a machete and a gun!"

SH*%, she should be arrested and has NO right to complain about the comments she got.

So, Alex, would she then be Comrade Kinky Tinky?

Because she's PROUD, Alex, wouldn't you be?

No one has the right not to be offended.

maybe not...

or maybe she's a masochist... certainlny looks the type

For retribution, perhaps Tinkerbell would like to create her own blog and ridicule THIS blog by posting links to Dave Barry's columns and offering space for comments on his work. The readership of this blog could battle back and forth with the readership of her blog in an epic battle of ridicule until finally we were able to organize the final showdown - a game of "pétanque" between Dave and Tinkerbell!

always there for ya, my man...

Looks like Tink's fans have launched a comment-attack on the orinigal post.

Looks like Tink's fans have launched a comment-attack on the original post.

I am so ashamed that I laughed at such a #$%*&^%$#@$%^&& fruitcake. The pangs of guilt are almost overwhelming. I promise that I'll try to do better in the future.I just have to keep telling myself "self, fairies,fruitcakes, wackos, morons and idiots have feelings too". There. I feel better already.

It's a good idea, Jimslam, except I imagine her readership is quite a bit more violent than this merry company...

I don't wanna rumble with 'em...

I apologize...

... for the fact that I didn't post a comment making fun of you at an earlier time.

You're ugly.

From now on, I promise to email you whenever I ridicule you, online or off, just to make sure you're aware of it.



Yea for petanque! I prefer bocce, but it's about the same principle. Got to boast here: my dad's a champion bocce player in his native Italy. Yep, he's won an assortment of prizes at local tournaments including (I am dead serious): a wheel of cheese, a slab of ham, a large sausage, and almost won a live pig once. Thankfully he placed second that time.

Yes gfunksizzle, that might be true. But I don't figure we'd have to do much rumbling. You see, they'd have to write and ask first before ridiculing us, and we'd all just say no. It'd be an unfair match - I just was just trying to bait 'em into it.

"Tink" looks like the sort of girl who enjoys a little affectionate hurting every now and again.

I'm just saying.
You know.

interesting idea, Jimslam, except maybe I might become "nothing a machete couldn't sort out."

I mean, not that I have anything wrong with such "unique" opinions! No, sirree!

We know, cherie.

We know.

since tinks "guest book" doesn't seem to be working, perhaps we could all send our apologies to her via email

I know I plan to... :-)

When making fun of people's websites is outlawed, only outlaws will make fun of people's websites.

and Dave would be the next Jesse James...


Hey Twink, if you read this blog you would know that we tend to be merciless in ridiculing ourselves and each other, so lighten up, yo.

Also your comment on the table saw / hotdog thing was just bitchy. That time of month?

gfunksizzle: It's ok... We can rumble. I'm a ninja by night. My specialty being the sneak attack.

oh, good! then you can sleep on my couch, and when they come for me, you can fight them off while I panic.

Twink... HAHAHA... twink... (shakes her head)

are you going to scream like a girl too?

if it would help, sure.

"I take quite deep offence at some of the comments left by people who have no idea who I am made about me on here."

Why do I feel she has a Tennessee accent and a dog named "Cooter"?

"Who could not fail to appreciate the majestic sounds of splintering bones and the ear-piercing shriek of a child in pain?"

Not Tink!

Everybody needs to click on his/her link that says Through The Cracks Ministry and read his/her bio. I think that last big LSD hit tripped a circuit breaker.

Y'all know I love quotes, so here is a very appropriate one.

"dude. meds. calm down. based on experience, they go away if you just shut up. they live to see retaliation so they can keep pissing you off.

Posted by: alex on March 26, 2004 12:39 AM"

Sounds like we've got a field general. Lead on, alex...

Tink - you're obviously kidding. You're a kidder. Right? As far as ASKING goes, I
dont' remember being asked if you could put up
your website where God and eveybody can see it?
Maybe I missed that memo, dawlin'. But, anyway,
how could anyone be offended by anything this hell-bound blog posts? We simply CARE enough to SHARE. By the way, as a public service, we refrain from posting pics of ourselves (except for his Daveness, in whose blog we trust, and allegedly judi). I humbly suggest that in the future you do same. Thanks for the review.

