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March 23, 2004


These guys play hardball.

(Thanks to Abhimanyu Radhakrishnan, who inexplicably did not provide an anagram)


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" Eat my testicles"? I think something was lost in the translation.

How about "Ah, darn Brahma haikus in N.Y."?

Dave does NOT want to run against this guy.

But perhaps if we sent him a nice oral disco...

It may have been lost in translation, but if he goes back, it could be found in soup!

MMMMMMMMMMmmmmm. Equatorial Guinean mountain oysters.............

here, Punky, use my lighter! or just short out the disco whatever and kiss that paperwork!

a whole new meaning to oral disco...
punky..what r u trying to burn?the paperwork?

good thinking..i want to do the same...pass me a match

hey--u know what's better than matches? fireworks!

Hardball! Har!

It's all that syrup.

Ya want cheese on that?

du Toit is a "trafficker in arms..." and testicles and other appendages.

marabou? Isn't that a fluffy kind of scarf?

D. Barry is a man hunk (ha ha) Ni!

Jon: Do you like pirates? HARRRRRRRR!!!!


This didn't happen. The date at the beginning of the article is 11/03/2004!

So we have time to save the testicles!!

Alex-I resent that.i dont deny it.but i resent that.

"Abhimanyu Radhakrishnan" anagrams to "I'm 'hairy banana hash' drunk." This is that state of drunkenness where you're so stoned you go urinating on walls and having sex with fruit and planning to name your children Abhimanyu Radhakrishnan.

Well done, Doug.

*politely claps*

Lest you think I'm just wierd, I thought I'd point out that my last post was also an anagram for "Abhimanyu Radhakrishnan".

Abhimanyu "Shaky Brain and Human Hair" Radhakrishnan

Ha! You guys are a riot. Mine's way better. Generally, whenever somebody and I are comparing some thing, whatever that thing happens to be, in this case funky anagrams, mine is better.

Please continue to refrain from those urges to H-Bomb my house. Heh! Thank you!

From acting on those urges, that is, obviously. Sometimes, you may have noticed, I will not make a whole lot of sense, but I'll try to warn you when this is the case.

Not only that, he made a handbag out of them.

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