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March 27, 2004



(Thanks to Robert Krpoun)


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judi, dear lady, thanks for posting anew...it's been a rainy windy day here. I have no responsibilities to take care of, but I've also had enough beer that I will have to bookmark the page, but pass on the play. This time, "the one in the middle" isn't working very well! ;-)

Yes it is rather frustrating. Suprisingly so considering its simplicity...

Um. Yeah, hi, stupid kid in the back here. I have a Question.
Where the hell is the landing platform? Is that the little block of color on the right side of the screen. Shouldn't it be labeled or something? I'm annoyed. Who do I wrote to about that??

this is way to frustrating for someone who just woke up from a nap that was much longer than intended, and is suffering the corresponding disorientation... I think I'll take eadn's approach, and save it for a better time. Like at work on Tuesday.

Landing platform? I was just having fun getting it going as fast as possible and having it explode. And bouncing it of the anti-gravity ball.

OK, am I the ONLY loser that read the directions before playing?

I read the comments, Punky. But, directions? I don't need no steenkin' directions.

Oh, you ARE male.

I'm sure you'll all agree with me when I say that the high scorer of level one of this absurdly difficult new P.E. has, over the course of probably many hundreds of valiant attempts, obviously made full use of, in order to achieve this record time, at least four types of steroids.

As the world's best game player, I know for certain that there is no legitimate way to get from Start to Finish in this game in four point-something seconds. What astonishes me is: There are 14 levels AFTER THIS.

Yes, something is definitely amiss here, and we aren't even at a Miss America pageant. We are gathered around my kitchen table where Al Pacino is standing outside wearing one of those fake French berets and winking at us through the window, and I don't know about the rest of you, but I'm becoming very, very uncomfortable here, since I am naked.

No no, what I mean to say is that steroids equates to cheating. And cheating equates to: CHEATERS. That's right! Don't think I'm not on to you cheaters, because I AM on to you! I'm a trained authority on playing by the rules--ask any of my probation officers. A word of advice though: Don't make me any madder than I already am, or else I'll have no choice but to sic Al Pacino on you.


I showed this to a friend, and pointed out the impossibly low times people were getting. He showed me how easy it is to "cheat" by uploading a fake time to the server, and said he's pretty sure that's what happened. Me too... I mean, 4 seconds to get through that maze?? Not a chance.

I'd just like to say that I think people who cheat like that on games like this really need to find better use of their time. I'd like some realistic times to compete against, please! :(

Quoting Some guy in Oregon:
I'd like some realistic times to compete against, please! :(

Ok. I can do level 3 ("Easy") in 7.01 seconds, and level 1 ("Gears") in 25.301 seconds.

Hint: to land the ship you neither have to be moving slowly nor facing properly -- simply fly into the goal!

Also in Oregon!

I am getting killed on 8 and 15.
The rest aren't so bad (except 7, but I did accomplish that one), but, are those two possible?

Considering my post above.
I did accomplish 8, it is 7 and 15 that are so annoying.

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