I've always thought that Goth-types are secretly sensitive, mis-understood, delicate people...

I am sincerely sorry that I was on break at the time of the original post, and by the time I read it I couldn't think of anything worth adding.

Tomorow's Man: (Going into a trance) I also see a man wearing a mullet, and an address with a "niner" in it....

so now we're talking about alex's howitzers?

Is that what they're called these days?

mudstuffin: you mean me, or her brother/husband/significant other'n?

Yeah, all them, not you (rn?)

She spelled "offence" with a c. Does that mean there are British rednecks?

We have howitzers... ninjas... anything else? I think we should see some cambodians about rocket launchers...

British Rednecks:

Do pardon me, y'all, but I reckon you have quite insulted this here integrity of mah website, and that there's duelin' words!"

Sorry, Claire, but "Claire Watts" can be rearranged to spell "Scalier Twat" and "A Rectal Wits".

Thought you ought to know before someone ridiculed you for it.

Shoot Dave/Judi, post my web address. I'd love to get some ridicule!

On my post above, I didn't mean to imply that we should "shoot" Dave/Judy. Please read that as "Shoot, Dave/Judy...."

Ya know, Tink, posting something on a public website means that ANYBODY can see it. You did know that, didn't you? And you realized that not everybody is going to be a fan of your little...thing that you do with the costumes and whatnot. In fact, some people are apt to find it funny. Those people are readers of this blog.

If you want to keep your privacy/dignity/self immune from ridicule, don't post your life on the internet. Unless your life is utterly dull. Then nobody will ever link to it and you will toil in quiet obscurity til you die.

Anyway, check out the initial suggestions. They were good. Either password-protect it, take it off the 'net, or quit whining.

Oh my god, Tink's hurt! Quick! Clap if you believe in fairies!

* sets up conga line of dancing rats *

Go Blognik! You tell 'em! as a web designer with many websites both professional and personal out there I completely agree. If it's private, protect it. Otherwise expect feedback and don't get offended when it comes.

This is why I only let my best and most trusted friends see me when I dress like Captain Hook.

could we please have a rush of ridiculers to my site? i could use the traffic.

Hey Happy Sharkie, I just clicked on your site. More traffic for you. (I didn't read anything, but I clicked!)

Hard to ridicule that - everybody loves a
doot-dooing shark.
But dress it in a bunny suit, or make it a zombie shark and you might have something.

I wish everyone wouldn't be so offended. This offends me.

I am offended by your offense at my offensiveness.

Of course, Ms. Tinkerbell could always take Richard Simmons' route and bitchslap us all one by one.

I'm sure a sincere apology will be forthcoming from this compassionate gr

(sorry, I just can't finish the sentance)

By the way, did it strike anyone as odd that Tink addressed her message to the operator of this blog as "To Whom It May Concern"? Even though it's, uh, "Dave Barry's Blog"? As if she wasn't really sure who was in charge of this blog?

Oh, wait a minute ...

Actually, who IS in charge of this blog?

I don't know if anyone noticed, but Tink took the Bob's message as well as the message previous to that so that all references to this blog are gone...

Will that be available on pay-per-view Punkyvision?

Umm... from her guestbook.

(Darn those incomplete thoughts...)

Ha...she shut her site down

Geez, her site is down!

Did we scare her off the internet or something?

Behold the power of CHEESE.

alex said:
so is we get dumber or he be smart?

Since the salutation was "To Whom It May Concern" it seems rather pointless to send it here. I know I'm certainly not concerned...

Heck, most of us here don't even have websites and we get ridiculed all the time! What else should we expect?

Now , we've done it. Her web site is shut down. we are in for it now

Hey, I have a website and don't get ridiculed - should I be offended? Maybe if I posted those pics of me in the Winnie-the-Pooh outfit...

And I am glad to know that you were only temporarily incoherent, Alex, I was a little concerned.

