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March 24, 2004


Now they're exceeding their perch quota on Lake Winnibigoshish. (Yes: Lake Winnibigoshish.)


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wow. I'm first.

The acronym for the department of natural resources (DNR) is the same as for Do Not Resuscitate (DNR). Hmmm.. An environmental issue for all to discuss.

Cool...guy stuff...

>Sommers said a conservation officer is only as good as the people who help him.>

why, i say that all the time...

Evil doers from Michigan take note - you steal Minnesota fish, you pay.

as a michiganian (or michigander, depending on your preference)... I apologize for the actions of these two Yoopers...

What I don't get it why people would want to fish consecutively for four days or more. Its annoys me, you never do ANYTHING. Doesn't anyone notice the drop in the fish population? Fishers complain about it, then they catch a fish and EAT it? Doesn't this seem like a mild irony to any of you?

I'm an evil doer in Michigan, but I can't take note.

I don't have a pen.

Branching off Punky, how about supercalifragulisticexpialadocious?

Seems to fit, we can sub name the lake Supie.

Beanster, ya beat me. Congrats! I've been trying to think how to work that word into the blog for days! Not sure of the spelling though, but my mind has been open too long an my memory has gone flat.


yoopers (pronounce: u-pers) are people from the UP (upper peninsula) of the state. Those of us "from down below" (in the lower peninsula) never take responsibility for them.

Thank you! *bows* Sorry to steal your idea from you.

MeL, no I don't steal Minnesota fish. I steal Minnesota wolverines because they are in short supply here.

They are tasty and nutritious, and a good thing to serve at a Michigan fan dinner party.

Really? I steal Michigan deer, they're running loose on a rampage there and need to be spread to other regions of the United States. It shouldn't be a suprise down here when a deer gets caught in the headlights. Heck, it should happen everyday. That would show real progress.

Perhaps the phrase "Perch on Winnie" could be improved...

I live in MN- steal out fish and face our rath!!
(insert evil laugh here)

looneygirl, are you where they have that vicious catfish thingy that actually walks from lake to lake and eats all the other fish?

Um, no. I live in the southern part of the state where we are slightly more civilized and have much less man-eating nature to contend with :-)

Oooo! A Southern Belle!

Beanster, I must say no apologies necessary! You had the context, took the shot, and I appreciate it!

At least our officials are going after the hard criminals now.

Hello again Doug. Had your meds I hope. I gotta admit that was the one thing that bothered me about the whole tone of the article. I mean it's not like they were terrorists, just over-enthusiastic perchers! Just sounded too 9/11 to me for a fishing problem.

Thanks, alex. I resemble that remark.

I do object to any inference that I may be normal, and I am very damn good at being egotistical. But I do have to admit that we Texans just do not have the same knack for naming lakes.

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