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March 10, 2004


Now the bastards are using giant rocks.

(Thanks to Corn1ell)


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"Geologists are on the way to evaluate the situation." Big rocks fell off a mountain. Can I collect my fee now?

Well, what do you expect, living in 'Kvam'.

Given that the article doesn't provide any reaction from the elderly lady herself, how do we *know* that she wasn't home? Maybe she was in the garage, warming up the car...

The elderly lady counldn't be reached for comment; she was home, but she was in the bathroom cleaning herself up...

If you want to listen to that awful rock, do it in the garage.

As a landscaping statement, the giant rocks set the house off nicely. There's also the added benefit of not having to worry about anyone builiding a house too close on either side. So, maybe she put them there intentionally.

"They came to understand that something had bumped into something"????????????

THAT is an example of brilliant journalism. And English. So descriptive, so informative, so..so...something...

That house is backed up to a huge mountain, looks like. Is it surprising that rocks fell off? Maybe just the size of said rocks.

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