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March 24, 2004


...of the emergency blogging system. If this were a real emergency, you would be instructed where to tune in your area for blog updates and information.


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Success!! A few of the first . . .

Whoa, what's up with this?
No banner ad's on the comment page?!?

welcome back, judi..

i think you need a security guard for the blog during the late night hours!

I think Doug needs an intervention

I like the Disclaimer --

"...we reserve the right at all times to review and remove any information or materials that are unlawful, threatening, abusive, libelous, defamatory, obscene, vulgar, pornographic, profane, indecent or otherwise objectionable..."

Yet the blog still exists! :-)

shhhh.... Don't look now, but I think Doug is asleep over there. Don't wake him up. (Or I'll have to kill you.)

Oops, I already digressed. I'll go away now.

Punky... your posts do NOT fit the profile of those that I had concerns about... Your posts are always pleasant and worth reading....

All kidding and not kidding aside (I know, what's left right?) is it me or is the blog loading kinda slow today? I have Earthlink DSL, and some of these pages are having to decide whether they want to load or not. Then again, I took off of work today, so maybe my DSL is slow in the mornings, and I'm never home to find out. Just checking....

Brad... i'm not seeing any change in the load speed of the blog pages...

Not that I've ever engaged in mindless dialogue! ahem.

2puppies...the difference is "dialogue" verses "monologue".... You are not guilty of the latter!

Regarding loading speed, I think I've figured it out. Speech software won't read until everything loads, and I think what's holding up the works is the banner ad thingy, which is really dumb, because I can't even read them. Think I'll turn off my pictures for awhile; they're not doing me any good anyway. :-)

I hate to leave a meaningless post, but I just found information that had to be shared.

I'm (hopefully) going to Spain in the fall, for a semester of learning or something, and I have the Spanish speaking ability of some poor schmuck from the country, despite years of high school Spanish, and 3 semesters of college Spanish, AND 3 weeks in Mexico. So I decided to drop in on an a class, taught by my advisor, to brush up on my Spanish. Don't worry, my story gets better.

So amoung the various all important things he was teaching today, he managed to get in a very important lesson...

And that is: the Spanish word for Booger is moco.

Sorry The, can I call you "The"? Not all of us are as intellectually or even sarcastically gifted as others. I am not including myself, of course, merely making the statement. And poor Doug, locked in the blog by himself for so long, one can see how his sanity gradually departed...actually, it didn't seem to be much to start with, did it?

Perhaps Dave could just make all of the comments himself? Of course, then we'd climb out of the cesspool we have become mired in and right up into the - exploding toilet?

PPL!Real live ppl!Ppl who make sense!..no..that was going too far

Well, I mean, c'mon folks; the comments here *are* performance art, aren't they?

I actually prefer not making sense

I'll try not to run on, but The Bob's earlier comment made me wonder if:
dialogue = diarrhea + monologue
As opposed to graphorhea...

Having read (unbelievably) all that was said last night, I will hope Doug is back on his medication and I will try to keep up on mine.

For absolutely no reason, here's a quote from Groucho Marx that I can't stop thinking about:

Time flies like the wind. Fruit flies like a banana.

Now YOU can't stop thinking about it.

You're right-I cant I cant I cant.
Eadn-pass th medications

flamin bangi,

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