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March 27, 2004


They are seeking vengeance.

(Thanks to Patrick Justesen)


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I didn't see any costumes to dress them up like Tinkerbell.

Did someone ASK these dogs if they could publicly humiliate them by dressing them up and taking photos?

This has truly inspired me. Now I can start a website to showcase my sausages dressed in ethnic costumes.

S. Caped, Sidcup, Kent

I hope the D Little Devil outift comes in bigger sizes ... that way Two Puppies can bring his, well, two puppies along with him on our trip to Hell.

That's all I got. Sorry.

I think I need coffee.

Anyone who would spend $50 on that party dress for his dog is a sicko who needs his head examined. It also proves you CAN have too much money.

BarryFS, Thanks for enlightening my geographical ignorance of Sidcup, Kent. Give me a little while, but I think I'm getting the hang of the first part.

Punky, could you refill my coffee cup too, please and thank you? I'm kinda wondering about twopuppies. If all dogs go to heaven, doesn't that mean he'll miss the train?

I don't think the Coco Cola company ever wants to hear about Sidcup again, eadn.

Mind you, it serves them right for selling Sidcup tap water as `100% pure mineral spring water'. Sidcup tap water is not the best in the world, and you can sometimes taste the cows that croak in the Cray river.

No Velvet Bunny suits??

"That's the hard part, talking to people, because you feel like such a fool," he said.

Blimey, i thought it was just me had that problem.

MeL, I have an equal one for you. I think you know that I'm half-deaf, but I do wear a hearing aid as necessary.

They warned me in advance that cats were attracted to the plastic in them, but one day I picked up my neighbor's Siamese (in their own house, no less!) and that cat wrapped itself round my head claws and all after my ear!

It is probably the only time I latched onto a cat and threw it across the room. Surprisingly, no scars. My own cats are the ones that leave scars. Said cat was OK too, but I watched it like a hawk 'til the neighbors moved. And I actually helped them move...to Kansas! I went on to Michigan for what turned out to be a lost love cause. C'est la me.

eadn, believe me when I say, anything having to do with Michigan is a lost cause. Why, o why did I ever move to this god forsaken place?

Oh, forgot, better job.

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