Isn't she into Wigan, and wouldn't that make her A witch? But how do we know if she really is a witch. I say we weigh her and see if she weighs the same as a duck.

She turned me into a newt! Well...I got better.

Oh boy, once you open the Monty Python box you can't get it closed again...

Hell hath no fury like a Kinky Tinky scorned!

MeL, like the way you caught your own howitzer fallout! ;-)

Yet Another Blog Public Service Announcement:

Tink, Tan, and Dr.K: The difference between you and the Regular Blog Denizens (otherwise called "bloglits") is that when you make fun of us, we really don't care. When we make fun of you, you do care. That's the difference.

If you make fun of Dave or judi, though, you will get seriously flamed. If that's what you're after, you might try that.

Oh, and thanks for making my afternoon more amusing.

This has been another Blog Public Service Announcement

elfbrains, the winnie the pooh outfit would qualify for it's own topic! Is that you on the website? Even better, you goofy karaoke geek! Can we get a video of you singing in the winnie the pooh outfit? Well use it in a public service message urging people not to let their kids do karaoke!
There's your requested ridicule, courtesy of Lee, who only spends 3 or more nights a week in a karaoke bar... And does a killer version of Smooth... At least, everybody thinks so at 1:30...

Sweetpea, the Internet is a PUBLIC FORUM. That means that mean, evil people like us sometimes come along and MAKE FUN OF OTHERS. You may be interested to know that J.M. Barrie did not write the script for all of life.

Now her site just says "Will be back soon." We're not going to get kicked off the internet; we're going to run everyone else off...

to everyone who visited my site and made fun of me:

you're all losers. please do it again. thank you.

man, i love this place.

The Bob: Alas, Tink has chosen not to share your friendly greeting with the visitors to her guest book (at the URL you mentioned above). It was there earlier, but now it's gone.

Look, what's really wierd, someone posted this just today in the comments section of the original post:

>Barbiguinness above: You lunatic!! DO you >actually believe you're a barbie that drinks >guinness??? Hahahaha

>well... er no.

>I doubt very much he/she does.

I'm not really sure what that means. Not that it matters, but Barbi Guinness is my name. First name Barbi (no "e", short for Barbara), last name Guinness. And I do drink Guinness. I'm still confused...what?
Was this person defending the Tinkerbell girl? I didn't even say anything about her. I couldn't find anything that I said about her anyway. I said something about a picture of Flinstones characters f-cking eachother on the wall of a punk club in Austin. Was she offended by that?
I'm still extremely confused.

She's also removed the most recent entries from her guestbook. Gotta take the negative with the positive, tinky!

Barbiguinness anagrams to "An ibis bungs 'er"

Leetie, thank you for that insightful comment. It's obvious that you're trying to "alleviate [your] own shameful and well deserved feelings of deep personal inadequacy." Either that, or you're just jealous.

Leetie, what my Ibis does to me is between me and the ibis.
In addition, I would just like to say that I actually thought this chick's website was kinda cute and funny when I first saw it. I even thought it was really cool that she had a couple of links to sites selling corsets, which I had been trying to find for a while.
I'd still like to thank Tink of the Damned for bringing this up again. This line of comments has been the funniest I've read in a long time. You guys are a bloody riot!

Alex: Recurring Flashbacks = good name for a rock 'n roll band.

I don't think it's fair to get pissy about a guest book entry when you wrote, "Sign my guest book or I'll cry." Drama like that just begs for ridicule. Begging often accompanying a little "affectionate hurting", of course.

Barbiguinness, dear lady, don't fret. I have made yet another deal with Cerberus for his munchies. In the meantime, I was more than a little late for all this Tink backlash (bet she quivered in excstacy over that one ;-) but I am aware now and Hell follows with me....

Eadn, I'm even more late to the gate than you today, but my 2 pennies are this.

If you post your strange proclivities on the World Wide Web, and don't expect people that think that it may be humorous, and maybe share the laugh with others, then I have on way to state your mind set.

Well DUH !

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